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Minutes 5 April 2016

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday April 5/6, 2016

Present: Josh Albertson, Jane Drexler, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Valerie Joy, Margie Hunter, Fenna Mandolang, John Michaelis, Petrus, Nick Rozard, Deb Wood — added later: Tom Martin, Sisca Friend
Apologies/Regrets: Elizabeth Walmsley

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
FPT AWP US$3,000 towards purchase of the Peace Place land
Jamuna’s visit
Communications specialist position transition
If time: Share any new Friendship Letters. What is alive for you in our work? What stories have you been sharing about FPT-AWP? Any issues, concerns, or questions?
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Josh Albertson-I’m in Minneapolis looking for a new job. Updated FWP-AWP FUNDS google docs through three days ago
Jane Drexler – Is away from home and hoping that she can get Skype to work. Having a bit of a break, swimming in the ocean and resting.
Nadine Hoover-I’m doing well,I don’t think I have any news. Mind is on translating.
Gay Howard-Having new driveway cover put in and connecting to sewer so garden is all torn up.
Margie Hunter-Feeling Stressed out.
Valerie Joy- Having intensive AVP sessions and prepping for yearly meeting in July.
Fenna Mandolang- by the next call I should be a homeowner and landlord
Tom Martin Exhilarated by the fund raising at South Central Yearly Meeting over the Easter weekend. All is well.
John Michaelis- Very busy but keeping up, new company I’m starting is taking time but excited
Petrus- Doing well. Met with Muslim group to continue a relationship between religions. (Nadine adds that there was a mosque that was promoting that we are there to promote Christianity) Introducing AVP to a new area.
Nick Rozard-The garden here the spinach survived the winter and is now under 6 inches of snow. Water filters are going well. Cranking out lab results still figuring out the right filter.
Elizabeth Walmsley – Elizabeth and John Michaelis had a phone call on Thursday/Friday. It was concluded that it would be important for Elizabeth to pause the program in order to discern what her vision is for this work, and to write a vision statement that would be submitted to FPT for consideration. In the rush of our concern for the Bhutanese people, this piece had not been written yet and it felt important to go back and do that. Elizabeth has called her clearness committee from her meeting to meet with her, in the hopes of discerning what her vision would be for this work. The plans for Jamuna’s trip would need to wait at this time. Thanks and peace, Elizabeth
Deb Wood-now connected properly with Skype. I’m here and there is no snow and I’m glad about that.
Sisca Friend-Late Check in, Had a Birthday yesterday, new to Quakers, one 13 year old and two 11 year old twins. finished meeting with officials to end the death penalty, and dealing with immigration.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:

Indonesia – no update this month
Nepal – no update this month
Philippines – no update this month
Power of Goodness – no update this month

Initiative Coordinators:
Bev Polzin, new country coordinator for Nepal beginning in October 2016. Joining call in the future. Date for fundraising concert for Nepal is 26 June.
Nadine works with Nanik on translating every Thursday. Sisca Friend is going to start working on translating to release Nadine’s time. Feeling we are getting close to purchasing land and excited about this.
Petrus is trying to take on more of the load in communicating to alleviate Nadine.

In addition to the routine office work I spent my time on publicity. I solicited requests for materials and mailed them to YM reps whose annual meetings were to be held in April. I sent out the PeaceQuest flyer and a letter to all sustainers. I worked on completing the materials for the Spring Mailing. The Spring mailing materials were finalized and sent to the printer at the end of the month. I will assemble and mail the materials at the beginning of next month.

Requests for the Working Group
1. Review photo/personal information usage policies

2. Review Sustainers’ policy, google doc Sustainers Policy – IN DEVELOPMENT

Questions such as:

Looking for some guidance on how handle people who have pledged to be sustainers and are listed on our Sustainers Spreadsheet but have not donated in over a year.

Would any of our Australian AWP Working Group members like to host a Peace Quest in Australia? We extend a special invitation to US based sustainers to attend Peace Quest. Would we want to have an equivalent type of invitation to extend to Australian based sustainers?

3. Share PeaceQuest flyer with Working Group

People who have expressed an interest:
Name email Date Interest
Tom Rothschild 3/21/2016 Interested in Elizabeth Walmsley’s work with the Bhutanese. “As a member of Brooklyn Meeting, and as “Quaker Witness & Outreach” at BFS, I am always interested in supporting and promoting visits like this. Please let me know if the planned itinerary will include the East Coast at all, and what dates might be possible for a visit to NYC”

Sustainers due (contact month listed as April):
No current sustainers due for reminders in April.

RiseUp Members ADDED this month:
Elizabeth Duke & Elizabeth Thompson

RiseUp Members ASKED to be removed this month:

RiseUp Members deleted due to bouncing email:





FPT Council:

1) The Communications Committee is in the process of hiring Jenna to be an interim, part time communications specialist for FPT.
2) The Communications Committee is setting up the process of hiring a new FPT communications specialist because Kirsten Mandela stopped working for FPT at the end of 2015.
3) Caroline Lanker, the editor of PeaceWays is suggesting that the fall PeaceWays talk about ways in which communities are benefited by peacemaking- less violence, more education, better planning, etc.
4) Would AWP like to suggest agenda items for FPT F2F? Please send them to Tom Martin.
5) The F2F and PeaceQuest 2016 is at the Friends Meeting in Olympia, WA on May 19, 20, 21. Nadine will be talking about Spiritual Hospitality and The Power of Goodness during PeaceQuest. For information about PeaceQuest go to the url Then go to news.
6) FPT is working on elevator messages to try to get interest in and donations to FPT. AWP asks us all to write our personal Friendship Letter.

Resources Needed:
Does anyone have a resource needed they want to highlight?

The Working Group approves spending up to US$3,000 for purchase of the Peace Place land from the undesignated funds, if required.
The Clerk heard: approval
Jamuna’s visit
Elizabeth is not clear to move forward, but Jamuna has been working with her job to clear 3 months of her schedule. How do we want to communicate with Jamuna?
Revisit next month to collect discernment from Elizabeth and others in the group on how to move forward with financials and visa wise.
John will reach out to Jamuna directly(including visa), as well as working with Elizabeth through her process.
What support needs and involvement with Jamuna is needed now that it’s three months of time.
Do we want to continue to employ Jenna as an FPT-AWP employee?
The clerk hears interest in keeping her on and will look into the costs of this commitment
The Working Group has to decide if we want Jenna to continue as an employee, and if so, to invite her to do so.
With the expressed interest of the Working Group, Fenna will ask John Kintree what other costs are involved with employee status: health insurance, retirement, FICA, worker’s compensation. What other information would the Working Group like before making this decision? How much now. Jenna’s expectations.

Jenna began her job as a consultant to develop the position. We are just finishing the last of the development work, settling the Working Group formation, Sustainer strategy, and just now finalizing an Annual report and routines for mailings and advertising. To complete her service as a consultant, Jenna should review all the Google Docs and make sure old working papers are deleted or archived, files reflect final decisions in development, and the office handbook clearly outlines the job description and directions for all the work so that it can easily be taken up by anyone else. When the job becomes routine as of mid-2016, legally we are supposed to make Jenna an employee, and legally we must offer the same to all employees of the same organization, so what we offer Jenna should match whatever we offer John Kintree if we proceed with transitioning her to employee status.

Closing word:
Josh Albertson-Tired
Jane Drexler- Content
Nadine Hoover — grateful
Gay Howard-Huray
Margie Hunter- Tired
Valerie Joy–Hopeful
Fenna Mandolang- inspired
Tom Martin -Joyful
Petrus- Energetic
Nick Rozard-teamwork
Deb Wood-excited
Sisca Friend- elated

NEXT CALL May 3/4 2016

People not on the call with whom to follow up:Maxine Claire Cooper, Chris Hughes, Subhash Kattel, John Michaelis, Jim Palmer, Ludwig bon Quirog