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Minutes 4 Nov 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday November 4th/5th, 2014


Present: Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Fenna Mandolang, John Michaelis, Jim Palmer, Petrus, Nick Rozard, Marion Sullivan, Deb Wood

US Time Change Confusion: Cecelia Yocum, Joe DiGarbo and Margie Hunter (briefly attended at the end)

Apologies/Regrets: Jane Drexler, Petrus (briefly attended), Subhash Kattel, Valerie Joy and Ludwig bon Quirog, who just finished a series of workshops.

Agenda Preview:


The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Check in sentence:

Jane Drexler – We are in the process of packing up and the removal people come in on Wednesday. So I will not be on the call. Please give warm regards to all.

Nadine Hoover – Doing well, thinking about where to put my energy.  I’m personally healthy doing a lot of massage, which takes energy and pacing.  It was very good to get money from New England Yearly Meeting.

Gay Howard – Hopes Nick Rozard gets the funds needed to go forward with water filters.

Valerie Joy – Ludwig and I were sorry to miss the meeting today. We have just finished all the workshops.

Subhash Kattel –  I’m in Chitawan, outside of  Kathmandu, to help my cousin with treatment of his back, which was fractured in a recent road accident. We lost 12 people in a bus accident and are treating others for injuries. The bus was coming to Kathmandu from Ilam, my home district. I tried to join the meeting from Chitawan, but could not. I will catch you next time. Sorry to miss this skype call which I was truly hoping to join.

Fenna Mandolang- I have recently been promoted at work.  I am also taking on more responsibility with FPT AWP and it feels like the right thing to do.

Tom Martin – On a personal note, I am working on a basic workshop in Austin, TX for January, the first in Texas in more than two years. The best news is that the high school group of my meeting is helping recruiting to create a multigenerational group of participants. I have also committed to be on a workshop team with Nadine and others in Fayetteville, North Carolina, the home of Fort Bragg—a huge military base and headquarters for the US Army’s Special Forces. The time is coming soon that I may actually want to give up my day job;  AWP, FPT, AVP, and other Quaker pursuits feed me so much more at the end of the day. Thank you John and others for “staying on my case” regularly to just do it. PS:  Thanks for the reminders about our commitments to fund trips for Friends in AWP to do this vital peacebuilding work that changes hearts and lives wherever we go.

John Michaelis – back in Australia for over a week.  My wife Anthea has just left for a many week hike.  It has as much vertical change as 10 times the height of everest.  I am looking to see if I have the time to clerk AWP.  I will have a clearness committee to help me with this process

Jim Palmer – Home from Silver Wattle, I’m multitasking on too many projects!

Petrus – Petrus, I am at home in Pati.

Nick Rozard – Checking off skills I’m learning about water filter business. Most recently I’m checking off accounting skills. Working with an accountant and sharing my war tax witness. Feels good to be honest and open.

Marion Sullivan – This is curious!  This is my first call I’ve been on and I’m happy to be on the call!  I live in Brisbane, but I’m in Queensland at the moment.

Deb Wood – I will be doing an advanced community workshop this weekend.  I usually do prison workshops, but there are problems in some of the prison workshops that we need to pay attention to.  I’m glad to be on the call.

Cecilia Yocum – We just had David and Gladys from Agli, here.  Now that I have a bit more understanding about what it means to do a speaking tour, I will know how to help out.

Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:



Sustainers due next month (November):      -People who volunteered to follow up are noted to the right

Joe and Nancy Dosch -Fenna Mandolang

Kenneth and Martha Grundy – Nick Rozard

Sharon Hoover – Deb Wood

Warren Hoskins – Nadine Hoover

Tom Martin  – John Michaelis

Tony Melamed – Gay Howard

Audrey Miller – Nadine Hoover

Jasmine Payget- John Michaelis

Jane & Paul Simkin – Nick Rozard

Valerie Joy – Jim Palmer



2014 10 %byCat.png


2014 10 CostbyCat.png


2014 10 HrsbyCat.png


2014 10 HrsbyWk.png




USA Balances

Aus Balances

updated 10-31-2014

Sustainer IN



Sustainer OUT



Sustainer BALANCE



Undesignated IN



Undesignated OUT (approved)



Undesignated Cash on Hand


















Power of Goodness



Water Filters



USA Commerce Acct

Aus Account

Balance- AWP Funds Total



10-6-2014 Balance- AWP Funds Total





The FPT Council’s search for a part-time Communications Specialist is underway (led by Gay and John), and we hope to have a person in place for the start of the new year.  At some point in 2015 or later our working group may want to consider a part-time “reporter” for AWP to feed information to the new Communications Specialist for broadcast widely in the electronic media to Friends and friends.


Resources Needed:


Besides the Working Group’s focus on sustainers, which we need to be most concerned with, remember there are many opportunities for donations that will go 100% to activities. This is a welcomed opportunity when so many charities put large proportions into overhead. You may let your family, friends, meetings and others know that 100% of these donations will go directly to the work:

Donate via PayPal on the web or check to FPT-AWP, 1001 Park Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104 or Westpac Bank, Lindfield Branch BSB: 732-086 Acct: Elizabeth Jane Drexler, No: 597322


Also, a special note of gratitude to NEYM: “The Obadiah Brown Benevolant Fund of New England Yearly Meeting sent $2,400 to fund the translation of the Power of Goodness stories into Nepali and Indonesian. The Obadiah Brown Fund is also supporting PeaceBuilding UK to provide Power of Goodness training in the Ukraine and subsidizing the Power of Goodness traveling children’s art exhibition.”




“Cho-nyon and Jong Hee invited me to visit the AVP-Korea group and Friends Meeting in Daejon, S. Korea on the way out to Indonesia and back. FPT-AWP would purchase a RT ticket Rochester – Seoul and the Koreans would cover the expenses there and purchase a RT ticket Seoul – Jakarta. They have asked for the Trauma Healing workshop the last weekend of February and the Discernment workshop the first weekend of May with visiting after the first workshop and before the second workshop to schedule 28 days in Indonesia in between, half at Peace Place and half in Sumatra. I will help Peace Place transition to a more active peace center, with Petrus’ full-time attention and support of his family, and host an international training March 15-22, 2015. Then I will visit in Aceh and in Barak Induk, hoping to create more documentation of our stunning successes for peace in that region.


The RT ticket to Daejon is about $1,250 right now. My costs in Indonesia are $580 local travel; $12.5/day x 28 days = $350; peace activities $200 = $2,380. I would need the ticket cost (+ $1,250) reimbursed next month and the rest of it (+ $1,130) in February or in May, whenever we have it.”


The Working Group pledged to support, financially and otherwise, one trip per year to each location we are committed. Do we approve Nadine’s travel to Indonesia in March and April 2015 as our one Working Group sponsored trip to Indonesia?


Before we answer this question, some items to consider:


-John is anticipating somewhere around $2400 and $2600 for his trip to Nepal in the first quarter of 2015.


-Nadine is looking for $1,250 to guarantee the ticket, if adequate funds do not come into the account by next month.  She will need to be reimbursed. Gay is willing to cover the $1,250 if the sustainer money does not come through. Nadine elaborated that she and another Friend photographed the massacre in Kwangju in 1980. Three people who were high school students in Kwangju at that time were so moved by that witness that they later in life got involved with Friends Meetings and AVP in S. Korea. They still remember us and the work we did back then that led them to Friends Meetings and AVP.


Friends approved.


Fenna read the letter out loud. The letter will be available on the Friends Peace Teams – Asia West Pacific website. Please consider writing your letter or updating one you’ve already written. For guidelines see:


Because of the time change in the US, Friends came on the call late:

Joe DiGarbo – I’m preparing to return to Palestine and Israel in March 2015, particularly to prepare for the work in May. Joe DiGarbo will be going to meet with local AVP facilitators and supporters and then take an international team in May to do trauma healing and other AVP training. I’m very excited about that. Coordinating everything will be a challenge. I’m involved in AVP International.

Cecelia Yocum – I’m fine. We just had David and Gladys here touring in Florida. People remembered Nadine’s tour fondly. Now that I have some experience I’m interested in helping with that in the future. It takes more arranging and publicity than I realized before.


Closing word

Nadine Hoover – Step-by-step

Gay Howard – Happy

Margie Hunter – Enlightened

Fenna Mandolang – Big Hug

John Michaelis – Progressing

Jim Palmer – Excited

Petrus – gone early

Nick Rozard – Delicious Cake

Deb Wood – Inspiring

Cecilia Yocum- Connections

Joe DiGarbo – Regretful about Missing the Call


NEXT CALL December 2nd/3rd 2014

People not on the call with whom to follow up: Shawna Doran, Jasmine Payget, Dwight Burton — Fenna and Nadine will find out what’s up with them.