Table of Contents

Minutes 5 December 2017

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda.
Zoom Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday December 5/6, 2017

Present: Josh Albertson, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, Gay Howard, Jane Drexler, Subhash Kattel, Deb Wood, Nadine Hoover, and John Michaelis
Apologies/Regrets: Valerie Joy
Not with us: Chuck Esser, Chris Hughes, Petrus, Vidya

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
Communications: We must send in the news from us all. Then pass on to others our news as widely as we can
FPT Council
Resources Needed
2018 International Peace Training Invitations and Fundraising
Petrus’ 3-month Position Review
Final Sharing
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Josh Alberston: I’m actually happy that it’s cold and snowing here. This feels more like it should be.
Jane Drexler: Everybody wants everything before Christmas, so in 10 days I’ll come up for air and a 10-day holiday vacation.
Nadine Hoover: So excited that ghost writer, Margot Forrest, has agreed to edit my book! Yeah. I’m working on the final chapter, and organizing for Jan-Feb.
Gay Howard: I had a chance to talk to the Peace Club in North County., I talked about Friends Peace Teams to about 13 people, and they are looking forward to hosting a talk by Paul Chappell and bringing his message into schools. The way I got the invitation, and on the website has a contact inviting people to worship and peace work.
Valerie Joy: Dear Fenna and FPT-AWP working Group, please accept my apologies for tomorrow’s meeting. It would be 1:30am in London, and I would not be functioning well. Good news that the Australian Peace Committee has agreed to pay $4,000 for Filipino facilitators to attend the Pati Training next month. I know all of the intending participants except one, quite well, and believe they will add significantly to our work for peace in our region. My heart was full of compassion in reading about the first three months of Petrus’ new role with us. As Secretary of AWPS of FWCC, I worked from home for several years- or from wherever I happened to be. He has the added difficulty with language, which is a heavy load to bear. I do hope that this will change over time and he will bee powered by the Spirit in this vital work. It is lovely to read that Subhash will return for fuller participation with us. The World AVP Gathering must have been very difficult to organise, so well done Subhash! I will be in Perth WA when the next meeting is held. It will be 8.30am, and if technology works using my IPad, I hope to join this. Much Peace and Love, Valerie Joy
Subhash Kattel: I’m excited to be back on the team and on the call, where I can share, listen and learn. It is a good feeling for me. I had to focus on the AVP World Gathering, which was very satisfying and worthwhile. Friends Peace Teams and training in Peace Place in January.
Fenna Mandolang: My home Quaker Meeting in Buffalo is experimenting with a mid-week virtual meeting. I was sceptical, but willing to try, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Josh used to be a member of Buffalo Friends Meeting. Then I realized we could invite people on this call to join us over Zoom.
Tom Martin: Margaret Lechner is coming to do an AVP basic workshop with me in Flagstaff, AZ in March. I am currently in Quaker Mecca in Philadelphia. My granddaughter goes to Westtown and meeting for worship at Westtown Monthly Meeting was wonderful. I spoke with Jon Evans there who is actively doing adult visitation in Palestine. I have come to NYC today to my son’s apartment in NYC. I must saythat seeing all the faces on this call and hearing all these voices is nurturing to me with all the wonderful peace work you do. PeaceWays had just arrived in the mailbox at Westtown, and it made me feel like we’re doing good work and getting the information out to Friends more widely.
Deb Wood: I am just back from the AVP World Gathering and just feeling settling back into doing all the things I need to get done. Good to be with this group.
John Michaelis: The business work is on hold, so I’m expecting to have more time available, so I am trying to look into going to Peace Place training.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
Trauma Resiliency Workshop, AVP-International in Nepal, 2- 4 November 2017
Self Reflection by Petrus
College Scholarships for Teachers in Indonesia
By Petrus
Friends Guest House Improvements and Children’s Playground at Peace Place
By Petrus
The First Day in Nepal: “Learning Care and Empathy”
By Petrus
AVP Workshop at PAUD Bintang Kecil, Sukoharjo, Margorejo,Pati.
By Petrus
Six AVP facilitators from the Philippines will be attending the International Peace Training in Pati
Subhash from Nepal Reaffirms a Commitment to Friends Peace Teams
Two-day Introductory Alternatives to Violence Project Workshop for Sansthagat Bikas Sanjal
Letter from AVP-Korea Facilitators
Feeling More Advantaged
by Jungjoo Shining Lake Park
Fifth International Peace Training at Peace Place a rich environment for Power of Goodness organizers, teachers, and writers to collaborate.

Initiative Coordinators: Great collaboration with the other initiatives on communication. Word of mouth matters, so please share the stories that everyone is writing and sending in photos.

Communications: Today Evan asked FPT leadership—Council Clerks and Initiative Coordinators—for direction on how to work with Communication Specialists, Working Groups, FPT Communications Committee, and the FPT Council. He is still clarifying his role. In the meantime, he has been supporting FPT AWP: monitoring the email address, sending out news to our email list, attending to our website, and more! Thank you, Evan.

$5,853.76 Opening balance
$1,500.00 INCOME
$990 reimbursement into International travel
$360 sustainers donations
$150 undesignated donations
$4.72 paypal expenses
$43.41 commerce bank expenses
$7,305.63 Closing balance

$7,305.63 Opening balance
$1,630.13 INCOME
$600 sustainers donations
$1030.13 undesignated donations
$1,189.82 EXPENSES
$1184 travel expenses for Nadine
$5.82 paypal expenses
$7,745.96 Closing balance

January — Plans
Funds Available in Indonesia Fund and International Travel Fund ($2,700):
US$ 400 Pending disbursement for AVP-I
US$ 783 Pending disbursement for Nadine’s travel to Indonesia
US$1,300 Bob Rhudy invitation to attend.*
US$1,200 UK/Russian trainings for four 4×300=1200
US$3,000 UK/Russian airline tickets for three (from undesignated funds)
US$6,683 Needed from US Account

Funds Available in the Australian Account’s Nepali Fund and PSJC Grant:
AU$1,600 Two months salary for Petrus
AU$ 600 Koreans trainings for three 3×300=900 – 450 = 450
AU$2,420 Filipino Travel for six
AU$2,340 Filipino Registration for six
AU$2,400 Nepali Travel for three
AU$1,200 Nepali Registration for three
AU$8,810 Needed from AU Account

Australia has about an AU$16,000 balance, of which $2,200 is undesignated.

* Robert Rhudy offered to support FPT work in the Russian, but was just med-evacted from Moscow and so exhausted his funds, without support, he cannot attend the training.

Friends approved offering Bob Rhudy funding to come to Peace Place for the International Peace Training.

FPT Council: no report

Resources Needed:
Recording Clerk: backup to Valerie still needed–how about asking new YM Reps, like Bob Rhudy or Jack Willis?
Korean Information Writing Summary: we could use someone to condense some of the Korean information to send out to our group, the Council and e-news list.
Stories of Success: The FPT Council suggested we write up the stories of success that have been a part of our work. John started a list of suggested stories we might contribute. Additional stories, edits, or comments would be appreciated. It would be a great addition for Power of Goodness. Nadine will ask Darcia Bowman if she would accept this task- for payment.

2018 International Peace Training Invitations and Fundraising
We invited Jung Joo, Seunghyun and Joan from S Korea; Chris Hunter (UK), Rustam Musaev (Chechnya) and Lena Mel’nik (Ukraine) from Power of Goodness; Subhash and an NLRF Leader from Nepal; and Nadine Hoover (US).
The Peace and Social Justice Fund in Australia has funded Kins Aparece and five additional Filipinos.
Rory and a friend from Papua are funded from Australian funds already in Indonesia.
Bal Krishna and a staff person from Sanjal in Nepal may self-paying.
Susan Ennis, and Matthew Lykos (Australia) are self-paying.
Bob Rhudy (US) cannot afford to go.
15,750,000 = 125,000 x 14 days = 1,750,000 x 9 people
800,000 = RT taxi
9,000,000 = 1,000,000 x 9 people for the training
4,500,000 = 500,000 x 9 people for community
30,050,000 = TOTAL US$2,325 – US$525 = 1,800 from US Funds, plus three tickets.
US$525 is for two Nepali plus their airline tickets, which we have not done yet. Australia should reimburse these expenses out of the Nepal Fund, and reimburse the Filipino expenses from the Peace and Social Justice Fund.
We still need to purchase a ticket from the UK, Ukraine and Chechnya, and send $1,800 + $1,350 for four months for Petrus’ salary = $3,250 total, plus scholarships.

Petrus’ 3-month Position Review: We agreed to conduct a 3-month review on Petrus’ position. The report is below. Anyone is welcome to read our Weekly Meeting Minutes. We meet on Thursday evenings US East Coast / Friday mornings in Java. We try to both be on Skype by 8:00 or 8:30, but are flexible on the time and often work together for 2-4 hours. It’s going well, with visible improvements every month. Sincerely, Nadine
Petrus’ 3-month Position Review:
September: Petrus had trouble acclimating to working at home, he found it hard to discipline his time and concentration. The root of his problems was just getting used to a new routine, but also his lack of self-confidence. He requested that his pay be docked to hours worked, since he only worked half-time.
October: Petrus was sick a lot, and very anxious about his capacity to do the work, but preparations for AVP-International and the improvements of the Peace Place facilities helped set a work routine and a sense of capability. He was paid in full for October.
November: He now enjoys working at home and feels much more confident in his capacities to do the work, but still feels he needs to improve the effective use of time. He slightly shy on full-time hours, but the next few months could well exceed full-time, so we agreed to review again March 1.
What’s gone well:
Petrus feels much better at making decisions about his time and activities.
Petrus feels increasingly familiar with the administrative expectations.
Petrus feels more able to focus on the contents of the work and training, and able to identify the materials we need to develop and document.
Petrus feels braver to write the stories needed, he no longer feels afraid.
Nadine sees Petrus learning the organizational tools, and persisting to get quicker & easier.
Nadine sees Petrus’ English is improving, and learning to use Translate.
Nadine sees Petrus is tracking many activities, while beginning to take regular steps towards a few key activities: International Peace Training, AVP-Pati program, AVP-Indonesia program, AVP for Educational Development Curriculum.
What’s not gone well:
Petrus feels he’s not effective in completing tasks, but easily distracted by other tasks. He needs to focus on one task until finished.
Petrus gets distracted by commitments to others with unclear time requirements. He told SHEEP he only could give four days a month, but others’ question that, which is distressing him, so for 2018 he stopped.
Nadine sees Petrus has a lack discipline/concentration working at home, need a set routine time and place. He organized a formal office, which helped, and set work hours, 8:00-12:00 dan 1:30-finished. He needs to take a water bottle and a snack for 9:30am, and should experiment with a standing desk to get more movement to see if concentration improves.
Nadine sees Petrus lacks confidence in his ability, and in interacting with all classes of people. He’s beginning to feel more successful and confident. Nadine invites Petrus to reflect on his own internalized oppression, and how he might let go of that with professional, educators, professors and others who might build AVP.
Nadine sees Petrus spends time unproductively, need to add outcome line on timesheet.
What do you hope to see in the future:
Finance Report and Timesheet on Google Docs.
Attention to the Power of Goodness Global Story Pool.
Final print and electronic documents on the Quaker materials translated.
Goals for each program focus, and for local fundraise (March 2018).
Develop AVP so it will develop in Indonesia.
International Peace Training: next week.
Online Facilitators’ Training: (January 2018)
Power of Goodness Global Story Pool: (January 2018)
AVP-Indonesia in Education Curriculum: (January 2018)

Subhash wants to express his gratitude for us in Nepal when we were in need. I want to thank Nadine for finding something that would help with my health. I was very much helped in my medical condition by the support you sent. We are gaining a lot of engagement with the National Land Rights movement in Nepal.

Closing word:
Josh Albertson: Cheerful
Jane Drexler: Looking forward
Nadine Hoover: Grateful
Gay Howard: Rejoicing
Subhash Kattel: Delighted
Fenna Mandolang: Accompanied, I have company
Tom Martin: Encouraged
John Michaelis: Much happening
Deb Wood: Community

PS. The Koreans are looking forward to the Liberation Training in Seoul and a basic AVP Empowerment training on Jeju Island with peace activists, Jan 25 – Feb 6. Then we’re hosting a basic AVP Empowerment training in Portland, OR with folks from Seattle, Spokane, Portland and Corvallis. We may do a workshop in Nashville before the F2F, on April 18-20, 2018. Jack Willis requested that we do Trauma Resiliency. He has reserved the space for this and we will begin to plan soon.

NEXT CALL January 2/3, 2018
Nadine will be traveling and miss this call.