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Minutes 7 November 2017

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Zoom Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday November 7/8, 2017

Present: Josh Albertson, Jane Drexler, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, John Michaelis, Petrus
Apologies/Regrets: Chuck Esser, Deb Wood and others who are at the AVP-I gathering in Nepal
Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Circle sharing: Reflection on year past – what worked, what didn’t work as well
Circle sharing: Looking forward – goals, guidance, questions
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Josh Albertson: Happy his parents are well again.
Jane Drexler: Feeling good but busy with work- very long weeks.
Chuck Esser: Sent his apologies – I am in flight on the 7th.
Nadine Hoover: Sleepy but awake; the Gathering in Nepal is very good at AVP-I
Gay Howard: Has been helped with the Finance Report by Tom
Valerie Joy: my busyness with AVP-Q has gone well and we have our AGM next Saturday, as well as an AVP Advanced last weekend
Fenna Mandolang: Hurt her knee and went to physical therapy today. Explored with the physical therapist what resistance was good to push up against and what resistance should be heeded.
Tom Martin: He is fine and a treat to be on this call.
John Michaelis: Amazing experience at AVP-I in Nepal. Seeing many after a long time; not enough time for all. Heartwarming and emotional. A week in Korea beforehand, visited the Peace Memorial between North and South Korea, addressing the pain of the split up of and lack of connection between North and South Korea. After longing for reunion, not sure now.
Petrus: Nanik, Jamuna, Deb Wood and others did a workshop on “Critical Elements” yesterday. A big group who all learned a lot.
Deb Wood: I’ll miss you, but the company is good here.

Reflection on year past – what worked, what didn’t work as well / Looking forward – goals, guidance, questions

Valerie – next International Training in Pati be focused on young people. Worked at it and work has paid off. A number of people going from the Phillipines, successful fundraising some money on my own and grant, if successful will allow 6 Filipinos will be able to attend. Pick up energy in Perth at the Regional AVP gathering.
Jane;: Year past she has been sitting on the FPT Council and has learned a lot about the operation of FPT. What hasn’t worked she hasn’t yet done AVP training. Wants to get to Nashville in Mid March for the Annual Meeting of FPT
Tom: Wishes he had been on more of the calls- which he finds nurturing. Two initiatives are struggling, but AWP is leading the way- our discipline and practices are providing inspiration to the other initiatives.
Anastacia Ebe is a Young Friend on the Council from Intermountain YM, whose work is very impressive. We need more people like her.
Gay: Impressed with the International Gathering at Peace Place in Pati, with so many people from different countries.The program varies. The purchase of the adjacent land was very important this year. Wants a supplementary Finance Report to provide a general idea on our status.
John: Have been working on a new invention and the machine is now operational. AVP in Nepal has come of age, so he won’t be initiating further visits. He has been invited to some important events there, but the local leadership is in good shape. Has been part of most of the team meetings- but wants to make time to build relationships.
In Nepal the celebrations of having done 360 workshops, 32 workshops in schools, many in refugee camps, victims of human trafficking, universities + organising the International Gathering.
Fenna: When Jane was coming to the Face-to Face, she was excited, but when that didn’t happen, she realised she still felt connected to Jane and others. She has a support home base in Buffalo – Jamuna made an important contribution to this. Looking forward- practical goals are to build relationships with Evan who was hired by the Council., We lost Jenna and it is important to keep communication on our work very clear. All 3 initiatives are changing in scope.
Fenna offered to talk with new Working Group members who are considering becoming involved.
Josh: Keeping financial report straight. Is now assisting with his Meeting’s Finance group- so overall his skills are improving.
Petrus: A huge change in his approach to work. A very new and direct way of working- emphasising efficiency, administration, information, networking, and choosing the strategy to take the movement forward. How FPT supports the development of AVP in Indonesia. Working with very poor people, with little English,
How do we train others who are more educated, so that we will make a greater difference in society. Next year we plan to organise internet training- with the Filipinos, Nepalese, Koreans etc- on a regular basis. to support Papua, but the distances are huge.
Nadine: Has focused on finishing her book on resolving conflict. Our relationships are strong, but she hopes to work on strengthening these.This includes the support of the work with the Council.
The cancer has been dealt with and she is now healthier. Facebook, E news – we would value more people being involved in this. Want to bring Ukrainians and many others to the International training – but need to raise money. The Internet training is a new venture, which might support people. Videos will record training and people will go on Zoom to discuss the.
Youngsil is moving to Syracuse NY- we need to strengthen the networks of Asian workers. Questions of stipends/volunteerism are being discussed. Also the content of AVP training- it is central to our work. We need and do provide inter-visitation to emerging groups. The South American and most of the Asian AVP ers do understand the contributions of FPT. In Africa, some groups do have money.
Nadine is very aware of the contributions being made by us present workers- but we do need younger people, who we could mentor- to take our work of peace forward.

Closing word:
Josh Albertson- cheerful
Jane Drexler- energised
Nadine Hoover- gratitude
Gay Howard- accomplishment
Valerie Joy – Happiness
Fenna Mandolang- Transforming Power
Tom Martin- re-invigorating
John Michaelis – celebration
Petrus- powerful


NEXT CALL December 5/6, 2017