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Minutes 2 Dec 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday December 2nd/3rd, 2014


Present: Fenna Mandolang, clerk, Jim Palmer, Maxine Cooper, Gay Howard, Valerie Joy, John Michaelis, Nick Rozard, Deb Wood, Margie Hunter, recording clerk, Petrus

Apologies/Regrets: Jane Drexler, Tom Martin

Agenda Preview:


The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Check in sentence:

Maxine Cooper: I like being on this call. I’m very busy at work on teacher education. I have some funding to take students to Timor Leste and China. There’s a lot going on but I’m appreciating joining this group.

Joe DiGarbo: Not available for check in

Jane Drexler: I have to take my husband, Harro, to hospital for special tests and then try and see a client who needs help. All a bit much with the renovations but we will get there. My apologies to all and I will be back in January. Life should be more normal. In friendship, Jane

Nadine Hoover: Feeling good about publishing on the Discernment and Power of Goodness books.

Gay Howard: Working hard with John, Tom, and Anna to hire a communications specialist for Friends Peace Teams.

Margie Hunter: Working on making my new condo a home.  Feeling thankful for my new home and boyfriend who purchased the condo with me.

Valerie Joy: In Quaker meeting in Brisbane, just back from Japan and visit went well.  Pleased to be at the meeting.

Fenna Mandolang: I am appreciating the routines I’m developing around our peace teams administrative work.

Tom Martin: My arrival back home to Austin from New Jersey is too late for the Call.  I look forward to reading the minutes on Google Docs

John Michaelis: Putting in a lot of work to higher communications specialist.  Been invited to sing in choir group in the Sydney Opera house.

Jim Palmer: Just home from a training at Silver Wattle and looking forward to Australia Yearly Meeting to report on Peace Teams

Petrus: I am in Aceh and I have lots of activities in the villages there, so I’m often late in responding to email. This morning I also must go to a village, so I cannot join you on this call today. I am well.

Nick Rozard: Personally doing really well, just back from Thanksgiving with family and visited Quaker Friends in Philly.  The cold is making for interesting conditions

Deb Wood: Lovely week in Maine with son and family, back looking forward to what needs to be done.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:

There are not enough pictures with the news, please look for pictures to send with our news!



Monthly Report to the Council has lapsed feeling that the e-news was adequate, but based on experience we notice that the the Council could use a monthly synopsis geared to them on their schedule. Maxine Cooper plans to be attending the AWP Working Group regularly and has offered to write and email a report for us.

Some confusion over FPT-AWP and FWCC-AWPS has been expressed. We are working the the Communication Specialist to ensure that all public messages go out with Friends Peace Teams clearly spelled out in front of any reference to “AWP” to alleviate this confusion. Jenna is working on changing the name of the e-news list to be consistent with this.

Maxine Cooper may begin looking into traveling to Timor Leste as she reduces her workload to half-time in the next school year. She may look into involving her university in some way. We discussed:


This month I have been mostly working on different publicity projects. I worked on finishing up the AWP submission to PeaceWays as well as the AWP annual report, the Silaturahmi video, posting to Facebook, eNews and updating the AWP website. I updated the two print ads to publicize the video, Silaturahmi. They will run in January and February. The postcard publicizing the video has been printed and will be mailed out (with the appeal letter to donors) in the beginning of December.

– Jenna Morales


YEAH to the completion of the postcard! About a dozen will be sent to each working group member in the US. Anyone want more? Less? – Nadine

Deb doesn’t need a dozen – wants six

Print material sent to Australia is 2-3 weeks shipping, ship to Maxine Cooper.  200 people at yearly meeting.  John to inquire about meeting list will report back to Nadine.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 8.43.55 AM.png

Najla Drooby inquired about traveling to Indonesia in 2015.


Who would volunteer to contact the following sustainers?

Paul Culley–Nick Rozard

Shawna Doran — Nadine Hoover

Rosemary Epps — John Michaelis


Were these people contacted last month?

Kenneth and Martha Grundy – Nick Rozard no contact yet

Warren Hoskins – Nadine Hoover no contact yet

Tony Melamed – Gay Howard no contact yet

Audrey Miller – Nadine Hoover no contact yet

Jasmine Payget- John Michaelis will contact again

Jane & Paul Simkin – Nick Rozard no contact yet



FPT-AWP FUNDS Fiscal Year 2014-15

USA Balances

Aus Balances

updated 11-20-2014

Sustainer IN



Sustainer OUT



Sustainer BALANCE



Undesignated IN



Undesignated OUT (approved)



Undesignated Cash on Hand


















Power of Goodness



Water Filters



USA Commerce Acct

Aus Account

Balance- AWP Funds Total




10-31-14 Balance- AWP Funds Total




Australian balance is up 200, US is down a bit.

Report from the FPT Council Meeting Conference Call of 11/18/14 (and beyond)

1. The Search Committee for the Communications Specialist (Gay Howard, John Michaelis, Tom Martin, and Anna Crumley Effinger) has made good progress.  There were 11 applicants by the deadline 11/15, and we will interview those on the short list of five beginning the week of 12/1.  We hope to conclude the hiring by 12/15.

2. The new Peace Ways newsletter was to be in the mail by 11/21.

3. The 2015 Face-to-Face Gathering will be at West Richmond Friends Meeting (Indiana) with the second PeaceQuest event at nearby Earlham School of Religion on Saturday, 11/16 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  The keynote speaker will be Mary Lord, one of the original co-clerks of FPT.  Workshop nominations are welcome, and  two or more volunteers are needed to serve on the F2F/PQ organizing committee with Nancy Shippen, MaryLord, Dave Zarembka and Tom Martin.

4. We have a new account with Pax World Investments, a socially responsible mutual fund In order to receive donations of shares.  We already have an account with a stock broker to receive donations of stock.  Once received all such donations are sold, and the proceeds deposited in our accounts ready to be put to good uses. (terms of shares and stocks to be checked by John)

5. The 2014 fiscal year closed on 10/31, with slightly better finances, e.g., money in the bank, than last year thanks to the funds raised at the 20th Anniversary Celebration and first Peace Quest at Stony Run Friends Meeting in June. The professional audit of our accounting records is scheduled for early December.

6. The archival documents of FPT are destined for the Friends Historical Library in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.  Gay Howard is organizing those documents for transmittal and is the FPT contact with the Library.

7. The next Council call is Tuesday, 12/16, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time.

Gay Howard, John Michaelis, and Tom Martin (representing AWP on the Council)


Resources Needed:

Donations from Friends Peace Teams – Australia, Inc. to be determined and assigned with mindfulness that the donation is allocated properly.



Valerie Joy appreciates these Rules of Association, but requests that we consider changing the Rules of Association and name of the existing organization. John Michaelis noted that only Friends Peace Teams can apply and the path that Valerie seeks isn’t available at this level.


Nadine specifies that what we are calling for discernment for incorporation in order to keep the banking in Australia. The intention for incorporation is affirmed and we need to approve Rules of Association that reflect Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific. Research is underway to see if incorporation in Australian, impinges on United States’ incorporation in any way. We would be prepared to move forward with incorporation if we approve the document that is up for approval.


Jim suggests changing: “including all states and territories” to “including any of the states or territories of Australia or elsewhere.” Nadine-clarification on where feedback and specifications should come from.  FPT-AWP members should address their own concerns with these rules and regulations, however other Quaker organizations (Australian Friends Peace Team) can be consulted.


Clarification that we as FPT-AWP Working Group only we can approve the rules up for approval.  Research is needed to see if Australian Friends Peace Team could be revised and absorbed into FPT-AWP or needs to be laid down and FPT-AWP incorporated separately. FPT-A meeting is taking place just before next months call. The group will have several more calls to discuss/review the rules.


Clerk hears overall approval for banking in Australia for FPT-AWP. Valerie’s concerns about the investment already put into FPT-A were recognized by the clerk and Nadine offered to look into whether or not revision of the current incorporation would be possible. Friends approved the Minute above.


Closing word

Maxine Cooper: Feeling good about the opportunities to work this through

Nadine Hoover: Appreciative

Gay Howard: Hopeful

Margie Hunter: Thankful

Valerie Joy: Empathy

Fenna Mandolang: Spirit

John Michaelis: Thankful

Jim Palmer: Hopeful

Nick Rozard: Well-Oiled

Deb Wood: Optimistic


NEXT CALL January 6th/7th 2014