Table of Contents

Minutes 1 Jul 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday July 1/2, 2014

Present: Nadine Hoover, Fenna Mandalong, Nick Rozard, Gay Howard, Deb Wood, Valerie Joy, Joe Di Gabo, John Michaelis,

Apologies/Regrets: Dwight Burton, Sharon Hoover, Jim Palmer, Anne Eggleton,

Agenda Preview:


The meeting opened with a moment of silence, keeping Fauziah and Barbara Thomas in our hearts.

Fauzia’s father passed this week and Barbara Thomas was in the ICU at the hospital last week. She is home now recuperating.

Barbara Thomas wrote: Thanks Nadine (for your note). I was so sorry to miss the conference (20th Anniversary). Martha Baer and Pat Schenck came to the hospital on Sunday and told me all about it. I even read Carl Wilkens book while convalesing. I’m much better now. The infection in my heart seems to be under control with antibiotics–just need to stay with it until I knock it out.

Check ins:

Ludwig bon Quirog: Just returned from a two-week silent retreat.

Dwight Burton – I need to send apologizes as I won’t be able to join this month. Regarding check in, please remind people to pray for Indonesia. July 9th will be the presidential elections here with two vastly different candidates. The outcome of the election will minimally shape the immediate future of Indonesia and could shape it for a long time coming. Much prayer is needed.

Moira Darling: Not attending.

Joe DiGarbo: I attended PeaceQuest 2014 last week. It was nice to meet a bunch of this group and to participate in presenting our work in the Middle East. I’m excited about going to Ireland next week.

Shawna Doran: Not attending.

Jane Drexler: Not attending.

Anne Eggleton: I will not be attending the meeting. I heard a wonderful report from Gay Howard in meeting yesterday regarding her Baltimore visit. Yeah to Nadine and her amazing work!

Nadine Hoover: I published the discernment manual 2 days ago.  Hopefully I’ll get the copy proof and be able to bring them to Ireland with me.  I’m looking forward to going to Ireland.  It’s a great opportunity for us to meet others face to face.

Sharon Hoover: Sharon is still experiencing low energy in the evenings and will excuse herself until further notice.

Gay Howard: I was happy to be at the 20th Anniversary and the Face-to-Face Annual Meeting. It was the best Annual Meeting since I joined Friends Peace Teams and it looks like we might move forward in the right direction.

Valerie Joy: plans to be on the call but can only stay for an hour. I just coordinated a Basic AVP workshop in Queensland. I’ve told those in the Philippines that I would like to come on 11 October 2014. I’m just doing local stuff at the moment and waiting to plan with the Filippinos after Ludwig returns from Ireland.

Fenna Mandolang: I also attended the 20th Anniversary, as did Dean and Sharon Hoover, and the Annual Meeting, along with John Michaelis, Deb Wood, Tom Martin, Nick Rozard, Cecelia Yocum and Vicki Aldrich. I saw Valerie Joy in the video, though she wasn’t there in person. Glad to meet people. I learned Vicki Aldrich went to Friends World College a couple years before Nadine and did Aikido in Japan, too. I’m folding cranes and realizing how using our hands can be a peace activity.

Tom Martin: Not attending.

John Michaelis: It was great to be at the gathering in Baltimore and met people like, Fenna, who I’d never met before. The next few weeks I’ll focus on the AVP International Gathering in Dublin. We have about 150 people coming.

Jim Palmer – I regret that I will not be able to join the skype this month. I am at the Silver Wattle Quaker Centre and look forward to reading your minutes.

Jasmine Payget: Not attending.

Petrus: Not attending.

Nick Rozard: I had a great time at the Face-to-Face Annual Meeting of the Council. I’ve attended a few, but this is the first one I enjoyed. I really liked the 20th Anniversary. It was very nice to meet people. I met Joe DiGarbo. The water filters have become a success. I got one batch of material to pass the water tests and that’s energizing me right now. Yeah!

Heri Wibowo:

Deb Wood: It was great to be at the Face-to-Face. And to see everyone. I was impressed with Carl Wilkens story. I’m too busy to go to Ireland – to  much Quaker stuff this month.

Cecilia Yocum: Not attending.

Vickie Aldrich: Not attending.



Tom did not distribute the proposals approved by AWP to send to the Council, so Council members did not see our offer to extend our approach globally or to expand the Communication Specialist position for the whole organization. Nadine mentioned it on day two and he said it was an oversight, but he still did not distribute it. So Nadine distributed it in the last hour of the Council meeting. Since members had not had a chance to read the Asia West Pacific proposals, they were turned over to small groups to work on and bring back to a Council call. We are already working on expanding the Communication Specialist position. Adrian and Nadine will talk about recognizing friends globally after we return from Ireland.

Joe DiGarbo had to leave the 20th Anniversary quickly after his presentation for a family event and then to go to work, so he was not able to attend the rest of the 20th Anniversary and Council Meeting, but would have liked to and hopes to in the future.

Maxine Cooper of Australia Yearly Meeting decided not to attend the Council Meeting, but has found the monthly Skype calls useful.

Fenna finds it valuable to be in the room with others. I don’t anticipate going to the Council every year, but maybe every 3-5 years would be a helpful exercise.

Nick felt a positive aspect of the Council meeting was that AWP has been out experimenting and bringing people under our wing and the things we’ve learned from that we’re bringing to the Council. It’s different from the past in that they seem interested and encouraged by what we’re bringing that that’s very encouraging to us in return. The internet was not good at the meeting house where we met, so that was a problem.

  1. $  300 – Commitment to Relationships: Coordinator to AVP-I: for Indonesian representative to attend the AVP-I, Petrus: US$150 Jakarta to Semarang round-trip + $50 airport tax + US$100 travel stipend.

  2. $  300 – Commitment to Relationships: Friends Guesthouse: for facilities resealing the metal railing. We added the Friends Guest House to the chart of accounts; it will be sporadic, but ongoing.

  3. $1,200 – Peace Activities: Sharing Our Stories: Translation: for Nanik to translate Quaker material to Indonesian, hopefully FWCC-AWPS will reimburse. I encouraged Nanik to find a second Indonesian reader and to read the final copy with me before posting (in English and Indonesian).

  4. $1,200 – Peace Activities: Sharing Our Stories: Translation: for Nanik to translate Power of Goodness stories to Indonesian. We’re fundraising for this but want to keep the work smooth and keep the cost of transfers low, so we sent this now. We will carry on with this after we finish with the Quaker materials.

We still need to raise these funds, so please talk to people to see if we could raise more funds for this.


This month Jenna kept up on email and social media posts, but did not do much of anything else. With the kids out of school and a need to regroup and reevaluate her job description, she took some time away from Friends Peace Teams work. Nadine and Jenna took some time to clarify her roles and responsibilities. They went through a long list of unfinished tasks and cleared up some confusion, clarified some questions and streamlined her tasks, which should make July much more productive.



USA Balances

updated 6-30-2014

Sustainer IN


Sustainer OUT


Sustainer BALANCE


Undesignated IN


Undesignated OUT (approved)


Undesignated Cash on Hand












Power of Goodness


Water Filters


USA Commerce Acct

Balance- AWP Funds Total



Resources Needed:

What is alive for you in our work? What stories have you been sharing about FPT-AWP? Fenna’s been telling the story about the Afghanis hearing about Nadine doing work in Aceh and feeling more open to nonviolence training because of that. Fenna’s been talking more about Friends Peace Teams. John has been talking to more friends and family, and learning that lots of people are interested. Gay has been telling the same story as Fenna about how the Afghanis heard that an American woman is doing nonviolence training in very conservative areas of Aceh and Central Java and they are more conservative than we are, so it’s okay to do it here. It’s a very interesting story.


Closing Word

Joe DiGarbo: contemplating so much of what’s going on…

Nadine Hoover: a bit tired

Gay Howard: upbeat

Valerie Joy: (had to leave after one hour)

Fenna Mandolang: face-to-face, back-to-back

John Michaelis: also a bit tired

Nick Rozard: yeah!

Deb Wood: Glad to be involved


NEXT CALL August 5/6 2014

People not on the call with whom to follow up: Ludwig bon Quirog, Moira Darling, Shawna Doran, Jane Drexler, Tom Martin, Jasmine Payget, Petrus, Heri Wibowo, Cecilia Yocum, Vickie Aldrich. Nadine emailed them to see how they are going. Ludwig intended to be on the call, but missed the time. He’s looking forward to Ireland.