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Minutes 6 October 2015

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday October 6/7, 2015

Present: Jane Drexler, Nadine Hoover, Margie Hunter, Gay Howard, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, John Michaelis, Jim Palmer, Petrus, Ludwig bon Quirog, Nick Rozard, Elizabeth Walmsley, Deb Wood
Apologies/Regrets: Jane Drexler, Anne Eggleton, Jim Palmer, Nick Rozard, Deb Wood

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
Bhutanese-US Coordinator for Friends Peace Teams-AWP
The FPT-AWP Budget 2015-16
Cultivating Sustainers
Treasurer Search
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Maxine Claire Cooper
Shawna Doran
Jane Drexler – I am still in Africa, so won’t be on the call. Bad internet connections. One email can take 5 minutes. In friendship.
Nadine Hoover- Doing well, workshops at home making me happy. Working with Tom to get The Power of Goodness book ready, getting trip to Indonesia in order.
Gay Howard- Ready to work for AWP
Margie Hunter- Dealing with ambiguity with a smile.
Valerie Joy-Wonderful weather in Brisbane Queensland. Happy to see Elizabeth and Ludwig on the call.
Subhash Kattel
Fenna Mandolang- Clerk for FPT-AWP appreciating that I’m arriving where I am, and the practice of being where I am.
Tom Martin- Toronto CAN on business trip. Treat of being on skype early and got to talk Nadine about the Power of Goodness Book. A joy to be apart of the process and raises money for AWP
John Michaelis- Lost in transit or dealing with slow internet.
Jim Palmer – I won’t be able to join the call this month. Helen Bayes and I will be flying from Biak, West Papua to Jakarta at the time of the call. We have enjoyed our time in Indonesia. We spent about four days at ‘Peace Place’ where we were made very welcome by Nanik and Petrus. We joined in a number of AVP style activities while we were there as well as participating in the pre-school and English classes. We spent time around Manokwari before coming to Biak. Here in Biak we have caught up with a number of independence activists, as well as soaking up the laid-back West Papuan life style. I expect that we shall return here. In Peace and Friendship.
Petrus- I am in Jogjakarta. Yesterday with Helen and Jim I was pleased to meet with people from Jakenan. and had a chance to introduce people in the Islamic study center to people from outside. This is an important thing for people in our region.
Ludwig bon Quirog-Returning from celebration of World Quaker day. Was in armed rebel camp to witness arms exchange for farm tools in Mindanao (southern Philippines)
Nick Rozard – Sends regrets as he is at an EMT medical refresher tonight.
Elizabeth Walmsley – Quaker raised, half Australian, half American. Living in Philly, moved here from Australia to be apart of her American Quaker community. Recently went back to school for Social Work, currently working for a large hospital in the area. Busy, doing well, learning a lot in her current job in Social work, also spend time with parents who live close as well.
Deb Wood – I spent the week before last in Charleston, SC, and was happy that the rains held off! I heard more about the Civil War that I wanted to know, but the other focus of the trip was on architecture in Charleston, and I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
Water Filters – closing with the end of the fiscal year
Nepal Relief – live report from Subhash

Indonesia – no update this month
Nepal – no update this month
Philippines – no update this month
Power of Goodness – no update this month

Initiative Coordinators:
Requests for the Working Group
• Please consider developing a photo use policy that includes obtaining/archiving consent from people photographed as well as procedures for handling/distributing people’s personal information. Here is a link to a draft of a proposed policy:
• Please note the sustainers list I compiled. Of our 35 named sustainers, 16 are either late or lapsed. Suggestions on how to create reliable, consistent, personal communication with Sustainers would be helpful.

The beginning of September started out slowly for me as my family adjusted routines for the beginning of the new school year while also fighting a series of colds and other illnesses. But I was able to pick up some hours as the month went on. In addition to the routine tasks I also worked on organizing/archiving photos, updating a new brochure for FPT-AWP and putting together an annual report. The end of September I concentrated time on going though the sustainers spreadsheet and began to develop a routine for keeping in contact with those who have pledged to support us.

Receipts submitted:

People who have expressed an interest:
Name email Date Interest
Renie Lindley  6 Sept 2015 Interested in showing the Video, Silaturahmi: The Power of Visiting, at Honolulu Friends Meeting, Fenna, and Margie to discuss after call about completion of this request.

Sustainers due, contact month listed as October:
Laurel Buckwalter due in October 2015 — Nadine will talk to her.
Presumably, those who are “late” would only need to donate the balance by the end of the fiscal year, which is Oct 31, to be current again so I am including them in the October list:
Paul Culley Late 14 Jan 2014 — Nadine to call
Toni Melamed Late 10 Feb 2014- Gay to call
Donna Poulos Late 31 Dec 2013- Gay to Call
Amy Rakusin Late 11 Jul 2014 — Nadine to Call
Nancy Shippen Late 28 Jan 2014 — Nadine will talk to her (she gives but not always in her name)
Jane Simkin Late 31 Dec 2013 — Nadine to Call
Deborah Wood Late 16 Jun 2015  -Tom to call

Sustainers Late/Lapsed Last donated on:
Martha Baer Lapsed 17 May 2013
Martha Burgess Lapsed 13 Sept 2014
Paul Culley Late 14 Jan 2014
Shawna Doran Lapsed 31 Aug 2013
Rosemary Epps Lapsed 28 Jan 2013
Nadine Hoover Lapsed 12 Jul 2013
Sharon Hoover Lapsed 31 Dec 2012
Toni Melamed Late 10 Feb 2014
Donna Poulos Late 31 Dec 2013
Amy Rakusin Late 11 Jul 2014
Nancy Shippen Late 28 Jan 2014
Jane Simkin Late 31 Dec 2013
Barbara Thomas Lapsed 26 Nov 2012
Deborah Wood Late 16 Jun 2015 ($250)
Valerie Joy Lapsed 12 Dec 2012
Jasmine Payget Lapsed (?) last donation noted as 8/10/14 but listed in the 14-15 fiscal year column and indicated as paid directly to AVP Philippines

RiseUp Members ADDED this month:
Sarita Sigdel
Jiway Tung

RiseUp Members ASKED to be removed this month:

RiseUp Members deleted due to bouncing email:


October 3, 2015

Dear Nadine:

I am sorry to report that I will have to resign my position with AWP. My personal business and home life need more attention at the moment, and I am frustrated and disappointed at not being able to give my best to those who need it, AWP included.

I will happily continue to work with the group until the first of December, in the hope that you can find a replacement by then. Your work is outstanding, and I hope some day to display the same commitment as you do to the many who need help. At the moment, I need to take care of things at home.

With thanks for all you do,



FPT Council: Working to get on the list of Friends Journal, working on funding to support a communications specialist, working on website (still needs lots of work) trying to reach out to young people. grateful to AWP in leading the way for better communication for fundraising.

Resources Needed:
Fund Jamuna Shrestha to visit Bhutanese refugees resettled in the US (US$2,400) hopefully after May 2015. Baltimore would probably be one of the three communities scheduled for the visit.
Support an Afghani women’s rights activist to join the International Workshop in Java (US$2,000) early in 2016!
Support a Palestinian women’s counselor to join the International Workshop in Java (US$2,000) early in 2016! Miriam Abu Turk asked for this.
Support two West Papuan trainers to share their training in Java (US$3,300) would be best in early in 2016!
Build Peace Place in Java as a Friends presence and training site (US$300/mo for up to 3 yrs). WE FUNDED THIS, THANKS.through october 2015
Purchase land beside the Friends’ Guest House and Peace Place in Java (US$30,000)!

Bhutanese-US Coordinator for Friends Peace Teams-AWP
Elizabeth Walmsley offers to act as Bhutanese-US Coordinator for Friends Peace Teams-AWP. As coordinator, she would visit resettled Bhutanese communities in the US with an intention of connecting their members with Friends, who share a concern for peaceful, loving, healthy communities and a particular concern for mental health and wellness, guided by our best mutual discernment and a set of common agreements.

Initial steps would be:
*Create a training opportunity early on in which Elizabeth can participate with Nadine, John, and other active FPT-AWP members, in the interest of solidifying working relationships and gaining experience with the AVP Basic and Trauma Resiliency Workshops.
*Connect with some of the people on the “interested volunteers” list who have already been doing some of this work (ex: Amy Rakusin in Baltimore, Dot Dobbins in Nashville). Learn more about what they have been doing and how we might fit into it.
*Connect with the local resettled Bhutanese communities in these same locations, and start conversations with the respected community members so as to learn more about what their experience has been so far, and what they would like to see happen next.

Is the Working Group comfortable accepting her offer to coordinate this work?
The clerk heard approval for Elizabeth to coordinate this work.

Will the Working Group commit to funding these relationships? $500 or $1,000? Now or later?
Gay is willing to do funding! The Clerk heard approval to add 500 US dollars to the budget to start.

The FPT-AWP Budget 2015-16

Individual, Monthly Meeting, and Sustainer donations covered our budget last year, but we had fewer donations in each donor category compared to the previous fiscal year. This raises the question, are we winding down?

Nadine to add $500 dollars to cover Bhutanese Coordination work.
With the added note above the Clerk heard approval of the budget. Tom to assist with presentation.
This is the context in which Roy Zatcoff, FPT Finance Committee member, raises his concerns:
Roy is concerned that the AWP Working Group have a focused conversation on what we’re actually planning to do for income in the coming year and have that reflected, because funds do not come in on their own. Without a shared plan on how to maintain and grow income, the Group will perish. Outside of the Nepal Relief, the sustainer, individual and meeting donors have all gone down. So, does the Group plan to work on getting more sustainers? …more general donors? …retaining some percent of the Nepal relief donors? .. each of these has implications for who communicates, how, with whom, about what.
Cultivating Sustainers –
Many Working Group members are uncomfortable asking for money, but realize it’s an important part of our routine responsibilities to keep Friends Peace Teams AWP alive. The Initiative Coordinators propose assigning Jenna to working with volunteers who will follow up with sustainers to support each individually based on what they need, e.g. a series of emails that reminds volunteers to contact their sustainer at least three times a year, to share our interests, enthusiasms and news about FPT-AWP, including reminding them of when their pledge is due, confirming that it has arrived and thanking them once it has arrived. Jenna will follow up to determine the pledge has been received.

Or perhaps we could hire an Outreach Specialist. The Outreach Specialist would need a supervisor from within our working body.

Treasurer Search
Who is willing to search for a treasurer?

Closing word:
Nadine Hoover-Friendship
Gay Howard- Love
Margie Hunter-Tired
Valerie Joy-Optimistic
Fenna Mandolang- Grounded
Tom Martin- Affirming
Ludwig bon Quirog-Hopeful
Elizabeth Walmsley-fascinated

NEXT CALL November 3/4 2015

People not on the call with whom to follow up:Maxine Claire Cooper, Shawna Doran, Chris Hughes, John Michaelis