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Minutes 6 Jan 2015

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday January 6/7, 2014

Present: Joe DiGarbo, Jane Drexler, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Margie Hunter, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, John Michaelis, Petrus, Nick Rozard, Cecilia Yocum

Apologies/Regrets: Dwight Burton, Subhash Kattel, Jim Palmer, Jasmine Payget, Deb Wood

Agenda Preview:

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Check in sentence:

Dwight Burton – sends his regrets, but is doing well. He’ll be on an airplane during the call.

Joe DiGarbo- I’m very busy right now coordinating some work that is going to happen. Lining up work in Palestine and Israel.  Also involved with other international skype calls.  Looking forward to work with in Palestine in March and May.

Jane Drexler- I am looking forward to a good year and now that my health is better looking forward to being more involved.

Nadine Hoover – had a wonderful holiday; has published the Discernment Manual and hopes to publish one glass of water and Power of Goodness in February!!! I will be going to Korea Java and Sumatra in Feb to April and then on to Palestine in May and Early June. Looking forward to a busy 2015.

Gay Howard-Have been struggling with a bad virus for more than a week.

Margie Hunter- had a busy holiday; looking forward to a relaxing January. 🙂

Valerie Joy- I’m feeling wonderful and a terrific yearly meeting and looking forward to this year.

Subhash Kattel – I send apologies for being unable to attend the meeting this time for two reasons. One, I am yet to set up dependable computer and internet at my place. Second, I have started to work 5 days a month as an organizational development adviser for a set of 3 NGOs and I am in field now. All the best for new year and the meeting. I hope to join meetings in future. In friendship, Subhash

Fenna Mandolang- It is very very very cold here and I’m getting to wear my warmest sweaters and I feel invigorated and alive.

Tom Martin- Never better, just finished basic AVP workshop in Austin Texas, and recovering well.

John Michaelis- I’m with Valerie here in Melbourne  for yearly meeting its been a busy week was attacked by a kidney stone and hoping its passed.

Jim Palmer – is attending Australia Yearly Meeting and sends his regrets. He writes: Helen Bayes and Chris Hughes and I plan to go on the Peace Pilgrimage to West Papua at the end of the month which is being organised by Jason McLeod.

Jasmine Payget – is attending and focused on Yearly Meeting right now. She sends best wishes.

Petrus-is well, In December, besides gathering with his family, he took the time to practice some AVP activities, like broken squares and reflections. 31 family members gathered on 28 December.  Nanik and Petrus were also able to discuss the plans in 2015 for Peace Place and looks forward to sharing this with Nadine.  He’s busy writing his end-of-the-year 10-year project Jan-Mar 2015.  There are changes coming with SHEEP that Petrus needs to talk to Nadine about and the Working Group may hear about soon.

Nick Rozard- Hi everyone, If it was in one word, everything is Big, water filters are going well Big donations are coming in to the Alfred Quaker Meeting for water filter research.  Friends Peace Teams is one of the donors.  Thank you.  Things are really well. Its exciting.

Deb Wood – I won’t be able to be on the AWP call – too many other things going on! I had good holidays with family. I expect to be doing a number of AVP workshops this year, both in prison and in the community – hopefully enough to keep my life on track! Best wishes to all for the coming year.

Cecilia Yocum- Jocaline and I lead an action for P&C bank to stop mountain top removal, did a quaker worship in the bank and left when police came.  Looking to be more active in social change.


Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:



Special Report: Backhouse Lecture and AYM

Interest in ordering the Backhouse Lecture?

An enlightening experience. Looking into getting info on how to get the lecture.

John will order copies at 15 australian(10US) for the group members here.  Send requests to John.




Friends please watch and send feedback about this video, Silaturahmi: The Power of Visiting: Can you use it? Will you show it? Do we need to do more editing?


Sustainers due in January: Nancy Shippen- Nadine will contact



FPT-AWP FUNDS Fiscal Year 2014-15

USA Balances

Aus Balances

updated 12-24-2014

Sustainer IN



Sustainer OUT



Sustainer BALANCE



Undesignated IN



Undesignated OUT (approved)



Undesignated Cash on Hand


















Power of Goodness



Water Filters



USA Commerce Acct

Aus Account

Balance- AWP Funds Total




USA Commerce Acct

Aus Account

11-20-2014 Balance- AWP Funds Total





Resources Needed:

Donations from Friends Peace Teams – Australia, Inc. to be determined and assigned with mindfulness that the donation is allocated properly.



Register as an Association in Australia for Ease of Banking

Advertisements and Reports:

FPT-AWP Brochures / Mailings:

Nepal Visit Request

In all we plan to facilitate fourteen workshops including three or four T4Fs. The total trip duration is ten weeks and we invite interested people to join for all or part of the visit. We ask the FPT-AVP working group to approve and fund the visit.- The clerk hears approval for the visit.


Later in the year we will be seeking funding for one or more of our Nepali facilitators to visit Nepali/Bhutanese refugee centers in North America where the level of violence and the high suicide rate are causing concern.


Clarification on how to request funding for visits and how and what is approved over the initial $2000 dollars expensed for a visit was requested by country coordinators. It would be good to review and update the “Way of Work” statement to be sure this is included there.


Closing word

Joe DiGarbo tired but enthusiastic at the same time.

Jane Drexler- Really looking forward to getting the Australian AWP up and running

Nadine Hoover-Amazing Witness

Gay Howard- looking forward to a new year

Margie Hunter- happy exhaustion

Fenna Mandolang- river flowing

Tom Martin-Awesome peace building

Petrus- Hope

Nick Rozard- Big Friends

Cecilia Yocum- Amazement


NEXT CALL February 3rd/4th 2015


2015 Meeting Schedule

March 3rd/4th

April 7th/8th (2nd Wed)

May 5th/6th

June 2nd/3rd

July 7th/8th (2nd Wed)

August 4th/5th

September 1st/2nd

October 6th/7th

November 3rd/4th

December 1st/2nd


People not on the call with whom to follow up: Ludwig bon Quirog, Moira Darling, Shawna Doran, Anne Eggleton, Vickie Aldrich


Congratulations to Subhash and Tshering for the birth of their baby. “His name is Siddhartha! Our family’s expanding!”