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Minutes 3 November 2015

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday November 3/4, 2015

Present: Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, Nadine Hoover, Nick Rozard, John Michaelis, Subhash Kattel, Petrus, Tom Martin, Margie Hunter, Jane Drexler, Gay Howard, Deb Wood, Ludwig bon Quirog
Apologies/Regrets: Elizabeth Walmsley

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
Annual Report
Nepal Relief, Water Filters: A Retrospective Look, and A Decade of Tsunami Relief: Indonesia 10 year retrospective
Friends House in Indonesia
If time: Share any new Friendship Letters. What is alive for you in our work? What stories have you been sharing about FPT-AWP? Any issues, concerns, or questions?
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Jane Drexler- Pleased to be on the call and with you all.
Nadine Hoover- I’m trying to finish up the history for the Power of Goodness release this week. Working on an advanced AVP workshop on oppression and liberty of conscience.
Gay Howard- Had audio trouble, but could follow along and type in occasionally.
Margie Hunter- Feeling Successful, weight loss is going well 🙂 Also Sharing any and all AWP updates on Facebook.
Valerie Joy-Very busy and happy too. End of this month going to England, France and Norway. Getting through all things I need. Spoke to Australia Yearly Meeting treasurer to push funding along.
Subhash Kattel- Waking up in early morning in Nepal. We are having a planning time for everything. Making decisions around AVP. Good time in South Korea. Making new friends. Spoke with Ludwig yesterday evening, and it was good to compare similar experiences, including Friends Peace Teams.
Fenna Mandolang- I attended the annual Buffalo VOICE meeting, an interfaith coalition working for justice. A range of ages, abilities, colors, and neighborhoods were present at the meeting. Makes me feel good to call Buffalo home and to be part of this community. I also am excited to have found a friend willing to explore co-counseling with me.
Tom Martin- Never better. Really do feel that way. Managed to read all the attachements that was prep for tonight. Was an enriching experience to see the witness work that we do, where we do it and how it is received. Made my day, year, possibly life. Taken by intensity and courage. Grateful to all on the call and all who do the work. for their faithfulness. Awestruck to be in your presence.
John Michaelis- Just back from overseas from USA and Belgium. At a point of decision making, a business venture around patents I have is taking off. Off to Munich to see how it goes, May have to cut back on attendance in Nepal if it goes well. Would appreciate counsel from those on the call. Basically good news. Have been working on this for two years. Might reach out to others for clearness.
Petrus-Good Morning. Petrus is healthy. I’m so happy to be with you on this Skype call this morning. The last week I have been approaching the Mennonite Church to talk about peace. Most notably, I am talking to them about January training. I’m asking the parents of the children in our school to volunteer when the team comes in January. I’ve been thinking a lot about the 800+ people who were not allowed to join in the voting in Barak Induk, and I am working with Mislan to figure a way out of this.
Ludwig bon Quirog-Morning Everyone, I just recently had a good talk with Sabash, working to bring AVP to Thailand, recently invited to a Synagogue in Manila, Excited to attend a speech for politician.
Nick Rozard- The weather is amazing in Alfred. Able to ride my bike again today.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
Annual Report
FPT-AWP Campaign 2015
Water Filters: A Retrospective Look
A Decade of Tsunami Relief

Nepal – see relief report (link will be added)
Philippines – see annual report

Power of Goodness – no update this month

Initiative Coordinators: no report.

Requests for the Working Group
Photo release and photo use policy.
I would love to pair one working group member with each Sustainer to work with. There are a lot of lapsed sustainers and I plan on making that a priority starting next month.

This month, in addition to the routine tasks, I spent the bulk of my time on publicity mailings and reports. I put out a mailing for the Peace Place Campaign to a world-wide list of Yearly Meetings, worked on the 90-day report on the Nepal earthquake relief effort as well as pulling together the annual report to be mailed in early November.

Receipts submitted:
10/16/15 $222.98 UPrinting 1000 Brochures
10/27/15 $19.60 Post office postage
10/30/15 $30.58 Staples paper
10/30/15 $15.38 Post office postage
Total: $288.54

People who have expressed an interest:
Name Email date of last contact Interest/Next action
[only most recent listed here]
Renie Lindley 9/9/2015 Video, Silaturahmi: The Power of Visiting, at Honolulu Friends Meeting/wrote to her asking if she would like a member of FPT-AWP to set up a skype talk with her meeting
Heidi Ahrens 10/19/2015 We would love to work abroad on a project for up to 1 year./Nadine replied to her, waiting for her to respond.

Sustainers Year-end Summary (contact month listed as November):
Name Renewal month
Baer, Martha May 2014 Nadine
Buckwalter, Laurel October 2015 Nadine
Burgess, Martha September 2014
Culley, Paul January 2015 Nick
Doran, Shawna January 2014 Nadine
Dosch, Joe & Nancy current Nick
Epps, Rosemary January 2014 Nadine
Fennell, Nancy & Thomas current
Grundy, Kenneth & Martha current Nick
Hoover, Nadine July 2014 (ongoing in-kind donation)
Hoover, Sharon December 2013 Tom
Hoskins, Warren current Nadine
Howard, Gay current Nadine
Martin, Tom November 2015
Michaelis, John current (ongoing in-kind donation)
Melamed, Toni February 2015 Gay
Poulos, Donna December 2014 Gay
Rakusin, Amy July 2015 Nadine
Reixach, Karen [quarterly] current Nadine
Shippen, Nancy January 2015 John
Simkin, Jane & Paul December 2014 Nick
Thomas, Barbara November 2013 Nadine
Tsocanos, Kim current Tom
Wood, Deborah October 2015 ($250)
Sutton, Vidya April 2015 Nadine
Simpson, Judith current Nadine
Cooper, Maxine current Valerie
de Voogt, Jan current John
Joy, Valerie December 2012 (ongoing in-kind donation)
Payget, Jasmine December 2014 Valerie
Polzin, Beverly current Valerie

RiseUp Members ADDED this month:
Emily Lestrange
Cassandra Ryan
Eryn Cochran
Paige Pensgen
Anthony Harvey
Austin Harvey
Kristin Poppo
Charity McCormick
Larry Philbrick

RiseUp Members ASKED to be removed this month:

RiseUp Members deleted due to bouncing email:
Nancy and Herb Clark “undeliverable address”
Sahr Aba “mailbox unavailable”


How do we want to recognize Anne’s contributions as treasurer?
Email a remark of appreciation to Fenna, to print and mail in a card.

Treasurer’s report:

FPT-AWP FUNDS Fiscal Year 2015-16
USA Balances
**Aus Balances
updated 11-1-15


**not up to date

Sustainer Funds Received Y-T-D

Sustainer Expenses Y-T-D

Sustainer BALANCE


Other Income Y-T-D

Other Expenses (approved) Y-T-D

Net Other Income Y-T-D


Total Earmarked/Designated Funds


USA Commerce Account

Australia Account
Balance AWP Bank Account


BREAKOUT: Designated/Earmarked Funds

USA Undesignated Funds Used


Peace Place





Total Earmarked/Designated Funds



Balance AWP Bank Account


Designated Funds Total


FPT Council:
Tom- Another call this month. Push for budgets, all approved except one. Fundraising, numbers are looking better but we are still struggling to get funds to support infrastructure. Have a communications specialist part time. Working to get websites up and running better and will be working to help us with fundraising.

Resources Needed:
Fund Jamuna Shrestha to visit Bhutanese refugees resettled in the US (US$2,400) hopefully after May 2015. Baltimore would probably be one of the three communities scheduled for the visit.
Support an Afghani women’s rights activist to join the International Workshop in Java (US$2,000) early in 2016! If we can do it for Jan 2017 with Miriam, otherwise we should delete this.
Support a Palestinian women’s counselor to join the International Workshop in Java (US$2,000) early in 2016! Miriam Abu Turk asked for this, but Joe DiGarbo does not think Jan 2016 is the right time. Maybe Jan 2017.
Support two West Papuan trainers to share their training in Java (US$3,300) would be best in early in 2016! FUNDED by Helen and Jim for Jan 2016.
Build Peace Place in Java as a Friends presence and training site (US$300/mo for up to 3 yrs). WE FUNDED THIS, THANKS.through october 2015
Purchase land beside the Friends’ Guest House and Peace Place in Java (US$30,000)! The letter is ready to send. Please send!

Annual Report
Do friends approve the annual FPT-AWP report, less the financial section?
The clerk heard approval, giving friends til Friday 11/6 to send edits to

Nepal Relief, Water Filters: A Retrospective Look, and A Decade of Tsunami Relief: Indonesia 10 year retrospective
Do friends accept the Nepal Relief, Water Filter, and 10 year Indonesia retrospective reports?
The clerk heard approval for said reports.

Friends House in Indonesia
Who will approach a Monthly Meeting, Quarterly Meeting, or Yearly Meeting with the FPT-AWP 2015 Campaign letter?
Jane-Australia Yearly Meeting July 2016 if funds still needed
Tom – South Central YM in Waco, TX in a couple of weeks
Nadine- New York Yearly Meeting

Will our council members, John M., Tom and Gay, bring this to the attention of the FPT Council to ask Yearly Meeting Representatives to bring this to the attention of their Yearly Meeting?
Tom will contact the FPT Council YM reps and put the FPT AWP campaign on the FPT Council agenda.

Closing word:

Jane Drexler-Engaged
Nadine Hoover-Appreciative
Gay Howard-Hopeful
Margie Hunter-YIPPIE
Valerie Joy Happiness
Subhash Kattel- Delighted
Fenna Mandolang-Local
Tom Martin-Fantastic
John Michaelis -Grateful
Ludwig bon Quirog
Nick Rozard: Steadfast
Deb Wood

NEXT CALL December 1/2 2015

People not on the call with whom to follow up:
Maxine Claire Cooper; Shawna Doran; Chris Hughes; Jim Palmer