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Minutes 1 December 2015

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday December 1/2, 2015

Present: Jane Drexler, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Margie Hunter, Subhash Kattel, Fenna Mandolang, John Michaelis, Petrus, Nick Rozard, Deb Wood
Apologies/Regrets: Elizabeth Walmsley

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
Reach of our recent and largest mailing
Assist with photo policy and financial pie charts in annual report
Updating archives
Query: What is our responsibility as a Working Group?
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Jane Drexler-Getting ready for the end of the year for Friends Peace Teams and Christmas
Nadine Hoover- Doing well had a lovely Thanksgiving. Good workshop on over coming privilege and prejudice
Gay Howard- Looking forward to right after Christmas all of my kids will be together. One travels all over the world, one is close by, one is on the west coast of US.
Margie Hunter-Got engaged over on the 15th of November. Starting to not feel well not sure I’ll make the whole meeting.
Subhash Kattel- Thank you everyone for making this possible. I’m on bed rest because of lower back strain and recently almost finalized the Nepal visit planned for 2016. My health situation is sad because its keeping me inside and in bed.
Fenna Mandolang- I’m appreciating my car and everywhere it gets me. I’m wishing it could get me to all the people on this call.
Tom Martin: Sorry Friends, my Skype connection is kaput.I shall read the minutes.
John Michaelis- Things are going well. I’m signing in a choir of 600 which is an experience, hobbling from walk this morning
Petrus-I am well today. In the past couple weeks I’ve visited many Friends Peace Teams and AVP friends. We had a meeting at Peace Place to develop plans for the upcoming FPT team trip
Dec 30 – Jan 25.
Nick Rozard- Having a good day, built a kiln today. Newer more sophisticated kiln fired it up today works great.
Deb Wood-Spent the holiday weekend in Maine with my son and his family. Returned yesterday to avoid the traffic.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
An Indonesia trip is coming up Dec 28 – Jan 27.
A Nepal trip is coming up Feb 15 – April 29. For more details, visit the evolving calendar.

Bhutanese in the US – no update this month
Philippines – no update this month
Power of Goodness – no update this month

Initiative Coordinators:

• Requesting a short description of the upcoming Nepal trip to include in press. Some photos of the area they are meeting in or some of the participants expected to attend would be great to send along too. All I have right now is this link to the itinerary… [link removed]

• Renewing the Western Friend ad contract needs to be decided before February 1st to make the ad deadlines for the Mar/Apr 2016 issue. Reference email:
The clerk hears support for the continued advertising of Western Friends. Also hearing Gay’s suggestion for an article.

From: Mary Klein
Date: November 17, 2015 at 2:22:26 PM EST
To: Asia West Pacific Friends Peace Teams <>
Subject: Re: FPT-AWP ad for the Jan-Feb 16 issue

Hi Jenna –

I will invoice you for the next run (March 2016 through Feb 2017) after I run the ad in the issue for March/April 2016. The price will be the same as in 2015. Namely . . .

$216 to run the ad included in Jenna’s email below for 6 issues of Western Friend — March/April 2016 through Jan/Feb 2017 — with allowances for minor changes in wording of the ad during the course of that run.

Hope this message serves the needs of your Working Group, Jenna.

Thanks for all your good work.


• Are there any extended service trips by individuals either coming up or continuing into 2016? Any upcoming visits to the Philippines? Or other trips for 2016 that are coming up? None to report.

• Who will be updating the Sustainers’ spreadsheet Anne was maintaining? This is what I use to keep track of who is up to date and who needs reminders.

No one to pass off to yet.


FPT-AWP FUNDS Fiscal Year 2015-16
USA Balances

Aus Balances
updated 11-30-15


Sustainer Funds Received Y-T-D


Sustainer Expenses Y-T-D

Sustainer BALANCE


Other Income Y-T-D

Meeting Donors

Other Expenses (approved) Y-T-D

Net Other Income Y-T-D


Total Earmarked/Designated Funds


USA Commerce Account

Australia Account
Balance AWP Bank Account


BREAKOUT: Designated/Earmarked Funds

USA Undesignated Funds Used


Peace Place





Total Earmarked/Designated Funds



Balance AWP Bank Account

Designated Funds Total






FPT Council:

Kirstin Mandala is resigning at EOY, as communications specialist. Work still needs to be done on all the websites. She has been asked to work on the Website but she is thinking this is more of a fund raising activity rather than communications. Things are kind of up in the air.


Resources Needed:
Fund Jamuna Shrestha to visit Bhutanese refugees resettled in the US (US$2,400) hopefully after May 2015. Baltimore would probably be one of the three communities scheduled for the visit.
Support an Afghani women’s rights activist to join the International Workshop in Java (US$2,000) early in 2016! If we can do it for Jan 2017 with Miriam, otherwise we should delete this.
Support a Palestinian women’s counselor to join the International Workshop in Java (US$2,000) early in 2016! Miriam Abu Turk asked for this, but Joe DiGarbo does not think Jan 2016 is the right time. Maybe Jan 2017.
Purchase land beside the Friends’ Guest House and Peace Place in Java (US$30,000)! The letter is ready to send. Please send!

The largest mailing that we have ever done went out. Did everyone get one? Who was missed? Who can you send the mailing to? Print from files or order from Jenna?
Deb reports getting mailing, others in the group have not.

Who could work with Jenna on the photo policy? And on the financial pie charts for the annual report? Here is a link to a draft of a proposed photo policy:
Jane will volunteer to do Financial Pie Charts, will contact Jenna direct. Deb will work on the Photo policy
In the future, nominations will be brought to the Working Group for the first reading in September and affirmed in October for the end of the fiscal year. This year we will read nominations in December and affirm in January. Clerk – Fenna Mandolang; Recording Clerk – Margie Hunter; Treasurer – Jane Drexler, Australian; vacant, US; Recorder – vacant, when vacant falls to Public Officer, Jane Drexler.

We are going to make a commitment to updating the archives on the same schedule based on our fiscal year. We can pay Jenna to do it unless someone else wants to volunteer.
No volunteers were heard here, Jenna will work on this as a paid activity.
What is our responsibility as a Working Group?
Jane- to essure due process for FPT-AWP is followed, we are constituted properly, we are documented properly that everything is available, we monitor AWP operations and that they abide by our governing documents.
Nick-See it as an over site of the AWP work that we do and accountability. What we do is special and bouncing ideas off others is valuable to the actual people who do the work of AWP.
Gay-We need to raise money, we need to know what the philosophy is behind AWP and what is going on in our various efforts and talk to everyone we can to let people know what is being done.
Margie – foster peace and relationships. To ensure AWP is represented in the Quaker community as well as our friends and family. That the first world nations of Friends are reaching out to AWP.
Sabash-Administrative aspects of FPT-AWP, to establish a clear transparent administration, to work on policies and vision that we carry on, to understand and publicise it clearly, foster the seeds we have planted and cause more seeds to be planted in other places.
Deb- responsibility for fundraising and deciding how the funds will be used. fostering the seeds that we planted and deciding where more seeds need to be planted and how we continue to nurture those seeds.
Petrus- I would emphasize that we are responsible for documenting what we do, for instance what we are doing in Indonesia. We are also responsible for how we grow and promote AVP in the region. We are also responsible for caring for the relationships we have established and made commitments to.
John-We are to build relationships between developed and developing nations and with that all else will follow because people care.
Nadine- we have stated commitments to support Friends who travel to the countries and the people how host. It’s ownerous and an important part to translate our sessions. Using Friends practice to have a transparent group. there is a responsibility to pass on the great responsibility of passing on the tradition of Quaker Peace work, the spirit lays in the relationships between people.

Treasurer search:
Fenna to distribute job description, and ask in Buffalo Meeting for volunteers. Nadine to ask person who distributes funds in US, John Kintree.

Closing word:
Jane Drexler- Happy
Nadine Hoover- Persistent
Gay Howard- Keeping On
Margie Hunter- Warmth
Subhash Kattel- a journey
Fenna Mandolang- listening
John Michaelis – concerned
Petrus- Work
Nick Rozard- community
Deb Wood-Peace

NEXT CALL January 5/6 2016

People not on the call with whom to follow up: Maxine Claire Cooper, Shawna Doran, Chris Hughes, Valerie Joy, Jim Palmer, Ludwig bon Quirog