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Minutes 3 May 2016

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday May 3/4, 2016

Present: Nadine Hoover, Fenna Mandolang, John Michaelis, Gay Howard, Valerie Joy, Nick Rozard, Josh Albertson, Jane Drexler, Margie Hunter, Deb Wood, Sisca Friend
Apologies/Regrets: Jane Drexler, Petrus, Jasmine Payget

Agenda Preview:
• Check In Sentence
• Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
• Reports:
o Initiative Coordinators
o Communications
o Treasurer
o FPT Council
• Resources Needed
• Decisions/Actions/Consideration:
o Laying down the position of Bhutanese-US Coordinator
o Feedback on mailings
• If time: What keeps us connected? What keeps the work alive for each of us?
• Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Josh Albertson – Now living in Minneapolis, having moved from Buffalo for a new job.
Jane Drexler – sends her regrets as she is in Japan, but she has accepted the Australian Yearly Meeting nomination as representative to the Friends Peace Teams Council.
Nadine Hoover – supported Jenna in getting the Spring mailing out and attended the White Privilege Conference, which was very helpful. About 500 of the 2,300 attendees were Quakers! She also attended the Small Press Book Fair in Buffalo and made contacts interested in the stories from the Power of Goodness.
Gay Howard – Driveway finally finished and her sewer is reconnected, so life is going much better.
Chris Hughes – Has wanted to join us, but Nadine will check in again.

Valerie Joy – been back from Silver Wattle for several days, living AVP for about 14 days, which was very spiritual as well.

Subhash Kattel – Not online, and very early in the morning for him.
Fenna Mandolang- Went to a fundraiser performance sharing funds to Western NY Peace center, The Fun School, Mission Improvassional, and   Feedback was given to them that they’ve got a great combination of groups.
Tom Martin –
John Michaelis – Been busy but surprisingly getting things done.  Things are progressing with the concert to raise funds for June 26th.  Two choirs to perform.
Note that future discussion around fundraiser rotating to a different benefit.
Petrus – Sorry I can’t join the call because I’m traveling home from Sabu, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) [a province of Indonesia including Flores, Sumba, Timor and about 500 other islands]. I am healthy. On the current trip from NTT to Semarang, I will transit for one day in Kupang because there’s no direct transportation. Thanks and regards to all.
Ludwig bon Quirog
Nick Rozard – Water filters are exciting right now. It’s hard to do this kind of research.  Results wasn’t consistent.  Found contamination in the testing.  Working on fundraising in order to bring up the quality of the product.
Deb Wood – Way too cold for beginning of May, hoping for warmer weather.  This weekend I’ll be going to a prison ministry to find out what other groups are doing in way of prison ministry.  100 of the 500 Quakers at the White Privilege Conference were from NYYM and of those 11 NYYM youth attended, which I thought was great.
Sisca Friend – Survived tornado and earthquake.  Everyone is okay. Planning on skyping with

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
• Potential Upcoming Visits:
o February 2017 visit to Indonesia (Nadine)
o March 2017 visit to Philippines (Nadine)
o October-December 2016 visit to Nepal (John and Bev Polzin)
• News from Petrus for Indonesia:
I just finished Peace Training in Sabu, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), for which I used the AVP basic material. We trained:
1. Six new facilitators for a team in NTT.
2. Twenty people in the village of Mehona, district of Sabu Liae, including two who apprenticed as facilitators.
3. Twenty people in the village of Ledetalo, district of Sabu Liae.
4. Thirty children in the village of Mehona and twenty-six children in the village of Ledetalo (mini-workshops).
These activities were supported by the SHEEP Foundation where I work, which is supported by BFTW (Bread For the World) Germany.

Sabu is an Indonesian province which borders Australia. It’s a dry area where water is difficult from June through November. This year the rain only happened from the beginning of January through the beginning of March with very low rainfall. They are increasingly feeling the impact of climate change! 70% of the people who are in villages are animists and 30% are Christian. Infant deaths and deaths from childbirth still occur here. In the village of Mehona in 2015 one infant died at birth and one mother died in childbirth. In the village Ledetalo, March 2016, there was one mother who died in childbirth. There are still many young women who marry as minors.

Felicitas Zschoche, a young adult German Quaker, will be working at Peace Place for the next few months and Heidi Ahrens Quaker family from CO will be coming in June to Peace Place.

• Nepal – no update this month
• Philippines – no update this month
• Power of Goodness – Sidwell Friends School has just declined hosting Power of Goodness in September 2016, but we are still discussing the option with Sandy Spring Friends School and a Community Friends School in the area. If we do not get three DC schools soon, we’ll reach out to Brooklyn Friends School for September. Joanna Vaughn and Tom Martin are discussing bringing Power of Goodness to Austin TX, and we have reached out to Niagara University in Buffalo about hosting Power of Goodness mid-2017, where Friends General Conference (FGC) will be held. We have offered to do children’s programs, workshops, interest groups and an evening program, if they would like. Liz Yeats will attend QUIP  (Quakers Uniting in Publications) this month, but she’s busy with her duties of laying down her administrative position with QUIP and will not be able to represent Power of Goodness very well yet. Power of Goodness did become members of QUIP.

• Initiative Coordinators:
• Australia YM representative to the FPT Council will nominate Jane Drexler, to replace Maxine Cooper. It would be good to have a debriefing with Maxine. We want to thank her and ask her for any feedback she has. Jane will follow up with a call.
• Land Purchase at Peace Place – Jane will send AUD to Indonesia, 7,762.50 AUD. 3,892.50 AUD of designated funds and 3,870.00 AUD of undesignated funds. John Kintree has sent US$9,900. We hope this will cover what’s needed now. Helen Bayes and other Friends are helping write a grant to the AYM P&SC Committee for this and we will continue to try to raise the remaining US$9,000 needed.

• Communications:
Completing the Spring mailing took up the vast majority of my time this month. The bulk of the mailing (to about 800 addresses on the MM and Donors lists combined) went out on April 12th. This time I marked the remittance envelopes with a yellow mark so we could track donations as a result of the mailing. We are already getting a response from it. After getting the bulk of the mailing out, I went over all the mailing lists to reconcile duplicates and then mailed to any Working Group members, FPT council members and AWP Sustainers who are not also on the Donor list.
Requests for the Working Group
1. Sustainer buddies – need to pair working group members up with sustainers. Any suggestions about how to best accomplish this?
Buddy up on call
Send out sustainer list
Direct one on one phone calls, asking if WG member followed up

2. My status as an employee?
3. Should I continue to promote donations for Jamuna’s travel?

People who have expressed an interest:
Name  email  Date  Interest
Raelyn Joyce   I’d like to sign up for news and also for information about upcoming trips.  I’m interested in all trips and specifically about trips to the Philippines (I was born and I grew up in the Philippines but have been living in Kalamazoo, Michigan, for  the past 40 years and an active  member of the Kalamazoo Friends Meeting).

Sustainers due (contact month listed as NextMonth):

RiseUp Members ADDED this month:
Thaddeus Dziekonsiki
Mike Tritto
Marna Herrity
Wendrie Heywood
Kate Alexander
Raelyn Joyce

RiseUp Members asked to be REMOVED this month:

RiseUp Members deleted due to bouncing email:
April Jervis “undeliverable”

• Treasurer:

Suggestion to have comparative totals from same month in previous year.


FPT finances are better than last year.

The Communications Committee will soon be sending out the job description for the new communications specialist and how to apply for the job. Jenna Morales is the interim communications specialist.  Her email in this capacity is <>

The new coordinator of PAL is Monica Maher.  I think she is not a Quaker.  The council will discuss at the May F2F in Olympia WA whether coordinators should be Quakers.  The working group does not need to discuss this.

The FPT F2F will be in Boston in May 2017.

Here is the link to elevator speeches ( a few words to elicit interest in FPT) for FPT [link removed]

That’s all the news!

Peace, Gay


Resources Needed:

AU$5,000 / US$3,900 in May 2016 (repay loan)

AU$4,000 / US$3,000 in May 2017                                 

AU$3,870 / US$3,000 to repay undesignated funds, if possible



Moving forward, we want to be clearer with incoming members as to our way of communication and work. We are a dispersed group of people with limited face to face contact. Most work is done independently. Our work is also heavily based on visitation and AVP. We will ask future prospective volunteers to visit with FPT members, attend AVP workshops and/or FPT trainings, and join the Working Group call, before deciding if we are a good match. John would like to send a follow up appreciation letter to Elizabeth, but she has asked for no future communication, so we will honor that.



If time: What keeps us connected? What keeps the work alive for each of us?

Gay – Loves hearing about what everyone’s doing.

John – The call and the bond with people

Valerie – Likes the sense that all the world is my sister and brother, but also hearing about Raelyn Joyce, who

I’ve worked with before, means the relationships are real.

Nick – The stories and the way that people are building peace in the world.

Nadine – I love the way this work allows me to witness miracles all the time and the work in Friends Peace Teams says that Peace Is Possible.

Margie – Everytime I see the news about war and strife, this helps me know that I’m helping the world become a more peaceful place.

Deb- Second what John had said.

Sisca – I’d like to echo John and want to see if it’s possible to check in with others before the meeting.

Josh – Expands my horizons outside of my world.

Fenna – Sense of comfort and ease on this call and a connection to all through our goal of peace and can’t say that’s true for all others she knows. Despite differences we are all working together on the same path. Nourishing.


Closing word:

Josh Albertson – It’s sunny and warm

Sisca Friend – Delighted

Nadine Hoover – Love

Gay Howard – Heave Hoe, on with the work

Margie Hunter – Excitement

Valerie Joy – Hopeful

Fenna Mandolang – Grounded

John Michaelis  – Expectant

Nick Rozard – Zing

Deb Wood – Awe for work being done


NEXT CALL June 6/7 2016

People not on the call with whom to follow up: Subhash Kattel, Tom Martin, Ludwig bon Quirog

Nadine wrote to Chris Hughes to see if he plans to join us on this call.

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday June 7/8, 2016

NEXT CALL July 5/6 2016