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Minutes 9 Nov 2011

Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia
9 November 2011

Present: Autumn Star, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Deb Wood, Sarah Rozard, Nick Rozard, Sharon Hoover and Shawna Doran.
Regrets: Mike Hanes, who was not feeling well, Pamela Haines who was at her son’s birthday party and Karen Reixach who was with her daughter. Happy birthday to Sharon Hoover!

We settled in with some silence.

Autumn for the past month or so has been at Occupy Wall Street, so I haven’t been doing too much directly for Indonesia, but the work we are doing here is related to the work in Indonesia, sleeping in the park and it has been very positive.

Gay hasn’t done anything for Indonesia. I’m working on Friends Peace Teams as clerk.

Sarah came back from Indonesia, which was a really good decision for me. We made the decision together, Nadine, Nick and Sarah. It’s good to be back in Alfred. I’m stepping back from my commitments to Friends Peace Teams. I want to be involved, but I want to put it farther on the back burner than it has been in the past few years.

Deb did the AVP International Gathering at the beginning of October and since then I’ve tried to work on other responsibilities. We had about 100 participants from 20 countries, many from Central and South America. The regional committee, which was theoretically organized in Kenya, didn’t seem to be functioning, but there were enough strong leaders on that committee that it’s going well. I led a breakout session on if AVP is a paid or volunteer organization. The consensus was that AVP is committed to being a volunteer organization, but some volunteers need stipends in order to participate, but if people should not be making a living doing AVP. If the latter is the case, it should be called something else.

Nick has been encouraged and excited about Occupy Wall Street. He just got back from Cambodia, there was interest, encouragement, camaraderie, and lots of great information. He misses Sarah, but it is going well for now.

Sharon’s been working on the FPT newsletter and will be sending stuff to Western Friend. Dean and Sharon did a talk at their Regional Gathering and have another talk scheduled soon. Friends were really interested to learn more about Indonesia, where it was and how much the U.S. has been involved with Indonesia over the years.

Shawna’s just wants to listen in tonight. She wants to be get involved with the work in Indonesia and is also assisting Pro-Nica with several fundraisers around Florida this month.

Nadine has tickets to travel to Asia Jan 7 – Mar 5. She flies into Perth Australia to attend the last half of Australia Yearly Meeting, which an Australian Friend is funding for her. Then she attends Australia AVP National Gathering which is also serving as the first Asia/West Pacific Regional AVP Gathering. Then Nadine travels to Jakarta for a couple days to work with Ika and meet with the Ministry of Education. Jan 23rd she flies to Semarang to go to Pati for three weeks to conduct training there. They have requested a week of training for facilitators for the AVP/Trauma/Developmental Play workshop, called Peace and Development workshop in Indonesian. After which they want to apprentice on a team with Nadine to provide the training to others, including the staff of the Directorate of Early Childhood Education. They are also hoping we can design a workshop specifically for how to use the preschool blocks they are making. Mid-February Nadine will go to Aceh, primarily to visit the women making the Acehnese bags and negotiate better quality, standard orders and plans for exporting, but also to visit Dahlan’s family and look into the establishment of a preschool in Matang Neuheun. That leaves a short week at Barak Induk, probably to do a follow up training there and see how the community is fairing with authorities.

It was a terribly difficult phone call. We started on the phone, as planned, but Mike was not able to attend, so he could not Skype Nick in. An attempt to switch back to Skype resulted in dropped callers and poor sound quality for all.

Recommendation: Use the conference call phone number and call in to: 1-540-712-0350 then enter access code 386-1322. Nick, please figure out if there is a Skype account you can pay for to call in with Skype OR find a reasonably priced wartel to call from.

New Items Covered
Nick has offered to organize the summer trip for next year.

Nadine’s intern for the work didn’t work out, so Nadine hired Phoenix Teagarden at $7.50/hour to do administrative work rather than paying herself $200/mo. It is a tremendous relief for Nadine.

When Nadine returns from Asia on March 6th, she will fly straight to Seattle to do the Trauma Healing workshop with team building on March 8-9 and workshop 9-11, then fly to California to do some speaking, then do the Trauma Healing workshop team building on March 15-16 and workshop 16-18, then some more speaking before she flies home to Rochester. Nadine will look over who is donating in California and work with Gay on planning the speaking tour.

Shawna suggested that a packet of materials could be put together that would be a nice mailing specifically to monthly meetings and we could get the names and addresses of all monthly meetings to send it to. We could start with the monthly meetings in our own yearly meetings. Nadine will work with Phoenix to put the packet together. Shawna will be at 1/2 yearly in Florida over Thanksgiving and could use it by then. If mailed around that time, meetings could be asked to read the letter at their next business meeting.

Nadine is going to NYYM Fall Session this weekend and taking Acehnese bags to sell. Phoenix has prepared a nice display for Nadine to take.

Autumn and Nadine spoke after the call. Moving along with developing the Friends Peace Teams trips to Indonesia as a standard program with a handbook on how to organize the trips would be valuable to many people. Sarah and Autumn are interested, but do not want to take lead in developing the handbook. Autumn would like to opportunity to take a turn organizing a trip one year, but not 2012. Nadine has the information and would share it readily and even write sections as requested, but does not want to take lead. Pamela Haines has a lot of experience with work camps and would be a great resource. Friends Peace Teams fiscal and planning year is Nov-Oct. Nick, would you considered being the named the Trip Coordinator for Nov. 2011- Oct. 2012 to organize the summer 2012 trip writing a handbook of how to do it? You could interview Nadine and work with her over late January – February, document what is said, check the ideas with Tom Martin and Pamela Haines, check the editing with Autumn and Sarah. Next year someone else might take it on. That would be a great contribution!

Next Call
8:30PM December 6th
See you then!