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Minutes 2 Sep 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday September 2/3, 2014


Present: Fenna Mandolang, Valerie Joy, John Michaelis, Jane Drexler, Deb Wood, Nicholas Rozard, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Cecilia Yocum, Shawna Doran

Apologies/Regrets: Ludwig bon Quirog, Jim Palmer, Petrus, Joe DiGarbo, Dwight Burton, Jasmine Payget


Agenda Preview:


The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Check In Sentence:

Ludwig bon Quirog – Sends his regrets and his check in: I just recently got back from China and I came down with a cold on the trip back home.  I’m pretty sure I caught it in Xiamen.  I took some “me time” to rest for a couple of days and I am now well.

Dwight Burton – I also am unable to make it this evening because of a major work deadline. Regrets and apologies.

Joe DiGarbo – Cannot do the call tonight. Having much work done to the home. My regrets.

Shawna Doran – has had her first grandchild.

Jane Drexler – back home from hospital and looking forward to being involved.

Nadine Hoover – is at home for 6 months and glad to do that.

Gay Howard – glad to be on the call

Valerie Joy – a Friend in residence at Silver Wattle. It is cold, wet, windy and beautiful.

Fenna Mandolang – I am inspired by the asbestos removal work and believe it represents our work based on friendship and visiting well.

John Michaelis – in Seattle. Enjoying grandchildren and daughter. Anthea is joining him soon.

Petrus – I’m well and am now in Jogjakarta. Sorry today I can’t join the call because I must depart now for work.

Jasmine Payget – I also cannot attend the meeting today.  Best wishes, I will make an effort to read EVERYTHING.

Nick Rozard – has been painting his house which now looks beautiful.

Deb Wood – spending a lot of time away from home. Seen good friends and family which has been great.

Cecilia Yocum – has a bad cold but glad to be on the call.


Questions and Feedback on News and Updates:


There has been lots of news and feedback. Valerie asked about the Philippines. Nadine will talk to Jenna about distributing the news.


News will be prepared about a week in advance. This will mean that it is available before the monthly call. This will reduce time on the call.




USA Balances

updated 8-26-2014

Sustainer IN


Sustainer OUT


Sustainer BALANCE


Undesignated IN


Undesignated OUT (approved)


Undesignated Cash on Hand












Power of Goodness


Water Filters


USA Commerce Acct

Balance- AWP Funds Total



7-27-2014 Balance- AWP Funds Total




Resources Needed:




1. Do Friends approve the budget to send to the Council?

Remember, we only budget our obligations, we may spend more than this if needed and raised, but these are our obligations as a working group. We would like to encourage Friends to pledge public support to be sustainers to cover the obligations. At present we would need twice as many sustainers for do this, so we still you our smaller donations to cover obligations, leaving less money undesignated to use as needed. If, however, the Council takes over the Communication Specialist position, which looks likely, then we will have about the number of sustainers we need to cover obligations and we are free to focus on our activities–support translations, Subhash, trips to Palestine/Israel, whatever is alive and needed in Friends lives and work for peace!!!


In March 2015, Petrus is planning to leave his position with SHEEP and work full-time at Peace Place. Nadine will be there in March to conduct a formal training as a fundraiser for Peace Place. Nadine is proposing that we pay Petrus part-time to coordinate Friends Peace Teams in Indonesia. This could likely be transitional funding; if we can secure local sources to cover this position, that would be preferred. Therefore, 8 months, March – October, is reflected in this budget.


Fenna asked if there were any comments on the budget. There were none and she asked if it could be approved. Nadine clarified that the budget includes the items that FPT AWP is committed to. Other activities will have funds raised separately.The budget is underpinned by sustainers.


The budget was approved.


2. Disbursements for translating: We sent $1,200 for Nanik to begin translating the Power of Goodness stories when she finishes the Quaker materials (NYYM grant). Subhash’s request for funds (US$3,500) to translate AVP Manuals has been outstanding for nearly a year. John and Nadine felt we should use half of the available undesignated funds to send him $1,200 to begin the work and to apply to AVP-NY to request a matching grant. We have therefore moved on this. We welcome any questions, concerns or feedback on these decisions.


There were no comments or concerns regarding the decisions that John and Nadine have made.


Nadine gave an update on the 2 pamphlets that have been translated. Further funds are required to translate the AVP manuals. Nadine is hoping that AVP will match our funding for these manuals. She asked if anybody has contacts that would be helpful.


3. John and Nadine worked at writing down some of our practices, and welcome feedback on these clarifications of standing practices:


Costs for Traveling as a Companion

Internationals visiting need to cover their own administrative and translation support. International travelers need to know in advance what costs will be incurred on their trip. Therefore, costs for coordination, translation, activities and so forth need to be estimated and assessed as a flat-rate fees in advance for traveling companions.


John asked that travellers are asked to raise the costs as it is expected that they pay only one third of the costs from their own funds and share the other financial needs within a community of support, sharing the stories in that community.


Fenna clarified that this is a directive aimed at companions so that they know they need to pay their costs. It is also aimed at communities to know that they need to be able to give a flat-rate fee for costs involved.


Nadine clarified the role of companions. They are there to support Friends that have made long-term commitments and are travelling with them. The Initiative Coordinators, John Michaelis and Nadine Hoover, will write up definitions of the terms we are using for travelers, companions and other volunteers to bring to the Working Group next month for review and input.


In-country Coordinators

We share a special concern for friends in-country who voluntarily develop peace and nonviolence activities in their own communities, extend themselves to mentor apprentices, initiate activities in other communities and support international visitors. We try to be conscientious and generous about compensating these people’s time to coordinate communication, news, visits, translation, internet access and so forth. In addition, those who have volunteered for over 3-5 years receive special consideration for a possible one-time livelihood grant to ensure the security of their home economy (e.g. irrigation gates for Dahlan’s fish farm, rubber and chocolate planting for Mislan’s farm, support for the construction of Peace Place).


Nick raised the issue of projects in the USA. John asked if this could apply to a project in addition to a country. Nadine did not feel that this was reasonable now, but could be in the future.


The help for in-country coordinators was supported.


Closing word:


Shawna Doran – good to be back

Jane Drexler- good to be writing minutes

Nadine Hoover – love. They call us friends because we love.

Gay Howard – happy

Valerie Joy – exciting

Fenna Mandolang – polish

John Michaelis- thoughtful

Nick Rozard – intercontinental communications

Deb Wood – satisfied

Cecilia Yocum – appreciative


NEXT CALL October 7/8 2014 — Note this is the 2nd not the 1st Wed of October.

People not on the call to follow up with: Tom Martin, Jim Palmer