Table of Contents

Minutes 5 May 2015

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday May 5th/6th, 2014


Present: Maxine Cooper, Jane Drexler, Sally Herzfeld, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Margie Hunter, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, John Michaelis, Petrus, Deb Wood

Apologies/Regrets: Kins Aparece, Frence Boiser, Anne Eggleton, Tom Martin, Nick Rozard

Agenda Preview:


The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Check in sentence:

Alma “Kins” Aparece – Please extend my warm greetings of solidarity to the friends in Nepal.

Frence Boiser – sends regrets

Maxine Claire Cooper- grateful to have had the experience of working in Nepal and now to be home.

Jane Drexler-All well, Good news on the money front for Nepal, Bank accounts set up in Australia

Anne Eggleton – sends regrets

Nadine Hoover-Good, keeping up with things, getting over jet lag dealing with Nepal stuff and leaving for Jerusalem next week.

Gay Howard- At the last FPT call raising money was brought up.  Most money is raised when the area of the world is in the News.  Can we get more contributions as a result of the events in Nepal?  Printed facts on what we are doing and how to contribute passed out at meeting.

Margie Hunter-Worked on finalizing poster with Nadine and others, Doing well.

Valerie Joy- Sally Hertzfeld is booked to come.

Fenna Mandolang- I am grateful and persistent.

Tom Martin – is at a work conference in NYC.

John Michaelis- Glad to be back in Australia and sorry he’s not still in Nepal

Petrus- just came home from the Island of Mentawai off the coast of Sumatra, is well and home now.

Nick Rozard – is planning for a regional Quaker gathering where he will be speaking about his work with water filters.

Deb Wood- Happy to be home.  Will have done a bit of publicising on the needs in Nepal for giving.

Sally-Glad about all the response for Nepal Australia has produced.


Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:



Australian registration — The coordinators are pleased to announce that we are a registered organization in Australia. We have an ABN and have opened an Australian bank account. Yes! Friends Peace Teams Asia West Pacific was incorporated in New South Wales with its existing officers and membership (as reported at: FPT-AWP Register of Members). Officers serve from November through October, reviewed in August-September, and confirmed in October of each year.

FPT-AWP Working Group Officers

Initiative Coordinators: John Michaelis <>

and Nadine Hoover* <>

AWP Representative to the FPT Council: John Michaelis

Public Officer in NSW Australia: Jane Drexler <>

Clerk (Chairperson): Fenna Mandolang* <>

Recording Clerk (Secretary): Margie Hunter <>

Recorder: VACANCY, Recording Clerk serves when vacant

Treasurers: Jane Drexler and Anne Eggleton <>

Skype Call Technicians: John Michaelis and Nick Rozard

Skype Call Translators: Nadine Hoover and VACANCY


Additional FPT-AWP Working Group Members

Kins Aparece* <>,

Frence Boiser* <>,

Maxine Claire Cooper <>

Joe DiGarbo* <>,

Shawna Doran <>,

Gay Howard <>,

Chris Hughes* <>,

Valerie Joy* <>,

Subhash Kattel* <>,

Tom Martin <>,

Jim Palmer <>,

Petrus* <>,

Ludwig bon Quirog* <>,

Nick Rozard* <>,

Heri Wibowo* <>,

Deb Wood* <>,


Requests for the Working Group

• Remind Working Group members to send me full size (not compressed) photo files when sending photos with news. Photos compressed in email or embedded in other formats (Word docs, posted on Google Docs or in PDF form) are not typically useable.

• Remind Working Group members planning on attending their Yearly Meeting that I have materials they could bring with them (brochures, film postcards, remittance envelopes)

• I need suggestions for getting in touch with the meetings Nadine would like to approach next:

I sent out an introductory message to the clerk or via the YM’s website. None have responded.

Northern (May 22-25, 2015)

Great Plains (June 4-6, 2015)

North Carolina – Conservative (Jul 16-19, 2015 ?)

Northwest (Jul 18-24, 2015)

Central (Jul 24 – Aug 2, 2015)

Alaska Friends Conference (?)

Ohio (conservative) (Aug 4-8, 2015)

Canadian (August 14-22, 2015)

North Carolina FUM (Sep 4 – 7, 2015)



In April I maintained the routine communication and promotion via social media, the website and email. Additionally, I continued to work with Margie Hunter on creating a publicity poster and worked on getting in touch with the Yearly Meetings on Nadine’s contact list. I also contacted a significant number of people about joining our RiseUp email distribution list. Towards the end of April I began experiencing a significant issue with our email, and also with our riseup lists tied to the FPT Google group. It appears both issues were exacerbated by the name changes I had made in response to the name confusion with FWCC-AWPS. Further, my email has been experiencing other, unrelated, outages that I am working on. All the email issues are still continuing as of the end of April but at this point I think we know what the problems are and it is just a matter of working through them.

2015 04 Jenna 3.png2015 04 Jenna 4.png

People who have expressed an interest: Name  email  Date (of first – last contact)  Interest

Rev Amjad Niamat   15 Apr 15 – 19 Apr 15  Bringing AVP to Pakistan

Pastor Joseph Lal H. Puia   26 Apr 15 – 27 Apr 15  unclear; referred by Ronis Chapman

Sustainers due (contact month listed as May):


RiseUp Members ADDED this month:

Shirley Way   CHANGED email address

Rachel Bewley-Bateman

Geoff Greeves

Gretchen Castle

RiseUp Members asked to be REMOVED this month:

Amalija Laslo

RiseUp Members DELETED due to bouncing email:

Ann Dusseau  email account does not exist

Susan Hess  Recipient address rejected


FPT-AWP FUNDS Fiscal Year 2014-15

USA Balances

Aus Balances

updated 4-27-2015



Sustainer Funds Received Y-T-D



Sustainer Expenses Y-T-D



Sustainer BALANCE



Other Income Y-T-D



Other Expenses (approved) Y-T-D



Net Other Income Y-T-D



Designated/Earmarked Income Y-T-D



Designated/Earmarked Expenses Y-T-D



Designated/Earmarked Balance



USA Commerce Account

Australia Account

4-27-2015 Balance AWP Funds Total




3-30-15 Balance- AWP Funds Total




4-27-2015 BREAKOUT:

Designated/Earmarked Funds (Net Balance Available)

Indonesia Peace Place



Peace Teams Indonesia



Schools and Libraries















Power of Goodness



Water Filters






Total Earmarked/Designated Funds




Resources Needed:



  1. We are accepting relief funds for Nepal. Does anyone have any questions or concerns?

Hopefully the information can be made more accessible on the website.

Documents below to make it easier for people to share information directly.

PDF file of poster for donations

  1. Is anyone in the working group willing to give time to read and respond to John and Subhash’s work and reports for three months, May – July 2015? They would need people tracking and keeping perspective on the work, making sure their reports are coherent, matching the donation amounts with intents, and ensuring donors are kept informed.

Sally, Jane (Volunteer coordinator), John (leaving in a week for about a month), Nadine, Vidia? Nadine will check with her. Sharing work.

no volunteers on call, Gay and Tom Martin will be at the Face to Face.

Gay and Maxine will speak to the council members about FPT-AWP and request that the video and publications be shown/passed out.

Deb will be going to NY Yearly meeting, will pass on information there.

Australia Yearly Meeting is moved to July 2016.

Suggestion of sending poster to the secretary of Yearly meetings and other Quaker publications for Nepal relief donations. Nadine will coordinate initial email to be forwarded on by other.


Closing word

Maxine Claire Cooper-Grateful for everything we have.

Jane Drexler- Running Smoothly

Nadine Hoover Endlessly Amazed

Gay Howard-Happy

Margie Hunter-Excited

Valerie Joy-Expecting the Best

Fenna Mandolang- Thirsty

John Michaelis- Hope, EVEN MORE HOPE

Petrus- Amazing Journey

Deb Wood- Grateful

Sally- Pleased


NEXT CALL June 2nd/3rd 2014

People not on the call with whom to follow up: Joe DiGarbo, Shawna Doran, Chris Hughes, Subhash Kattel, Jim Palmer, Ludwig bon Quirog