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Minutes 5 Aug 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday August 5th/6th, 2014


Present: Petrus, Nadine Hoover, John Michaelis, Nick Rozard, Fenna Mandolang, Moira Darling, Valerie Joy, Gay Howard, Joe Di Garbo, Ludwig Quirog, Tom Martin,  Deb Wood,  Cecilia Yocum, Maxine Cooper

Apologies/Regrets: Dwight Burton, Jane Drexler.

Agenda Preview:


The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Check ins: (IG = International Gathering of AVP)

Ludwig bon Quirog – wonderful time at the IG and visited Cork, other parts of Ireland, had a great sharing with Bohol Meeting and looking forward to future AVP workshops

Dwight Burton – sends his apologies and regards, he has a work conflict.

Moira Darling- pleasure to join this call. The IG was significant in many ways-reflecting on life and trauma- getting things into balance.

Joe DiGarbo- reflecting on IG- a wonderful experience and making connections especially with people interested in helping in Israel Palestine. Very preoccupied with current events in Gaza. Plans to return April 15th 2015 with two teams.

Shawna Doran- apologised

Jane Drexler – It is the end of the fiscal year for many in Australia, so she is unable to join us.

Nadine Hoover- Appreciating this work and will be home for 6 months. Rosemary may decide to go to Afghanistan, or it might work for one of the Afghanis to train at Peace Place, Indonesia.

Gay Howard- Pacific YM Yearly Gathering. Interest Group on FPT-AWP. Rachel Fretz was present- formerly AGLI. Also report on Quaker House near Fort Bragg- a place which supports C.O’s. Trauma Healing is needed at this facility. Showed the film on our work-sub titles are needed for people with variety of English accents.

Valerie Joy – Will be arriving in the Philippines on 10 Oct and will be able to attend Q Mtg and will be there until 11 Nov then going to Japan YM where she will share about FPT. Would be good to get the dates posted. Need to coordinate with Ludwig and Jenna.

Fenna Mandolang- Excited to share about the IG and so many of us meeting with one another- extending greater awareness of our work.

Maxine Cooper- the AYM representative on the FPT Council, joined the meeting.

Tom Martin- Baltimore was excellent. In Texas, bordering on Mexico and plight of children refugees is very concerning- the trauma suffered by the children and others needs to be brought to the attention of politician.

John Michaelis- Subhash is in hospital caring for his wife. In Washington and delighted with the IG and the face to face meetings with AWP Friends. Recommend that all read the report on the IG. John has stepped down as International AVP President and is thinking about future possibilities.

Petrus- was online in June, but had technology problems so couldn’t join the meeting. He can hear us. Nanik had typhoid whilst he was at the IG. She is now home from hospital. We send our regards to Nanik in her recovery. At the IG he found great energy in the international AVP work, which he has shared with Nanik and his extended family and at work.

Nick Rozard- wife Sarah has been ill and is responding to recent treatment. Water filters are still requiring further research until the prototype is finally developed at an affordable price.

Deb Wood- NY Yearly meeting annual session on FPT-AWP. Next week at Chautauqua conference.

Cecilia Yocum- Refugee Children – PLA letter re their situation can be made available. Las Americas work will continue to focus on youth. 24 August will be in New York.





USA Balances

updated 7-27-2014

Sustainer IN


Sustainer OUT


Sustainer BALANCE


Undesignated IN


Undesignated OUT (approved)


Undesignated Cash on Hand












Power of Goodness


Water Filters


USA Commerce Acct

Balance- AWP Funds Total


Resources Needed:




If time: What is alive for you in our work? What stories have you been sharing about FPT-AWP? Any issues, concerns, or questions?


Closing Word

Ludwig bon Quirog – appreciative

Maxine Cooper – pleased and inspired

Moira Darling – tired

Nadine Hoover – loved

Gay Howard – encouraged

Valerie Joy – hopeful

Fenna Mandolang – connected

Tom Martin – grateful

John Michaelis – progress

Petrus – energized

Nick Rozard – Light

Deb Wood – hopeful

Cecilia Yocum – inspired


NEXT CALL September 2nd/3rd 2014

People not on the call with whom to follow up: Shawna Doran, Jim Palmer (overseas), Jasmine Payget