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Minutes 6 February 2018

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Zoom Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday February 6/7, 2018

Present: Fenna Mandolang, Valerie Joy, Petrus, Deb Wood, Josh Albertson, Nadine Hoover, Jordan, John Michaelis, Tom Martin,
Apologies/Regrets: Jane Drexler, Subhash Kattel
Not Present: Chuck Esser, Chris Hughes, Vidya

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
Review AWP Submission to Spring PeaceWays
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Josh Albertson: Birthday recently, glad to be here!
Jane Drexler – A client from the country is in Sydney and has phoned to ask to see me. I do need to see her as she is having major changes in her life and needs to plan for them. She is free Wed morning – the time of the call in Sydney. She may not be back in town for another 6 months. Please give my apologies to all.
Nadine Hoover: An amazing trip- 45 at International Training from 11 countries- people were very encouraged and re-skilled. Many new relationships were established and continue to flourish. Work in Korea was very intense. They are sometimes negative about Western trainers, but they love FPT-AWP trainers. The Jeju Is American naval base has been built- which has destroyed the environment. Much protest over this.
Gay Howard: Working on legal issues for FPT.
Subhash Kattel – Thank you for sharing the report. It is incredible. I am leaving today for home village to make some family arrangements. Will be back in a week. So may not be able to join the call tomorrow. Though, I will try to connect with mobile- even for a while. I have not done so before, so let’s see if it works!
Fenna Mandolang: : Her best friend is publishing her first book on inequalities in Havana Cuba. She is glad to have the use of Zoom.
Tom Martin – All is well with me. I have read the draft of our annual report for PeaceWays, filled with hope, good work, and aspiration, and it is a remarkable statement of peace work in the manner of Friends. It was encouraging! GO AWP of FPT. As mentioned before there will be the first-ever AVP Basic Workshop held in Northern Arizona next month at my Friends Meeting– HOORAY. On the facilitating team with me will be two other FPTers, Val Liveoak and Margaret Lechner. Kindly hold in the Light the Communications Committee of FPT as we pursue a new arrangement to replace our Communications Specialist, Evan Welkin, an independent contractor, is leaving us soon. We will also have a challenge in arranging for the communications tasks for AWP, as Evan attended to most of that. I join you all in welcoming Nadine back home to the States, safe and healthy.
John Michaelis: Ram stayed with his family for 2 weeks. We wants to join this Working Group, but is having trouble connecting. He is a Buddhist and found the Quaker Meeting for Worship very meaningful.
Ram Chandra Paudel: Would like to become involved in FPT. He attended Friends Meeting in Australia, and felt an affinity with Quakers as a Buddhist.He was welcomed by us all. He enjoyed the AVP Gathering in Perth. Later visits to Melbourne and Sydney provided more opportunities to talk about AVP and his social work in Nepal- with schools and communities.
Petrus: I am well. The January International Gathering went very well. One of the participants was a very conservative Muslim, which made him shy initially. He moved during the week to the path of peace.
Jordan Hoffmann: Visiting Peace Place for a couple of days.
Deb Wood:The US is in the middle of flu and digestive problems, requiring cancellation of some activities. Now this is past, Deb is getting into her busy life.
Valerie Joy: Perth Regional AVP Gathering was united and wonderful gathering. Ram came from Nepal and Siarol came from the Philippines. We had one session run by children ages 9-11, which they did so well, and were able to go into the Acacia Prison for a forum day. I’m working with AVP and an interfaith group and it’s going to be a great year.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
Update from Subhash: I have two updates: 1. we are planning for several peace trainings in Nepal most probably for May-June. We are waiting for Nadine’s green signal whether she will be able to visit us. I will forward you the proposed plan. 2. CSRC has sent the report of flood relief support. I will also forward that to you in next emails.
Community Self Reliance Centre (CSRC) Progress Report on Relief Support to Flood Affected Landless Families: We have participated in this relief.
Indonesia – see FB. Petrus and/or Nanik may need to go to Papua in the next few months to support new training there.
Korea – see FB. The Northeast Regional Peace Institute may request further training in August- to include people from China, Japan, Mongolia etc. FWCC has a webinar on February 15 on N Korea.
Philippines – Sent eight people to the International Peace Training at Peace Place and are now working in Manila, Cebu, Bohol and Myrfi wants to look into reaching to Mindanao. They are planning a national gathering in April.
Power of Goodness – The Chechen and Ukrainian Coordinators attended the International Peace Training at Peace Place with Chris Hunter from Peacebuilding UK. They were able to offer a day and a half training that encouraged others to consider translating the stories and adding new ones. 48 Trainers in the Ukraine are reaching thousands of people- using the stories to reach a larger population. They have connected with large funds, and are extending the work to the UK

Initiative Coordinators: [none] We look forward to more reports from areas in Asia- Indonesia, Nepal and the Philippines.

Communications: Nadine is serving at the AWP Communication Specialist until the FPT Com Specialist gets settled, then we have to think about an AWP Coordination paid position- how to get our news out through existing channels.

US Funds From 12-30-2017 to 02-01-2018
$300 IND/AWP:Int. Training Peace
$5,480 Undesignated
$1,100 Sustainers
$6,880 Total

$91.64 Sustainers (Pay Pal fee)
$750 Schools and Libraries in Barak Induk Pre-school and a new learning/play centre received assistance.
$400 IND/AWP:Int. Training Peace
$1,241.64 Total

$9,612.30 Account Balance (US Account Dec 30 – Feb 1)

FPT Council: [none] Collaboration between the initiatives is moving slowly.

Resources Needed:
Join Us! The AWP Working Group meets monthly and needs new Recording Clerks, a Clerk, a Reporter and people who want to learn and share our stories. We especially seek Friends involved in Peace in Asia and the West Pacific.
New Laptop to replace the one that Nanik had that died
Korean Information Writing Summary: we could use someone with Korean language skills to work with Deb to condense some of the Korean information to send out to our group, the Council and e-news list.
Stories of Success: The FPT Council suggested we write up the stories of success that have been a part of our work. John started a list of suggested stories we might contribute. Additional stories, edits, or comments would be appreciated. It would be a great addition for Power of Goodness.

Review AWP Submission to Spring PeaceWays.

Friends Peace Teams – Asia West Pacific Initiative 2017 Sustainer
— italics, unsure if sustainer even though gave more than $500
Renee Bove (Nadine will reach out.)
Sherman Clarke
Shawna Doran
Ann Dusseau
Martha Grundy
Nadine Hoover
Dean and Sharon Hoover
Gay Howard
Janet Leslie and James Anderson (Gay will reach out.)
Tom and Judy Martin
Antonia Melamed (Nadine will reach out.)
Karen Reixach
Paula Rogge (Tom will reach out.)
Nancy Shippen
Deborah Wood
Joyce Howland
Warren Hoskins
NOTE: Josh, please ask John Kintree to list Joyce Howland and Warren Hoskins?
Barbara Thomas ($300, do not name unless she gives $500) Australian Sustainers that can be combined with others as soon as we have the US list in order.
Jane Drexler
John Michaelis
Valerie Joy
Maxine Cooper
Bev Polzin
Jan de Voogt
Chris Hughes
Moira Darling
Helen Bayes
Jim Palmer
Jasmine Payget
Katherine Purnell

Closing word:
Josh Albertson – Warm
Jane Drexler – Thoughtful
Nadine Hoover – Miracles
Gay Howard Keep On Keeping On
Valerie Joy: Onward and Upward
Fenna Mandolang – Circle
Tom Martinmac Hopeful
John Michaelis Miracles
Petrus – energetic
Jordan Hoffmann – enlightening
Deb Wood – inspired
Ram Chandra Paudel – looking forward

NEXT CALL March 6/7, 2018