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Minutes 3 Jun 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday June 3/4, 2014


Present: Nicholas Rozard-Call Host, Gay Howard, Jim Palmer, Ludwig Bon Quirog, Fenna Mandolang-Clerk, Nadine Hoover, Jane Drexler-Recording Clerk, Valerie Joy, Thomas Martin, Petrus, John Michaelis, Dwight Burton, Cecilia Yocum

Apologies/Regrets: Moira Darling, Joe DiGarbo, Anne Eggleton, Sharon Hoover,

Agenda Preview:

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check ins:

Ludwig bon Quirog – Good morning. After the April workshop he graduated and now has a Bachelor in Sociology. He is in Manila and will not be contactable. He is looking forward to the International gathering and Valerie’s visit.

Moira Darling – Sends her love. She will be at work, so cannot join us.

Joe DiGarbo – Not sure I can make the call. Would have returned from Palestine and Israel earlier that day.

Jane Drexler- Feeling better. Learning what I can and cannot do. Visited Alice Springs, which helped in my recovery.

Anne Eggleton – Please keep up the peace work. We can often only change things one person at a time. Pray for the victims of the UCSB violence. It is near to us, and our youngest son will be attending grad school in the fall.

Nadine Hoover Is doing well and feeling well. There is lots of work and she is getting ready for the International Gathering.

Sharon Hoover – As much as I would like to participate in the call, and as much as my energy has increased, I do not feel able to participate on the call. Evenings are still difficult.However, days are becoming better, and this week I will write the letters for contributors, especially sustaining members. I have all my notes. It’s an activity I have looked forward to doing.

I have read Nadine’s letter to AWP and agree about keeping Jenna on. I think Jenna has indicated that the work load is demanding, although I do not think I have heard that it is impossible. She is doing an excellent and needed job. I hope that she will monitor the demand and tell the group–or whomever she reports to–what is and what is not reasonable to expect her to do. We are fortunate in knowing that we can trust her evaluation to be an honest one.

Although I understand Nadine’s statement that “AWP is not a tourist bureau” (my words, not hers), I hope we do not discourage people from traveling under a leading and a dedication to the work. There is no substitute for being with the people with whom we wish to be friends. I feel as if I can support and speak for the people I visited in Indonesia much better for having worked face to face with them. Being with the people at Barak Induk, Pati, Jogjakarta and Jakarta was the most important part of the trip to Indonesia for me. They are my neighbors now. I did not try to do other things while I was there, and I am thankful.

It is my understanding that the workshop for the 20th year celebration that we were to do has been cancelled. Fine, by me. I think Dean and I will drive to Stony Run early Sat. and come home Sat. evening. It will be my first all-day commitment since I have been ill. If I get overly tired, we’ll come home.

Gay Howard – Is doing well. She is shaken by the killing in Santa Barbara, yet another example of guns and violence.

Valerie Joy – Back from being away for a couple of months. She is pleased to be on the call and is looking forward to visiting the Philippines in October/November.

Fenna Mandolang – Has been on vacation in Florida visiting family and Friends. She was reminded of the importance of face-to-face visiting. Nourishing.

Tom Martin – Was in New York at a book conference which he found exciting but also tiring. He is looking forward to the anniversary and is preparing the agenda for the face-to-face meetings. It is critical have this opportunity to be together once a year.

Jim Palmer – Jim’s partner Helen Bayes is having her birthday at Silver Wattle Quaker Centre at the end of the month. This is a gathering for family and Friends. Instead of gifts Helen has asked for donations to Friends Peace Teams. They are going to Bali for a wedding for a West Papuan friend.

Nicholas Rozard – Quakers came to Alfred Meeting and it is really good to connect with young Quakers as I do not have this opportunity very often.

Petrus -I’m healthy. For three weeks I’ve been on the road to Aceh and Mentawai with SHEEP. We’re finishing up programs in Aceh and starting programs in Mentawai. So I have less communication lately, but I’m back in Jogjakarta now.

Cecilia Yocum- her granddaughter graduated yesterday so she is recovering from the event and the celebrations. Cece asked her help in learning how to manage a Skype call.

John Michaelis – is now in Seattle to meet his daughter and grandchildren. He is doing a workshop next week with people from Syria. The State Department is bring out people and AVP is doing a workshop. He is just back from Nepal.

Ludwig Quirog has just gained his Bachelor of Sociology and has been on URI retreat in Manila. Back in Bohol on 18 June to take part in a vegetarian cooking demo. Looking forward to AVP IG in July and Valerie’s next visit  in October/November.

Dwight Burton – is going well in Jakarta



Let me say that there is interest in the West Bank for a Friends Peace Teams presence in Ramallah and Hebron, where AVP is establishing among local organizations. There is interest in trauma healing work in the West Bank and Jerusalem. I can make the needed connections.

I will send photos and more narrative re the trip after Joe Moore and I return home on Tuesday. More to come from this remarkable trip.

Shalom and Salaam,



We have begun to look at the issues in the area where we have built Peace Place.

We have to go slow, and be careful with local relationships, but we are discussing how the nutrition is low in the area.We are talking about supporting household gardens and garbage management in our neighborhood. For me this is a great step, because it is care for the environment and earth that is necessary for peace.

We are just beginning in the last two days to do the asbestos removal from Peace Place. We will rehab the roof and the railing.Mislan has successfully removed the asbestos from the Preschool in Barak Induk

The beginning of April was taken up by the newsletter mailing. I also looked back at what happened with the lost newsletters. I did find an email where I had asked for the extra newsletters to be mailed to me but then I lost track of that as new tasks piled up and I never followed up when the newsletters didn’t arrive. Because of that, I then spent some time reworking my “system” of keeping track of all of the active and waiting tasks I am working on.

I am finding it difficult to simultaneously keep up with the weekly tasks while also developing a reliable system of gathering, storing and accessing this amount of information that comes my way. Each time I think I have a “system” to keep organized; my system quickly becomes overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of detail I am trying to track.

My last system was a series of email folders because the majority of my communication is through email but I found it very easy to have details get buried in those threads and folders. My newest system is a single document that lists all of my tasks in one place in an effort to prevent forgetting details like the newsletters again, but it is proving very time consuming to update it every time a new email comes in. I am open to any suggestions on how to manage all of this!

Weeks 2 and 3 were lean because I was away for some time for my other job and then I spent some time with my family during Spring Break.




USA Balances

updated 6-2-2014

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Sustainer BALANCE


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Power of Goodness


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USA Commerce Acct

Balance- AWP Funds Total



Resources Needed:



In the past three years we’ve tried to organize Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific as a sustainable Friends’ program. We have very dedicated sustainers, but not enough to support both Traveling Friends and fielding Teams. Based on experience, these realistic revisions would most likely work over time.

1. Continue our commitment to support Friends traveling with a concern for peace (and a companion, if desired), for one trip per year to a location where the Working Group has approved developing long-term relationships.

2. Revise our priorities statement to:

• Recognize and support Friends engaged in peace work in the world

• Consult with and recognize Friends traveling with a concern for peace.

• Select specific locations to invest in long-term relationships as a Working Group.

• Support Friends, with a companion if desired, for one trip/yr to a selected location.

• Administer reliable financial and communications supports for the work of these Friends.

• Host monthly calls documented in minutes to ensure these supports, based on discernment.

• Maintain an Office Handbook and a Traveling Friends and Companions Handbook.

• Share Our Stories: Document stories of nonviolence, healing and reconciliation; post e-news; write for the website, FB page and PeaceWays; and produce an annual report to Yearly Meetings.

• Translate and Interpret: Invest in translation of materials and interpretation of meetings necessary to ensure relationships among volunteers across languages, taking responsibility for translating stories, news and information to and from English.

• Connect volunteers with recognized opportunities with local hosts.

• Work with local peace workers to develop appropriate opportunities for FPT volunteers, managed by the hosts.

3. Invite other initiatives to collaborate with us, if they so desire.

4. If others choose to collaborate, would we offer to:

• Consider shifting this working group to being a “global” working group, and/or forming a joint Peaceworkers Working Group or other structure.

• Ask the Council to consider funding and overseeing the Communications Specialist position to maintain the e-news list; post e-news; maintain photo gallery, website and FB page; call for articles for PeaceWays; produce an annual report, and field inquiries for volunteering. (up to +$13,500)

• Ask the Council to recognize specific Friends (rather than the Initiative Coordinators doing so).

5. A description of Friends Peace Teams given these changes might look something like below. This will be developed over time, so share any thoughts or suggestions. It will not be decided now.

Friends Peace Teams is a Spirit-led organization supporting Friends with a concern for nonviolence, healing and reconciliation who develop long-term relationships in communities in conflict around the world, building on extensive Quaker experience combining practical and spiritual aspects of grassroots peace building.

In Asia West Pacific, we share a faith, across religion, class and culture, in the power of the Living Spirit to give life, joy, peace and prosperity through love, integrity and compassionate justice among people who live in simplicity and equality. We make no enemies, take no sides; we seek the liberty of living in accord with our conscience and connecting people of conscience.

We engage in active spirituality. We integrate spiritual conviction with action and discern where our work is alive with Spirit. We work in empathy, solidarity and parity with attention to the immeasurable, listening to others to understanding their situation. We build friendships, person-to-person, across a diversity of ages, cultures, religions and backgrounds, among people committed to living peacefully by a set of common agreements:

• Respect and affirm self and others; no put downs.

• Listen, don’t interrupt.

• Speak simply and succinctly, without fear of mistakes.

• Speak from one’s own experience, not others’.

• Be authentic and open to change.

• Ask for and give feedback and help.

• Discharge distress; in disputes, speak directly to the other.

• Build relationships with people very different from yourself.

• Use what you need and share the rest.

• Volunteer yourself only, not others.

• Exercise your rights to pass, to consult and to privacy.

• Care for self, others, the group and community.

• Live in integrity with life’s transforming power.

We work grassroots to grassroots, minimizing the importance of boundaries of nation, class and race and maximizing local and worldwide neighbor relationships. We go to places that are difficult – geographically, politically, and emotionally – working to heal traumatic, historical legacies of racism, exploitation and oppression and to and encourage resiliency, capability, insight and peace.

We have four priorities, to:

• Recognize and support Friends traveling with a concern for peace.

• Share stories of nonviolence, healing and reconciliation.

• Translate materials to include a wide variety of people.

• Connect volunteers with recognized opportunities with local hosts.

We seek activities that preserve peace. Recognized Traveling Friends may raise funds through Friends Peace Teams to support recognized activities, such as: visitation to maintain principled friendships, nonviolence training, trauma healing and resiliency, developmental play, water filters, developmental toys and storybooks, discernment, conscience, restorative justice, right livelihood and permaculture. We also organize the Power of Goodness collection of illustrated stories of nonviolence, healing and reconciliation for young people and adults.


The discussion began on the above. No one on the call raised an initial serious opposition. Nadine has had a chance to talk to Val Liveoak and Cecelia Yocum and is happy to talk to David Zaremka to begin the discussion before the annual Face-to-Face meeting this month.

Closing Word

Ludwig bon Quirog – insightful

Dwight Burton- future minded

Jane Drexler – opportunity

Nadine Hoover – gratitude

Gay Howard – patience – patience

Valerie Joy – peace

Fenna Mandolang – nourishment

Tom Martin – awsome

John Michaelis – expectant

Jim Palmer- visionary

Petrus – challenges

Nick Rozard -Fertile

Cecilia Yocum- hopeful

NEXT CALL July 1/2 2014 at the same time


People not on the call with whom to follow up: Shawna Doran, Jasmine Payget, Heri Wibowo, Deb Wood