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Minutes 1 May 2018

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Zoom Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday May 1/2, 2018

June 5-6
Indonesia Coordinator Report for May:
Will try to add before the meeting.

Indonesia Coordinator Report for April:
In April 2018, we spent much of our time this month, reviewing the Power of Goodness story translations, and began to read them to children. We hope to complete the story translations next month. The Catholic Church in Pati and Mennonite Church in Jakenan will send teenagers for a joint AVP workshops at Peace Place. We received news and documents of the national Community Forestry Program for the area of Barak Induk. We shared that with them so that they can make sure the national agreements are carried out in their location. We produced a brochure for the AVP-Pati Workshops. We updated the visitor log for the Friends Guest House. We created a new file to track scholarships. We will need Rp 19.964.250 which is approximately $1,479 sent by June 2018.

In April 2018, have a balance of Rp77.531.323, which is approximately US$5,743. We did not receive any funds in April. We spent Rp3.506.500 with Petra to develop specialized equipment for developmental bead production. We spent Rp363.300 for office expenses. The Working Group approved US$500 for a computer. We also need Rp 19.964.250 for scholarships, which is approximately $1,479 sent in June 2018, and are developing a proposal to revitalize our toy production. We will need US$2,000 sent next to reimburse for the computer and to cover scholarships. We will finish preparing the toy production plan before requesting a funds transfer.

May 3, 2018
Conversation: Subhash, John M, Nadine
Peace Teams Goals: Commit to preserving and nurturing peace (in an area, region and globe).
Practice and change ourselves: stop, slow down, exchange feedback.
Visit with mutual commitment to peace (where invited; and on internet).
Invest in actions to build a culture of peace.
Make decisions thru mutual discernment.
Be available and prepared (meet need for peace when others are ready).
Support others through modeling and community love and conscience.
Maintain long-term relationships to grow together.
What is our role in creating and supporting local AVP groups?

Peace Ministries: Statement of Personal Calling and Direction
Peace Activities (what are we doing, how, and to what end)
Community Settings (why there, and to what end)
Partners (who we make long-term relationships)
Daily Practice, Reflection & Expression (convey & be a witness to others)
Consultation Time (online)
Online Training (long-term)
Annual Peace Training
Friendship Letter (short introduction)

Not Our Goals: Build an AVP Office?
Not training NGO staff (TPO, Children Nepal)
Meeting needs alone, even if asked (complex)

Ram: Is asking about our the group. Check how he has understood FPT and our approach to peace. Ask how does his work, team, organization understand and approach peace. Share our idea of our approach and consider how it matches or not. John M will follow up.

— — — — — — — 

Present: Valerie Joy, Deb Wood, Fenna Mandolang, Nadine Hoover, Petrus, Torry Dickinson, John Michaelis, Gay Howard,
Apologies/Regrets: none
Not Present: Josh Albertson, Chuck Esser, Chris Hughes, Subhash Kattel, Tom Martin, Ram Paudel, Vidya

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
Review Friends Peace Teams’ Face to Face 2018 gathering
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Jane Drexler: Happy she came to the Face to Face which has helped with her understanding of FPT
Nadine Hoover: Enjoying John’s visit and thinking about big structural questions for FPT.
Gay Howard: Missed the Face to Face, hope to see it digitally next year. Her meeting is getting smaller
Valerie Joy:
Fenna Mandolang: Last w/e facilitated an AVP workshop with neighbouring Quakers, and looking forward to the re-evaluation counselling class in Buffalo.
John Michaelis: It’s a pleasure to stay with Nadine and are thinking through the structure of FPT. Also joined Fenna’s workshop.
Petrus: Last week met with the churches to discuss collaborating on Power of Goodness activities with an Interfaith group
Deb Wood: Spring has come- is busy and too busy sometimes- but all is fine.
Torry: Retired from teaching and research into social/global change. Lives on central coast of California.Glad to be with us.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
Reflection on the International Peace Training in Java by Mindful Marisol, Korea

Listening is one of the methods at the Land Conflict Mediation in the hamlet of Masokut, Bosua Village in South Sipora on the Mentawai Islands (Indonesia)

Reading the Power of Goodness story “Jelly Beans” with the children at the Library of Peace “Nusa Indah” in Desa Ketanggan, Gembong (Pati, Indonesia)

Nepal – no update this month
Philippines – no update this month
Power of Goodness – Peacebuilding UK is hosting a training at the end of June-July in Odessa and have asked Nadine to join the training and to visit with AVP-Ukraine and This Child Here working with refugee and street children. The Ukraine just sent in nine new stories. Would anyone like to read, comment and review them with us?
Chris Hunter wrote: “Rustam, Lena and I had a long discussion yesterday evening about new stories, and how the nonviolence or healing – the pivotal moment as you say – needs to be central to the whole story, not lots of narrative/ trauma and some healing or nonviolence thrown in. The emotional/ spiritual charge and energy needs to be around that transformative act of healing, goodness or nonviolence. To achieve this, the writer has to have moved beyond the trauma her/ his self, which I think is what we need to work on with our groups in Ukraine. We will be focusing on this at our next training in Ukraine in May, doing the trauma work with the team, and then discussing and looking at the stories anew in the light of that.”

Initiative Coordinators: no report
Communications: working on a joint website
Treasurer: no report
FPT Council: see below

Resources Needed:
Join Us! The AWP Working Group meets monthly and needs new Recording Clerks, a Clerk, a Reporter and people who want to learn and share our stories. We especially seek Friends involved in Peace in Asia and the West Pacific. Mark Lockwood has expressed an interest. Valerie will ask Sue Ennis if she can recommend anyone.Deb Wood will try to see if anyone she knows is available. Tom also is thinking about this and will be in touch with Ana Ebi.
New Laptop to replace the one that Nanik had that died. A computer donation is sought. Gay agreed to send $500 for a new one to be purchased- thanks Gay! Subhash questioned this. Petrus will do research as to specifications and local prices in Indonesia. Petrus will purchase the computer for Nanik, the $500 will cover the costs.
Stories of Success: The FPT Council suggested we write up the stories of success that have been a part of our work. John started a list of suggested stories we might contribute. Additional stories, edits, or comments would be appreciated. It would be a great addition for Power of Goodness.
Valerie sent all of the above to the AYM Secretary’s Newsletter and will follow up with Mark Lockwood.

For Consideration:
Friends Peace Teams’ Face to Face 2018 gathering
At the 2018 F2F Annual Meeting, we recognized that Friends Peace Teams has a structural problem. Initially, the FPT Council recognized three individuals called to peace ministries. They each set up a Working Group to support them in their calling. Over time, Friends on the Council and Working Groups explored their own calling to peace work, joined in these recognized ministries, visited, developed relationships, and engaged in the peace work. Friends Peace Teams has recognized additional peace workers, ministries, activities and programs in expanding geographic regions. As the three original individual people move into retirement, the relationship and charge from the Council to the Working Group no longer occurs through these individuals. Friends Peace Teams Council and the Working Groups need to reexamine their relationship and charge.

FPT Council Clerks–Tom Martin and Nancy Shippen–will begin to meet monthly with the Working Group Clerks–Fenna Mandolang-AWP, Sue Nowelsky-AGLI, and Val Liveoak-PLA. What direction do we as AWP have to offer Fenna in her discussion with this group of clerks as they seek a way forward to clarify the charge of the Council to the Working Groups?

How would we describe Friends Peace Teams? Can we say this?
Can we offer this to the FPT organization based on the AWP Charge to our own Working Group as a “Friends Program”: Friends Peace Teams is a gathering of Friends with a faith in peace, who offer consultation, encouragement and nurture to people called to peace ministry in the world, especially to be present with our global neighbors suffering from war and violence. We recognize individuals called to peace ministry, and peace activities and programs, building on a unique, historic Quaker faith and practice. Friends Peace Teams:
1) Recognizes and supports people called to peace ministry.
2) Recognizes and supports activities and programs that preserve peace.
3) Shares the stories of our peace work with people around the world.
4) Supports multilingual rich cultures, investing in interpretation and translation.

What do members of AWP think we are?
Jane said we need to think about what we need from the Council. YM Reps on the Council, who are not part of a Working Group are unclear about their roles. We need to make suggestions to the Council. The addition of the Government document is good. What do the Working Groups want?
John said we need to better involve our YM representatives. Letters to the Clerk of YMs will be sent regarding the roles of their representative Gay asked. Do they get a Job Description when they join? John- “Not yet?.
Nadine commented on the volume of admin work she does- which she sees as being appropriate to be moved to the Council eg personnel supervision- not relying on one person. What’s going on in each of the Working Groups?
John commented on the understaffing of several roles of the Council.
Nadine- we need to turn to the Council more often, so the Working Group doesn’t carry the burden along.
Deb said she is not clear of the relationships between the different groups- eg New York YM’s rep’s understanding.
Gay: Sharing of how successful many projects are eg Chechnya. Many on the Council have no idea.
We have a very good representation on the Council- 6 Friends.
As a new member, Torri didn’t know how AGLI worked.
What happens in each Working Group?
Petrus asked if our News and Updates could be shared with the Council.

Other items from the Face to Face: Val Liveoak and David Zaremka have stepped down from the Council- which has severed the links with their Working Groups and the Council. Nadine would like the possibility of stepping down- and suspects that relationships would break down if she left.
We need the administrative structure to be built into the Council. Where does the direction come from?
Dave and Val built many programs and fundraising continues with these programs.
Who would be able to provide technical and administrative support? Some support could come from staff, eg web development. Asked if we could recruit Friends from our Meetings.
AWP made four principles, which have been useful in guidance 5 years ago. We ask Fenna to share the structure we have developed in AWP with other Clerks.
There have been lots of examples recently, where the collaborative working together is exciting. Talked about bringing some African or Norwegian trainers to the International Training. Expand this to running this model in Kigali.
Petrus found Bungsu from Indonesia, who is interested in developing Peace libraries. Document what is Quaker Peace Work? How do we provide guidance to Young people on what is peace work- the spiritual basis of our work?
Jane said this is desired and recognised by the Council- we work as Quakers- doing Quaker Peace Work. We need to talk about this more.
Fenna affirmed this – if someone brought a project to us- how would we shape it to fit with our spiritual and peace concerns.
Torri asked if it is helpful for people to go on trips to see different aspects of our work? She has done this with other projects as providing good learning opportunities. John affirmed this- connections are the basis of our work. Nadine brings people with her when she travels. The other Working Groups do not do this as much. This can drain energy and needs more thought. People who can visit for extended periods are often more useful.
Nadine spoke of “The Power of Visiting” as being integral to FPT.
John has a meeting with Ram, Subhash and himself, which will be repeated. Deb hopes to join this.

Closing word:
Jane Drexler: Hopeful
Nadine Hoover: Looking forwards to the next year
Gay Howard: Big transitions
Valerie Joy: spiritual connection
Fenna Mandolang: present and stand up
John Michaelis: Positive change
Petrus: Going forward
Deb Wood: Connection
Torri: Inspired and trying to be helpful.Petrus will

NEXT CALL June 5/6, 2018