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Minutes 4 August 2015

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes and Agenda
Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday August 4/5, 2015

Present: Margie Hunter, Jane Drexler, Nadine Hoover, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, John Michaelis, Petrus, Nick Rozard, Deb Wood
Apologies/Regrets: Tom Martin

Agenda Preview:
Check In Sentence
Questions and Feedback on News and Updates
Initiative Coordinators
FPT Council
Resources Needed
Fundraising appeal to YMs
If time: Share any new Friendship Letters. What is alive for you in our work? What stories have you been sharing about FPT-AWP? Any issues, concerns, or questions?
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Petrus did a pre-call update on major actions in Pati, Central Java: Petrus told a story about the protests against the establishment of a cement factory. 23 July there were big demonstrations against the mountain-top removal for this cement production. A friend of Petrus’ is working on a national campaign to prevent this environmental destruction. Last Saturday, Petrus talked to friends about whether or not they should have a direct action, but they decided not to, because they feel that the ‘masses’ are not prepared to do it well and informed. They are talking to a national environmental group (WALHI) about how to do well and when the timing is better, not to increase a sense of revenge, but to create a nonviolent movement. They feel they made the right decision, but the people are divided. It’s hard to support when the people are not solid and strong. I was invited by the Governor to talk about the situation, but I could not go and said it would be better to meet with the people who live on the mountain. So we are working on that now.

Check in sentence:
Jane Drexler- Had the most wonderful concert for money to be raised for Nepal, 2800 Australian raised minus production costs. Very productive financially and emotionally.
Nadine Hoover- Been busy, and will be driving a friend to New York City and having dinner with Deb Wood and friends in the area looking forward to that.
Margie Hunter-exhausted, nervous and excited! Finished a week of vacation with my family at my house, finishing my last week at work, and starting a new job monday.
Valerie Joy- our time in the Philippines was wonderful back for two weeks and settling in. Sent a report for the meeting hoping it will be useful.
Fenna Mandolang- Thinking of Peace as a verb and not as a noun, how important our time and money are and how I’m spending them.
Tom Martin – sent regrets that he has a business dinner in Toronto, Canada he must attend.
John Michaelis- I’m at my daughters home in Seattle, just arrived, adjusting to a new time. The concert was excellent, announced on 12 radio stations, and received warm reception from the editor of the Nepalese newspaper and a representative from the Nepalese Consul. Choir director would like to do similar concert in January or February next year and got some donations from the Choir. More than just a fundraiser but connection between groups (church, choir, and nepal community) and relationship building.
Petrus-good evening (it’s morning there so he laughed). Last Saturday, I met with lots of people who were protesting the cement factory. Peace is very influenced by what we think and believe. We have to know the thing we are protesting about. We need real and accurate information. How do we do this with people we have just met and don’t know well. To pursue peace, we need to get to know each other, build community and trust, then take action. I’m trying to figure out how to do this.
Nick Rozard-Got to talk about Friends Peace Teams, its been great. Drawing connections with a local firefighter about his connection to peace.
Deb Wood- AVP workshop in Idaho this past weekend, found interesting that all but one of the participants were white, to be in a prison workshop with people who were white, many middle class, was interesting. To hear some of the comments at the end of the workshop in the changes of view and possibilities of resolving conflict without violence. Looking forward to time with Nadine on Thursday.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:
Joglo Preschool at Peace Place, Pati, Central Java
AVP and Developmental Play in North Aceh
AVP and Developmental Play in Mentawai
Advocacy for Barak Induk, North Sumatra
The Power of Goodness exhibition opens at Alfred University MostArts Festival
Joglo Preschool field trips to explore animals and nature, Pati, Central Java
Added on the call:
Update from Mislan via Petrus regarding Barak Induk
Nonviolent movement to stop cement production

Philippines – no update this month – update to follow. Fenna will clarify with Valerie.
Water Filters – no update this month

• Initiative Coordinators: Coordinators continue working on improving our website presence.
• Communications:
This month, in addition to the routine tasks, I spent a lot of time on supplying YM reps with FPT-AWP materials for their Yearly Meeting gatherings. I also took a one-week vacation with my family. While I was away I received an email from someone who had found his contact info posted as a part of the Working group minutes. After a few exchanges, I removed all references to contact information for anyone not on the Working Group from public media (mostly Minutes published on the website), I removed email addresses for people in the eNews reports as well as anyone who had expressed an interest in FPT-AWP. Also removed all images taken from the Communications reports that included email addresses, other contact info or links to Google docs with this info. This action was taken as a result of my previous pattern of posting the unedited Working Group meeting minutes online (which was done in an effort to be open and transparent). It became clear that doing so could violate the privacy of people not a part of our Working Group. Going forward, I will post minutes AFTER removing any contact information for people not on the Working Group.

It should be noted that we should, for similar reasons, also take time to come up with a procedure for obtaining photo releases for people in the photos we use in social and print media.

Requests for the Working Group
Does anyone have any contact information for people in the following meetings:
Great Plains
North Carolina – Conservative
Alaska Friends Conference
Ohio (conservative)
North Carolina FUM

Sustainers due (contact month listed as August):
Martha Burgess- Nadine will look into contacting her

RiseUp Members ADDED this month:
Jo Ellen del Campo

RiseUp Members ASKED to be removed this month:
herr miska

RiseUp Members deleted due to bouncing email:
Amanda Weatherford “mailbox undeliverable”
Heather Kang “Mailbox undeliverable”
cindy maxey “invalid recipient”
Joyce Bastian “user doesn’t have a account” — Fenna will contact

• Treasurer:

FPT-AWP FUNDS Fiscal Year 2014-15
USA Balances
Aus Balances
updated 8-4-15

Sustainer Funds Received Y-T-D

Sustainer Expenses Y-T-D
Sustainer BALANCE

Other Income Y-T-D

Other Expenses (approved) Y-T-D
Net Other Income Y-T-D

Designated/Earmarked Income Y-T-D
Designated/Earmarked Expenses Y-T-D
Designated/Earmarked Balance

USA Commerce Account
Australia Account
8-4-2015 Balance AWP Funds Total
6-30-2015 Balance AWP Funds Total


Designated/Earmarked Funds (Net Balance Available)

Indonesia Peace Place

Peace Teams, Indonesia

Indonesia AVP

Schools and Libraries
Power of Goodness
Water Filters
Total Earmarked/Designated Funds
FPT Council: Last meeting cancelled, Long discussion about changing the time for those in the US. date and time is still in flux.
Resources Needed:
Fund Jamuna Shrestha to visit Bhutanese refugees resettled in the US (US$2,400) hopefully after May 2015. Baltimore would probably be one of the three communities scheduled for the visit.
Support an Afghani women’s rights activist to join the International Workshop in Java (US$2,000) early in 2016!
Support two West Papuan trainers to share their training in Java (US$3,300) would be best in early in 2016!
Build Peace Place in Java as a Friends presence and training site (US$300/mo for up to 3 yrs).
Purchase land beside the Friends’ Guest House and Peace Place in Java (US$20,000)!

Do Friends approve of a fundraising appeal to Yearly Meetings for funds to purchase the land besides the Friends’ Guest House and Peace Place in Java? Do Friends approve of the drafted appeal letter? The clerk heard approval. Deb will follow up with suggestions for the letter.
After edits have been made is this ok to send out? The clerk heard approval.

Request to Friends’ Yearly Meetings to Support

4 August 2015

Friends Peace Teams Asia West Pacific
1001 Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104 USA and
17 Pockley Ave., Roseville NSW 2069 Australia

Contact: Nadine Hoover, Coordinator

Dear Friends,

I am writing to inquire if your Yearly Meeting would join other yearly meetings in offering financial support towards purchasing the vacant lot next to the existing Friends House and Peace Place Training Center in Pati, Central Java, Indonesia. We need approximately $30,000 to purchase this land, and the price rises as the years pass.

Peace Place in Pati is a centre of faith in action, working with people of all faiths including Muslims and Christians, housing Friends Peace Teams, consciously striving to live each day in line with AVP principles, and showing the deep strength Friends Peace Teams have for working with people from any walk of life, in any faith or humanitarian group, and in any country. Peace Place has hosted Quakers from four continents as participants in the international training in Quaker approaches to peace, nonviolence and reconciliation and as long-term volunteers. This formative experience of Quaker peace work in action combined with the opportunity to interact with Friends globally has informed and reinvigorate many Friend’s commitment to Quakerism. Your financial support would bolster a three-year transition towards making the Peace Place self-sustaining and bringing Quakerism alive for generations of seekers, peace workers and service volunteers.

The Peace Place Training Center and Friends House began in 2006 when Petrus and Nanik and an Islamic couple, Sunhadi and Zumrotin, requested support for Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops in Central Java, where religious violence had a stronghold. They began offering workshops on their own. In 2008, Friends arrived to support an AVP training for facilitators. In 2009, Petrus and Nanik sold their home to build Peace Place. Friends Peace Teams funded the building of a Friends’ guest room along with support for Peace Place to host and train people of all backgrounds in peace and nonviolence. Joglo Preschool, To-Be-Smart After-school Lessons, and parenting education housed at Peace Place were all founded on AVP and a Quaker approach to preserving peace in community.

In 2014, Petrus was deeply moved by attending meeting for worship in Ireland, and Nanik began translating Quaker materials into Indonesian (funded by NYYM World Ministries Committee). At odds with their Mennonite Church, which abandoned its commitment to peace and nonviolence in order to support Indonesians in opposing Dutch colonization, Petrus and Nanik joined other faithful, committed Mennonites who broke away from the main group to strengthen the peace and social justice message of their Mennonite church. Petrus and Nanik have also developed a great affinity and appreciation for Quakerism and have asked for support in learning to conduct meetings for worship and business in the manner of Friends. They would like to join in bringing to fruition the 1965 Australian Yearly Meeting Delegation’s recommendation to establish a Quaker Center in Indonesia; and we reap the benefits of their effort.

Petrus cultivates relationships with local communities, Samin, Christian and Islamic, who stand up for peace and justice and who welcome visitors, including the annual Friends Peace Team and extended volunteers. After visiting, many participants report a revitalized understanding and experience of Quaker faith and practice’; they feel they now ‘possess that which they profess’. Quakers, whether young adults, students, faculty, activists, volunteers or seniors, experience directly our unique way of being alive and present. They also offer a place for quiet diplomacy among people in conflict.

Friends Peace Teams is under the care of approximately a dozen or more North American yearly meetings and Australia Yearly Meeting, who send representatives to serve on a governing Council that meets monthly on Skype and annually face-to-face. Three regional Working Groups include the African Great Lakes Initiative, Peacebuilding en las Americas and Asia West Pacific (AWP). The AWP Working Group has two dozen members, half from the US, a quarter from Australia and a quarter international, and 80% (19 of 23 members) of the FPT-AWP Working Group are members of the Religious Society of Friends. Nadine Hoover, a Quaker for fifty years, former secretary of SEYM and Coordinator of FPT-AWP, personally oversees the development of this Friends House, visiting annually and working weekly with Petrus and Nanik by Skype.

Please consider joining this historic step,

Nadine Hoover and John Michaelis
Coordinators, Friends Peace Teams Asia West Pacific

PS. Additional opportunities to support Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific work include:
Establish a Quaker reading library in English & Indonesian $200 (NYYM funded translation)
Lay ceramic floor tile in the kitchen, living room, stairs and guest room $1,800
Pay off a loan for roof installation (loan due March 2016 $1,300)
Fund an Afghani women’s rights leader ($2,000) and two Papuans ($3,300) to attend the third, 8-day international training and invite the Papuans to lead training in nonviolence people’s struggles.

Send funds to:

Friends Peace Teams – AWP/Indonesian Friends House
1001 Park Ave., St. Louis, MO 63104 USA or
17 Pockley Ave., Roseville NSW 2069 Australia

In Australia transfer to:
Friends Peace Teams Asia West Pacific Inc.
BSB: 032 086 Acct No: 366770 SWIFT Code: WPACAU2S


Closing word
Jane Drexler-Heartened
Nadine Hoover-Appreciation
Margie Hunter- Love
Valerie Joy- Transformed
Fenna Mandolang-Affirmation
John Michaelis-Discernment
Petrus-Thank You
Nick Rozard- Peace
Deb Wood-Joy

NEXT CALL September 1/2 2015

People not on the call with whom to follow up: Alma “Kins” Aparece, Frence Boiser, Maxine, Claire Cooper, Shawna Doran, Gay Howard, Chris Hughes, Subhash Kattel, Jim Palmer, Ludwig bon Quirog