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Minutes 1 September 2015

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday September 1/2, 2015

Present: Jane Drexler, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Margie Hunter, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, John Michaelis, Petrus, Nick Rozard
Apologies/Regrets: John Michaelis

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
Peace Ways article
If time: Sharing about current and future sustainers. Who are they?
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in sentence:
Jane Drexler-I’m very excited off to visit family in South Africa next week.
Nadine Hoover- I’m glad to be here to translate so Petrus can participate. Got back from Ukraine. Using power of goodness with displaced refugees. I remember someone saying thank you for coming it seems we might be forgiven for being silent. Reminds me it’s important to stand up and speak.
Gay Howard- Pacemaker is allowing for more energy.
Margie Hunter-New Job going well. Very excited to learn all the ropes!
Valerie Joy- Spring here and the year seems to be rushing along. a Cheery hello
Fenna Mandolang- It’s important to be kind to yourself
Tom Martin- Grateful of the work of the Peace Teams Council, no current report, FPT Initiative in Latin America is looking into who they are and working with the council to help find a new coordinator. Great to work with a group of Friends that are so faithful and deadicated.
John Michaelis – I am camping with Anthea. I don’t expect to be able attend. My apologies.
Petrus-Good morning, good evening there.I am so glad I can join you on this Skype call.
Sometimes it’s hard to find the time, but it’s good to be with you. This week I contacted alumni of FPT and AVP in Mentawai dan Seneudon, as well as Barak Induk, which was wonderful. I heard from Barak Induk and from the Nat’l Commission on Human Rights in Indonesia has sent a letter to the Forestry Department and on September 8 they will go to Barak Induk. Starting the other day they began a legal proceeding. But then it got moved and is not clear, but they have begun to be able to sell some of their laytex. But they have to take it all the way to Aceh. One factory in N Sumatra offered to do it for a Rp 300/kilo fee, but the owner of the factory is a military man and they refused, so they are still driving to Aceh to sell their laytex.
Nick Rozard-Spent a lot of the summer doing small projects to support water filters. This week I’ve been working on water filters and spoke with professor on how to move forward.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
Update on Water Filters
Philippines – see website for report

Indonesia – no update this month
Nepal – no update this month
Power of Goodness – no update this month

Initiative Coordinators:
Initiative coordinators discussed an individual’s personal appeal for funding to travel to an international educational opportunity, which lead to the beginnings of a broader discussion about our internal protocols regarding requests for funding.

AWP Initiative Coordinators (Nadine and John) will put together a policy to review requests for funds from how FPT-AWP handles individual requests for funding after which policy will be ratified through the working group once put together

Tom will work with Coordinators, Clerk of the WG, and Treasurer.

Requests for the Working Group
I believe it is important for the working group to approve a policy for photo use and archive photo releases for the people we take pictures of and then use in publicity and online media.

for Jenna: Would this be a request for a written documentation? Further background on the reasoning would be helpful for development of such policy and documentation.

Aside from the routine tasks, my time in August was mostly spent on creating flyers and other publicity materials. I also worked on gathering the materials for an annual Fall mailing and appeal.

Receipts submitted: $41.95 Table tent blanks
Total: $41.95

Sustainers due (contact month listed as September):
Helen Bayes- Valerie will speak with Helen

RiseUp Members ADDED this month:
Jerry Leaphart

RiseUp Members asked to be REMOVED this month:
marieke lisette
Nanda Sihombing
Mary C. Harris
Sonia Efron (Jeffrey Dosch)
Deni Foster  “I am so overwhelmed with emails that I am de-subscribing to 100% of my charities. I will continue to support you through Nadine Hoover, but I don’t want any more emails. Thanks.”
Carol & Kent Jacobsen

RiseUp Members deleted due to BOUNCING email:
Jenta, user doesn’t have a account


If you look at the treasurer’s report here, it looks like we’re 1,500 USD in the red, but once budget lines are reassigned, we’ll be 1,500 USD in the black. Anne is working to realign the accounting lines to match the working group approved budget. She is clearer that anytime an adjustment or clarification needs to be made in the budget, it should go through the working group in the future.

Anne is currently working on the budget for our upcoming fiscal year. This is an opportunity to remember that we, as a working group, have committed to meeting the basic needs necessary to keep the door open. 50 Sustainers would keep the door open. We have about 25.

FPT Council: no action items at this time

Resources Needed:
Fund Jamuna Shrestha to visit Bhutanese refugees resettled in the US (US$2,400) hopefully after May 2015. Baltimore would probably be one of the three communities scheduled for the visit.
Support an Afghani women’s rights activist to join the International Workshop in Java (US$2,000) early in 2016!
Support two West Papuan trainers to share their training in Java (US$3,300) would be best in early in 2016!
Build Peace Place in Java as a Friends presence and training site (US$300/mo for up to 3 yrs). WE FUNDED THIS, THANKS.through october 2015
Purchase land beside the Friends’ Guest House and Peace Place in Java (US$30,000)!

Nadine volunteered to work on the next PeaceWays article about relief. She has yet to start. If anyone wants to work on it with her, they are still welcome.
Nadine will work with Gay and Fenna to respond to San Diego Friends Meeting’s offer to give funds for peace work that supports the testimonies of Friends.
Initiative Coordinators to develop a draft protocol on how FPT-AWP handles individual requests for funding. Tom volunteered to be part of this discussion and recommended including treasurer and finance. This draft will be brought back to the working group for approval.
Nadine is working to translate a report from Petrus
Request to have the Philipines report read as ‘see website’

Fundraising Discussion
Current Sustainers:
Martha Baer*-via Petrus- remembers Martha Baer is from Annapolis and came to Indonesia.
She loved to work with children. She came as Barbara Thomas guest. She works with colleges students and is very insightful, gentle and kind.
Laurel Buckwalter-via Fenna- Lives in Alfred, NY and plays the Carillon that plays across the valley and teaches others. A creator, a musician, mother of several children. A Mennonite.
Martha Burgess
Paul Culley
Shawna Doran
Joe Dosch* & Nancy Evangelista- Nick sees that his parents are on the list, Joe Dosch and Nancy Evangelista. They like to make a difference in the world. They began supporting me, but they continued because it matters to them. They have both traveled with us to Indonesia so it’s important to them.
Ann Dusseau*
Kenneth and Martha Grundy
Nadine Hoover*
Sharon Hoover*
Warren Hoskins
Gay Howard
Ruth Hyde
Valerie Joy*
Tom Martin
Toni Melamed-via Nadine- in Florida, husband wrote book on Albert Switzer, They take the time to pay attention to important things. was very important in the Tallahassee meeting.
Audrey Miller
Jasmine Payget
Donna Poulos – via Gay- lives in California outside of San Francisco. been a contributor Gay will reach out (mention Indonesia trip in December next year)
Karen Reixach
Nancy Shippen- via Valerie – responds to emails and great to see her name there.
Jane & Paul Simkin
Barbara Thomas*
Deborah Wood*
Jan de Voogd-via jane- In Australia, when we started it’s was wonderful to find a Quaker who picks up the phone for a talk, calls when he sends money and is updated via the post.
Rosemary Epps*
Helen Bayes
Maxine Cooper
Jane Drexler

Names of people to approach (aka Future Sustainers):
Gay- Janet Riley
Fenna- Emily Schlemmer and/or Thom Hutter – a group of 5 college friends, each to commit to $100
Jane- Audrey and Michael Wilson
Valerie- Sally Herzfeld
Tom- will update on the seven Friends he has in mind
Margie- will continue to reach out to masses (work and Wilton Meeting–Connecticut)
Nadine- is working on an article for the local paper in Alfred that would possibly bring in donations for the land next to Peace Place
Nick- Paul Culley
Petrus-look for pictures of people who have visited Peace Place and write to them thanking them for visiting and asking for donations.

Closing word:
Jane Drexler-Motivated
Nadine Hoover-Grateful
Gay Howard- Keep on Keeping on
Margie Hunter- Love
Valerie Joy- Care and Guidance
Fenna Mandolang-Friendship
Tom Martin-Reinvigorated
Petrus- Remember our friends for sharing
Nick Rozard-Squishy

NEXT CALL October 6/7 2015

People not on the call with whom to follow up:
Maxine Claire Cooper, Shawna Doran, Anne Eggleton, Chris Hughes, John Michaelis, Jim Palmer, Subhash Kattel, Deb Wood, Ludwig bon Quirog(had tech difficulties in attending)