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Minutes 5 January 2016

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday January 5/6, 2016

Present: Jane Drexler, Margie Hunter, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, John Michaelis, Nick Rozard, Elizabeth Walmsley, Deb Wood, Nadine Hoover, Petrus
Apologies/Regrets: Jane Drexler

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
Affirm nominations
Introduce Australian annual return
If time: Share any new Friendship Letters. What is alive for you in our work? What stories have you been sharing about FPT-AWP? Any issues, concerns, or questions?
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Maxine Claire Cooper
Shawna Doran
Jane Drexler- Not well and not joining the call.
Nadine Hoover — Apologies. I am traveling and will be in workshops at the time of the call, so I will not be able to attend. My priority is to tell the Working Group that the Friends Peace Team here in Pati, Central Java confirm the wisdom of purchasing the land here although the cost is a bit of a stretch for us. It will take the full US$30,000. (See more under Resources Needed)
Live Check in Nadine and Petrus:
Workshop is going well. We are incorporating new material into the program. Petrus is excited to practice and to have some special guests. Planning to go to the refugee camp and also happy to have Kim here from the Phillipines.
Gay Howard- I’m so happy because all four children and families have been with me through the holidays.
Chris Hughes
Margie Hunter I’ve been on a spiritual search this month about helping someone, but don’t know who. Thankful for uneventful holidays.
Valerie Joy- I’m just back from England where I spend Christmas with my Son and his partner and daughter. Traveled around a bit and now home catching up.
Subhash Kattel
Fenna Mandolang- I had a great time visiting in Ohio, Michigan and Rochester NY over the holidays.
Tom Martin- My holidays were a blur had all the family in the house… I’m in a catch up mode AVP advanced workshop in two weeks looking forward to that.
John Michaelis – Good holiday period, wife back from seven day hike, trying to start the new year properly.
Jim Palmer-
Petrus — We are in the middle of an AVP workshop running the 4th through the 9th of January, so I doubt I will be able to join the call. There are 19 participants, two of which are only joining for the first day of introductions and affirmation. Participants include: Nadine, Lee, and Gisele from the USA; Vidya from Australia; Kins from the Phillipines; Petrus, Nanik, Sunhadi, Mar’ah, Sholikah, Febri, Anita, Sri sayang, Erni, Laras, and Ninok from Pati; Welly and Fredy from West Papua; and Rosa from Flores/NTT. I am glad to be practicing. Today, Lee and Gisele went to Jogja because Lee had trouble with allergies due to an encounter with smoke (sinusitas). Thank you.
Ludwig bon Quirog
Nick Rozard-Things are going well, I’m kind of doing nothing but water filters each day which is satisfying. I found a single sample that looks to meet my specifications. I’m spending time in the lab refining that sample, and trying to see if I can repeat it.
Elizabeth Walmsley-Calling from Nashville, Tennessee, while doing some work with a Bhutanese family, helping to make dumplings. Think about putting together an AVP workshops through the local meeting and working with a local public school.
Deb Wood- was with family over Christmas, now back and trying to get back in working mode.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
Bhutanese in the US – no update this month
Indonesia – no update this month
Nepal – no update this month
Philippines – no update this month
Power of Goodness – no update this month

Initiative Coordinators: John reported on delivery on roofing materials and continued oppression from India on Nepal.

Requests for the Working Group
Thank you to Deb Wood for agreeing to work on the photo policy and to Jane Drexler for agreeing to help with financial pie charts.
I did not receive updates about sustainers’ donations. With the departure of Anne Eggelton, who updated the sustainers spreadsheet that I use, I may not have up to date information.

In December I maintained the routine tasks. I also wrote up a review of how the end of year mailing went as it was the largest mailing I’ve done so far.

People who have expressed an interest:
List of interested people
Rachel Bond 12/11/15 – 12/21/15 doing service work abroad with a Quaker organization… 6 to 12 months; Nadine replied to her, waiting for her to respond.

Sustainers due (contact month listed as January):
*I do not receive updates about sustainers’ donations so I may not have up to date information.
*Due in January 2016
Grundy, Kenneth and Martha
Reixach, Karen- Deb to contact
*Renewal in January but past due:
Culley, Paul (last donation, Jan 2014)
Doran, Shawna (last donation, Aug 2013)
Epps, Rosemary (last donation, Jan 2013)

RiseUp Members ASKED to be removed this month:

RiseUp Members deleted due to bouncing email:


Treasurer: no report this month

FPT Council: (Tom) Fundraising took most of the Council Call last month with an enthusiasm around fundraising. The Communications Specialist has left us and will be replaced we hopw. Professional fundraiser on a probono basis will hopefully assist with the fundraising strategies. A renewed collaboration was for heard for a unified plan to better fund all of FPT. A written report will follow to the Working Group for this important call.

Resources Needed:
Nadine writes: My priority is to tell the Working Group that the Friends Peace Team here in Pati, Central Java confirm the wisdom of purchasing the land here, although the cost is a bit of a stretch for us, it will take the full US$30,000. (Valerie knows of a Friend that is giving funds and would like a sub group to assist with drafting a request/application for funds to cover the lands) We have about about $17,000 now, but anything members can do to ask Friends and Meetings for pledges… think of meetings that might have reserve funds they’d like to apply to this or Friends who’d like to donate on behalf of their YM. Don’t think of it as begging for money, think of it as raising awareness of the work, enthusiasm for Friends presence in this part of the world, and opportunity to participate for those who would like. Ask people to share this widely. We’re on a roll!!! The team will try to send news and updates while we’re here! Much love and gratitude, Nadine

Another crucially needed resource is a FPT-AWP treasurer.
Fund Jamuna Shrestha to visit Bhutanese refugees resettled in the US (US$2,400). Baltimore would probably be one of the three communities scheduled for the visit.
Support an Afghani women’s rights activist to join the International Workshop in Java (US$2,000) early in 2016! If we can do it for Jan 2017 with Miriam, otherwise we should delete this.
Support a Palestinian women’s counselor to join the International Workshop in Java (US$2,000) early in 2016! Miriam Abu Turk asked for this, but Joe DiGarbo does not think Jan 2016 is the right time. Maybe Jan 2017.
Youth manual translation into Nepali . $3-4,000 US dollars
Affirm nominations: Clerk – Fenna Mandolang; Recording Clerk – Margie Hunter; Treasurer – Jane Drexler, Australia; vacant, US; Recorder – vacant, when vacant falls to Public Officer, Jane Drexler.
The clerk hears approval for the above nominations
Introduce Australian annual return- This is the 31 days notice of the hearing of the Australian Annual return to happen in the next working group meeting on February 2nd/3rd.

Closing word:
Nadine Hoover
Gay Howard — Encouraged
Margie Hunter- TIRED
Valerie Joy Looking forward
Fenna Mandolang Empty open bowl
John Michaelis-somewhat overwhelmed
Nick Rozard- Amazing work
Elizabeth Walmsley
Deb Wood Happy to be here
Go in peace. Take care friends. Fare thee well.

NEXT CALL February 2/3 2016

People not on the call with whom to follow up:
Maxine Claire Cooper, Shawna Doran, Anne Eggleton, Chris Hughes, Subhash Kattel, Jim Palmer, Ludwig bon Quirog