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Minutes 6 March 2018

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Zoom Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday March 6/7, 2018

Present: Joshua, John, Deb, Nadine, Petrus, Tom Martin, Valerie
Apologies/Regrets: Subhash Kattel, Fenna Mandolang, Ram Chandra Paudel
Not Present: Jane Drexler, Chuck Esser, Gay Howard, Chris Hughes, Vidya

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council: New FPT Communications Specialist-
Resources Needed
Who is Attending the Face to Face?
US Speaking Tour April – May
Invitation to Speak at SAYMA
Speaking Events
Supervision of Indonesia Coordinator
Support Group for Petrus.
Approval for a trip to Barak Induk and Aceh, coordinating with Nonviolence International and Frontiers networks. (undesignated funds needed)
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Josh Albertson: Is helping his neighbours with moving snow. His father is having tests.
Nadine Hoover: The book is almost finished. There is a lot going on in Friends Peace Teams
Valerie Joy: Singing a lot and busy with AVPQld.
Subhash Kattel – Sorry to miss the call yesterday. I was travelling with whole family to eastern part of the country to attending a cousin sister’s marriage. I arrived Kathmandu yesterday evening. I would love to read the minutes of the call. Also just before the last month call, I had sent an update to Fenna. I hope she did not miss it! I wish to join the next month call. Thank you all for your great and life changing contributions. In friendship
Fenna Mandolang – Attending a Tune-Yards concert in Toronto with friends. I am looking forward to the upcoming Re-evaluation Counseling workshop that Chuck Esser and wife, Pamela Haines, will be facilitating in Buffalo this month. I am also happily anticipating seeing Jane Drexler at the Face to Face!
Tom Martin: In Toronto and glad to be on the call.
John Michaelis: Trying to give time to the work.
Ram Chandra Paudel – I am trekking in Himalayas. So I will not be able to attend the meeting this time. Have a good meeting. In friendship
Petrus: Happy and good. Have people from Papua and Baruk Induk.
Deb Wood: Expecting a lot of snow, but are safely at home

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
Papua participants at the International Peace Training at Peace Place

Scholarship Recipients Suci Suherni and Legiatik graduate!

AVP Workshop at Peace Place

Barak Induk Update

Reflection from the Philippines on the International Peace Training at Peace Place sent as pdf with call announcement.

Korea – Letter of gratitude sent by Jungjoo. “Your visit has left us with feeling empowered, inspired and curious. My friends appreciate what you shared with us here. They still bring some ideas in our activities from the workshops with you. It is really grateful and joyful to see them practice their learning in their life. From what I heard from my friends, they could feel such strength and confidence from you and your experience of long activism. I also agree that they are moved and more interested in what you shared with than any other previous opportunities with outside trainers or peace activists. Maybe you remember when i shared my concerns with you before we came to Jeju regarding how my friends here tend to respond to support from outside. That’s why I feel surprised and curious about my friends’ reflection and reactions. They seem so different this time. They seem open and finally to listen to someone from outside. I would say they disarmed themselves at last. In this reason, I come to think that you are such a good facilitator especially working with activists group like here. They say you seem to care for both a movement/actions and education. Sometimes they couldn’t feel connection with those who try to do something for our activism. Because they have only words but not actions. Or they don’t seem to be on the ground but just want to provide us with their knowledge and then leave. Anyway, I would like to give you some feedback on your visit to Jeju. On one hand, trainer group in Jeju also really enjoyed the time with you. Some of them are highly interested in joining the training in Pati next year unless they fail to find a translator. We already started using some materials from your workshops and putting them in our workshops at school and different settings. I am so glad they feel those materials are useful and helpful.” March 3, 2018

Nepal – no update this month

Power of Goodness –
Petrus wrote to Chris Hunter to ask about how to proceed with adding Indonesian stories to the story pool. Chris encouraged him to do so, and would like to support a teacher and school counselor program.
Chris Hunter wrote: “We had a lot of discussions about the Ukrainian stories and how best to edit the most suitable ones so that they meet the criteria for POG stories. As an experiment, we have since sent one of the stories (Threads) to Musa Akhmadov, one of the original Chechen authors who also did a lot of the editing for the tri-lingual book. He and his colleague has sent back an edited version, which seems much more suitable. A couple of details is still being finalised with the author. Musa liked the story so much that he has asked to publish it in a Chechen magazine. Engaging Musa and his colleague seems to be a better way forward than asking a Ukrainian author with editing, as they already have such a good understanding of POG. So once Threads is finalised we may well send them a few more stories to edit.” March 5, 2018.
Nadine replied, “ Please note to the author and to Musa or other editors that stories are most compelling and useful to Power of Goodness reader when they offer details on how nonviolence or reconciliation occurred and worked. Remember the exercise we did where we told stories of nonviolence, then identified the factors in the turning point in the story that led to a nonviolent solution. It would help to support the author to do that analysis in a small group. Then elaborate details of those factors in the story. This approach should work well to support the author in documenting the details needed. If you can do this with the authors and then send the story to Musa for editing, that could be a strong combination. It would also help Lena and her team to practice identifying with the nonviolent solutions, and to begin to bound around wellness rather than around the violence or trauma. We used to create a great sense of trust through sharing stories of violence. Now we use the storytelling protocol (where, what, feel, when its over) to tell stories of violence with less emotion and then focus more on bonding around details of describing and restoring our core selves and the elements of nonviolence and reconciliation in the healing. This is a hard shift to make when you’re living in the midst of trauma. Using a writer who understands good writing and stories of nonviolence is also invaluable. We need to understand the context of violence or trauma, but to resist its propensity to loop and repeat (perseveration). I hope this helps. I wanted to say this before, but before we shared the training I didn’t know how to say it in a way you would understand.

Initiative Coordinators: Nadine and John are planning a fundraiser to take place after the “face to face” and before the AVP National Gathering in Richmond Indiana.
Philippines AVP – working with them to achieve a flatter structure/ more participatory.

Communications: We are way behind on posting- 40 pages approx. Today we hired a Communications Specialist for FPT. Nadine will start working with that person next week. She has been doing this work lately. Our partners are generating most of the information- lots of it and photos. Other initiatives are hiring people to do this work. More conversation with Tom Martin is needed to see whether FPT-AWP is focused on programs/ministries. John Kintree is offering more support in this area.

Treasurer: Report from 2/2/2018 to 3/5/2018, Current Balance $5,612.00
Treasurer’s report is now in the Google docs. Josh then excused himself from the meeting.
$160.00 undesignated
$50.00 sustainers
$210.00 total in

$110.05 sustainers (paypal fees, ____)
$4,080.00 undesignated 2 payments to Petrus(
$20.00 correction from January
$4,210.05 total out – check t

FPT Council: Bess Keller is new Communications Specialist for all of FPT.

Resources Needed:
Join Us! The AWP Working Group meets monthly and needs new Recording Clerks, a Clerk, a Reporter and people who want to learn and share our stories. We especially seek Friends involved in Peace in Asia and the West Pacific. Mark Lockwood has expressed an interest. Valerie will ask Sue Ennis if she can recommend anyone.Deb Wood will try to see if anyone she knows is available. Tom also is thinking about this and will be in touch with Ana Ebi.
New Laptop to replace the one that Nanik had that died. A computer donation is sought.
Korean Information Writing Summary: we could use someone with Korean language skills to work with Deb to condense some of the Korean information to send out to our group, the Council and e-news list. Ask Taisoo Kim Watson- Valerie
Stories of Success: The FPT Council suggested we write up the stories of success that have been a part of our work. John started a list of suggested stories we might contribute. Additional stories, edits, or comments would be appreciated. It would be a great addition for Power of Goodness.

Decisions/Actions: Jane and John are looking to do a Fundraiser in Australia later this year.
AVP National Offices support and direction: Organisational development and funding is required in our partners in Nepal, Philippines, Indonesia and Korea. Petrus is supporting Friends in Indonesia- setting up a National Office. How does one set up a National Office? What is our role? Or do we need to be involved with this. Has it been raised with AVP International? Should we be fund raising for setting up National Offices? PLA already does this. Valerie will send some AVPQ documents to Nadine. In Nepal there is confusion about the interface between AVP and FPT. We are building a lot of programs in many countries. How can we support National Offices? Not clear who should provide this direction. New York has a very clear and resilient structure. We might translate some material- or arrange some telephone conversations.Is this an opportunity to raise funds and keep discerning our role?
We will table this for now and address it at the next meeting.We might talk to other funders of AVP programs.Nadine will talk to the other Initiative coordinators.

Who is Attending the Face to Face? John M, Nadine, Jane D., Tom, Fenna.
April 13-15 Basic Workshop; 17-19 Trauma Resiliency; April 20 Council Meeting; April 21 PeaceQuest 2018; April 22-24, 2018.

US Speaking Tour April – May. It’s a fundraising tour that should cover costs, but will the WG cover any shortfall?
Invitation to Speak at SAYMA Southern Appalachian YM: Nadine was invited to speak June 14-17, 2018- speaking on conscientious objection to war.
Speaking Events: Is anyone doing a table or event at their YM, region, local meeting or neighboring meetings? AYM in July is involved. Jane and John will speak to Sydney Region in August/September.

Deb Wood will have a table at NYYM. Tom reported modest sales of “The Power of Goodness” and other information. Valerie has been in touch with Aotearoa NZ about them seeking a place on the FPT Council. Their Clerk Murray Short replied that it is referred to their Peace and Social Justice Committee, but he will follow it for as long as it takes.
Supervision of Indonesia Coordinator. Nadine and Petrus meet weekly for supervision. Minutes from these supervision meetings, along with a log of his work hours by task and activity, and financial reports are on the Google Docs for accountability and transparency. March 1 is the six-month review for Petrus. Petrus is feeling positive about his job. AVP is integrated into the school curriculum at Peace Place. Other schools are asking for this on paper- which does not really demonstrate the program. He is working on his English. He needs to set goals and achieve them. He wants to write stories and share them- including the finances. Annual accomplishments are listed. An AVP Manual in Indonesian. UK – Chris Hunter would like to fund some translations of stories. John commented on the reports being very useful.

Support Group for Petrus. Are there one to three people who want to serve on a support group for Petrus to read his news and reports and give him feedback? John offered his support.

Approval for a trip to Baruk Induk and Aceh: Petrus reported need for support for Baruk Induk to make an application for an Agrarian Loan. Forest and agrarian workers need educating about the law for themselves. There is a lot of corruption in the middle level of administration. This would take $500 from our undesignated funds. He would combine this trip with more facilitator training in these areas. He would work with Mislan in central Sumatra.Aceh is needing more support via AVP training. We approve this now, but try to raise additional monies later for this project.

Tom asked if any FPT- AWP members need financial support to attend the “face-to face”? $1,000 is already budgeted. If individuals need more than this, it will be considered. Fenna may require some assistance. We would like to financially support the 5 people who are attending and we will use undesignated funds, if this exceeds USD 1,000.
Next year we should plan to bring someone from Asia to the face to face.

Closing word – sentence:
Nadine Hoover: Your dedication to the little things that matter is astonishing.
Valerie Joy: clarifying directions
Tom Martin: gratitude
John Michaelis: Moving forward is becoming normal for this committee
Petrus: Learning the management and program in the working group.
Deb Wood: Glad to be part of this group

NEXT CALL April 3/4, 2018