Table of Contents

Minutes 3 April 2018

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Zoom Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday April 3/4, 2018

Present: Fenna Mandolang, Nadine Hoover, Petrus, Ram, John Michaelis, Valerie Joy, Deb Wood, Gay Howard, Josh Albertson, Subhash
Apologies/Regrets: Jane Drexler, Chuck Esser, Tom Martin
Not Present: Chris Hughes, Vidya

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
AWP Working Group Membership: What does the Working Group need to keep Quaker peace work in Asia West Pacific vital?
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Josh Albertson: Spring has not yet arrived- much snow there.
Jane Drexler: Regrets- in the midst of a client crisis, but will see many of you in Nashville.
Chuck Esser: Sorry I am teaching at that time. Hope the call goes well. Warmly, Chuck
Nadine Hoover: Doing well- finishing her book.
Gay Howard: We had more rain, very important for us.
Valerie Joy: Had a quiet Easter and caught up with Friends.
Subhash Kattel: Mothers have been sacrificing themselves for their families- very grateful
Fenna Mandolang: Happy to host Chuck and Pamela, who led a Re-Evaluation Counseling workshop in Buffalo.
Tom Martin – Will try to join us but is hosting house guests and may not be available.
John Michaelis: Is busy preparing for the face-to-face. Planned an itinerary for himself and Nadine.
Ram Chandra Paudel: Has back pain, and having therapy.
Petrus: Healthy – Just finished AVP Training for Facilitators with 7 new apprentices
Deb Wood: We also had snow- rain today and snow has thawed. Speaker from Vermont was inspiring.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
Reflection on Broken Squares: Keeping the Core Self for Staying Humble.
The journey of building hope through AVP in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra.
Barak Induk News from Petrus- a Government Commission is working on a final settlement over the land. People given ID cards, so they can vote, but still considered illegal by some authorities. A large international push and some national recognition on gaining land rights for the forest dwellers. In the UN, opposite rulings often confuse the situations. Electricity was coming, but has now stopped its progress. A Director General from Jakarta directed that people will gain electricity. He also ordered a new survey of the area- giving the right of people to reside, work and farm this land.
What are the borders of the forest?

Korea – no update this month
Nepal – no update this month
Philippines – no update this month
Power of Goodness – no update this month

Initiative Coordinators: We received a formal request from Ram on behalf of AVP-Nepal for John Michaelis to go to Nepal in Nov-Dec 2018 to work with Children Nepal, AVP Kathmandu, and University of Midwestern Nepal. AVP facilitators are invited to join that trip. John will work with Bess to announce. And John will send an itinerary to Bess and John Kintree to help schedule a speaking tour for April-May.
John and Nadine are doing a speaking tour after the Face to Face Meeting. Ram confirmed an invitation for work in November-December in Nepal. More information on this soon.

Communications: a lot of work is being done communicating between the three regions. Petrus and Nanik have sent a wonderful amount of news. The website is being updated.

Treasurer: Current Balance: $8,416
$100 unrestricted (3 individuals, 1 meeting)
$550 sustainers (2 individuals)
$2,200.61 Indonesia (1 individual)
$2,850.61 Total In

$1.92 sustainers (paypal)
$44.11 sustainers (commerce bank)
$46.03 Total Out

FPT Council: FPT is merging the websites. FPT is considering adopting the Friendship Letters for the whole organization. We want to post our minutes and budget on the website for transparency sake, but questions are being raised on how to restrict open internet search for individual names or sensitive topics. This is a positive development. Who sets the direction of our work- and how, and what is the role of the Working Group? The other two working groups have hired coordinators.
John said he went through a discernment process. When we appoint paid coordinators, we don’t test this call, but base our decision on qualifications. Needs more thought.

Resources Needed:
Join Us! The AWP Working Group meets monthly and needs new Recording Clerks, a Clerk, a Reporter and people who want to learn and share our stories. We especially seek Friends involved in Peace in Asia and the West Pacific. Mark Lockwood has expressed an interest. Valerie will ask Sue Ennis if she can recommend anyone.Deb Wood will try to see if anyone she knows is available. Tom also is thinking about this and will be in touch with Ana Ebi.

New Laptop to replace the one that Nanik had that died. A computer donation is sought. Gay agreed to send $500 for a new one to be purchased- thanks Gay! Subhash questioned this. Petrus will do research as to specifications and local prices in Indonesia.

Korean Information Writing Summary: we could use someone with Korean language skills to work with Deb to condense some of the Korean information to send out to our group, the Council and e-news list. Ask Taisoo Kim Watson- Valerie

Stories of Success: The FPT Council suggested we write up the stories of success that have been a part of our work. John started a list of suggested stories we might contribute. Additional stories, edits, or comments would be appreciated. It would be a great addition for Power of Goodness.

Valerie sent all of the above to the AYM Secretary’s Newsletter and will follow up with Mark Lockwood.

AWP Working Group Membership: What does the Working Group need to keep Quaker peace work in Asia West Pacific vital? Each country needs to discern what is needed to make peace. We then share this between countries.
How do we invite people to enrich our work. Sharing what we are doing gets people excited.
Ram came to the Working Group recently. He reported on much AVP work being done. 90 youth from E Nepal are doing the training. Ram said that he wants to learn from what is happening elsewhere. On 21 April a planning day will take place.

Nadine spoke on we need to clarify are the larger issues of peace in Nepal- what is needed is to bring more peace to a place, which may or may not involve AVP? We need stories and to share these, which describe the larger questions on bringing peace. We will revisit this conversation with the relevant members- Nadine, Subhash, Ram, John and then communicate this with the Working Group.. Subhash replied that we need to reflect on “self”- which affects the peace work we are doing in our families and in communities. This is beyond AVP.
Deb said she could be part of this conversation. She makes a listening and financial contribution, but would like to have more involvement here. Subhash reinforced the views expressed on how we do peace, and bring peace where we are. Minutes from the Sustainer Meeting in 2017 and other Minutes can capture the essence of this work.Fenna suggested the Tuesday morning 24 April after the Face-to Face meeting in Nashville- John, Jane, Fenna, Nadine, Deb, Subhash and Ram to meet.

Gay asked that all attending this meeting need to read the News of FPT-AWP before this meeting. Also send emails to our supporters on highlights of our work.
Deb asked if anything had happened with the Korean information? Nadine, reported they need more time to translate this.

Valerie asked that her draft report on our work to AYM is commented on by Nadine and Jane and if possible, John. Nadine will send her response to Valerie soon.

Petrus said that more conversations before we commence a piece of work is essential. He speaks with Nadine to discern directions. He also gets more conversations/ interactions from others who have participated in the International Peace Training in Pati. Publishing the News helps to reach out to many people. Sometimes discussions need to be held with more discretion. We do not publish conversations on religious matters. Helen and Jim (AYM) and Petrus connect regularly about the work in West Papua.

Fenna is looking forward to the Face-to Face to solidifying her concepts on our work and its directions. She hopes it will result in more people joining this conversation.

This is a continuation of a conversation we began in January. From our minutes:
Who or how will each one of us reach out to enrich the FPT AWP Working Group membership? FPT AWP WG is a volunteer based organisation. It needs support for the different roles. There is also the transition from the original personal ministry to an ongoing organisation with different Friends filling roles.
Gay – three people in her meeting
John – Rosie Betzal. John also presented to his local meeting in Australia which was well received. It has not yet translated into any commitments. Perhaps he and Jane can work on developing this.
Chris – attending the AVP gathering in Perth, Australia and will see if anybody may be interested.
Fenna – her meeting has a mid-week meeting using the FPT AWP Zoom account. She makes this known to the meeting. Ask Evan for copies of the introduction to FPT PeaceWays and commit to sharing them/placing them at meeting houses.
Deb – there is a local AVP facilitators’ meeting and she will see if anyone is interested in joining.
Jane – coming to the Council F2F in April

Aotearoa/NZ: Rosie Remmerswaal has reached out to Esther Cowley-Malcolm and to Saskia to discuss inviting Aotearoa/NZ YM to join Friends Peace Teams. Valerie will follow this up to ask where this is at.

Subhash and Nadine have been discussing a plan to advance land rights in Nepal. He has learnt a lot from peace workers in Indonesia. A proposal of a visit is to be finalised to learn an approach, which is an ongoing plan, with essential supports.
He is working on a mission to set up a web based resource in Nepali on non violence, social justice, social movement and the environment.

Closing word:
Josh Albertson: Getting tired, but good to hear others opinions
Nadine Hoover: Lots of love and gratitude
Gay Howard: peace
Valerie Joy: happiness
Subhash Kattel: Feels like home- comfortable space
Fenna Mandolang: quality and planting seeds
Petrus: Listening
Deb Wood: encouraged

NEXT CALL May 1/2, 2018