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Minutes 4 July 2017

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Zoom Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday July 4/5, 2017

Present: Fenna Mandolang, Gay Howard, John Michaelis
Drop In: Chuck Essser, Nadine Hoover, Cecilia Yocuum, Jane Drexler

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
If time: Share any new Friendship Letters. What is alive for you in our work? What stories have you been sharing about FPT-AWP? Any issues, concerns, or questions?
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence in memory of Ferizal, Langsa, East Aceh, Indonesia.

Check in sentence:
Chuck Esser – nice to see Fenna’s place including a tour of the recycling center. The Gathering’s been good. Looking forward to going to Minneapolis to develop family work with my Lakota friends.
Gay Howard – my headphones are not working which makes life miserable for me, but I’m doing the best I can. I have a guy that helps me but his granddaughter just went into the hospital, so I have to wait for him to be available.
Tom Martin – OUCH. Thank you for the loving, well-written notice of this unfortunate news [of Fery’s passing]. We all know how important he was to our work for peace. Surely he has been welcomed into the next life with bells…
John Michaelis – frustrated with upload speed. Internet provider went ill for two weeks just back and and addressing the problem. Hiking group that John participates in invited him to talk with them about FPT. Traveling a lot in Asia.

Indonesia – no update this month
Korea – no update this month
Nepal – no update this month
Philippines – no update this month
Power of Goodness – no update this month

Initiative Coordinators:
FPT Council:

Resources Needed:
Recording Clerk: backup to Valerie.
Fall PeaceWays Article Needed
Stories of Success: The FPT Council suggested we write up the stories of success that have been a part of our work. John started a list of suggested stories we might contribute. Additional stories, edits, or comments would be appreciated.


MINUTE PROPOSED TO AWP WORKING GROUP: Friends Peace Teams Council, on the June conference call, requested initiatives look into ways to collaborate on communications. In support of collaboration, AWP Working Group recommends that the AWP communications responsibilities be assigned to the Friends Peace Teams Communications Committee, expecting that the FPT Communications Specialist maintains direction and design support, but may contract any routine tasks to staff under the Communications Specialist’s supervision. AWP Working Group will maintain a communications budget line of $8,500, to be overseen and used at the discretion of the FPT Communication Specialist.

The minute was approved.

Do Friends approve use of AVP-International Gathering scholarship donation to cover travel for Nadine of the US, Petrus of Indonesia, and Jung Joo of Korea to attend? (Details can be found here.)


Do we want to renew our ad in Western Friend? (Details can be found here.)

Friends approved renewing our ad in Western Friend for this year. We are glad to revisit this yearly. As we record our stories, the goal would be to change our presence from an ad based presence to a story based presence. This goal could be applied to all Quakers journals, including internationally.

Closing word:
Jane Drexler – travel in hope
Gay Howard – thankful
Fenna Mandolang – sprouting
John Michaelis – anticipating

NEXT CALL August 1/2, 2017