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Minutes 6 May 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday May 6th/7th, 2014


Present: Nadine Hoover, Fenna Mandolang, John Michaelis, Joe DiGarbo, Shawna Doran, Gay Howard, Tom Martin, Jim Palmer, Nick Rozard, Deb Wood, Cecilia Yocum

Apologies/Regrets: Dwight Burton, Moira Darling, Jane Drexler, Anne Eggleton, Petrus


Agenda Preview:


The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Check ins:

Jane Drexler sends her apologies as she will be with a client.

Anne Eggleton is unable to attend as she will be in a client meeting.

Nadine Hoover: Is home after 4 months away. I’m healthy and it’s spring time.

Valerie Joy: Is still traveling on holiday, but will be back for the June meeting.

Fenna Mandolang: Pleasure of seeing Deb, Sharon, Nick, and Nadine in the last month and meeting Janet Riley from the Power of Goodness, so she’s had a lot of  face to face time with FPT folks, which is nice.

John Michaelis: Cannot join us, but did! because he is facilitating a workshop far from internet and electrical connection.

Ludwig bon Quirog: No news, but he has just finished hosting an awesome Peace Team visit and is traveling to Bejing. Hopefully we’ll hear from him soon.

Dwight Burton looks forward to joining us but is traveling, so he is not 100% sure that internet will be available.

Moira Darling sends her regrets, sharing: I am still discerning my way forward in terms of joining the group. I’m a pretty slow discerner, so this might take me some time.

Joe DiGarbo: Personally doing fine and getting his job ready to leave next week to go to Palestine and Israel. I’m getting ready for the FPT anniversary and enjoying preparing. I want to use this next trip to Palestine/Israel to explore a Friends Peace Teams relationship over time. I’m exploring re-developing AVP in Jordon. I’m busy with working in the refugee camps there. I’m looking forward to having more of a Friends Peace Teams perspective on this trip.

Shawna Doran will be driving but hopes to be able to be dialed in on her cell.

Sharon Hoover is in the hospital, but is recovering well and hopes to be home tomorrow or the next day.

Gay Howard: On my walk this afternoon, I began working on my workshop for the 20th Anniversary for Friends Peace Teams. The plan of going into an area that’s experienced war and come out of that into a functioning community.

Tom Martin is in NYC and will do his best to join the call from his hotel room. I am thrilled to hear the reports from Nadine, Joe, the Aussies. It’s amazing the work we are doing through your fingers, hands, mind, and work. I’m in NYC on 37 floors up. My working is paying for the hotel and it’s lovely here and lovely to be on the call.

John Michaelis: I’m in Nepal. We’ve been doing workshops with teachers in villages. We have a one hour trek past the roads to get into the community. The teachers have invited us to come. We have Judy Simpson, an Aussie math teacher, here who can describe before and after Aussie had a policy prohibiting physical violence as punishment in the school. It’s the workshops here. We are on our fifth of six workshops. Subhash left yesterday. His wife is pregnant and his mother has typhoid, so he went back to Kathmandu.

Jasmine Payget: Didn’t make it on the call

Petrus cannot join the call because he will be at a workshop in Jogja: Membangun Sinergi & Kemitraan Badan Penaggulangan Bencana Daerah (BPBD) & LSM.

Nick Rozard: A bit of a head cold. Blue skies and lots of sunshine. I felt like I was outside, but I was in the school bus with the kids. I’ve been spending time at my parents, working in the lab in the basement, but also being able to see them.

Heri Wibowo: Is working and cannot join us.

Deb Wood: I’m fine. I have decided not to go to the international gathering, it has come at the wrong time, but I have registered for the Friends Peace Teams 20th Anniversary. Over the weekend I went to Bethlehem PA to hear Bach, and yesterday I went to Albany to lobby with mostly Presbyterians against solitary confinement.

Cecilia Yocum: SEYM had a really good yearly meeting. Our youth are working against mountain top removal, and we had a vigil where PNC was having their annual board meeting. I’m very excited about how youth are working together, developing skills in social justice and using Quaker process. I hope we can share that with other groups. It doesn’t have much to do with FPT, but maybe it could at some point.

Vickie Aldrich: No news.

Jim Palmer: It’s good to be at home. In the last month, Helen and I spent over three weeks at Silver Wattle for the Peace Convergence, an Easter Family gathering and other work. In Melbourne we sold the meetinghouse and we have no

It’s a big thing to say goodbye to a place the meeting has met in for over 50 years.



Initiative Coordinators: No report.


Nepal: Subhash has been doing this work for about five years and has done about 120 workshops in that time. His wife is pregnant and he will not be able to volunteer to do these trips without pay in the future. We were planning a trip next November and I have not thought through this problem of resources yet. Get your rest John! We will need to come back to this topic as we move forward.


Palestine/Israel/Gaza: I’m pretty hopeful right now. We have three areas where we are working. One in Tel Aviv, especially, where we are hoping to develop new work in AVP, and others in Ramallah and Hebron. We’re going to be very busy in the three weeks we are going to be there. This is the final push to get folks up and going for independent AVP programs. We’d like to stay involved, and that may be where Friends Peace Teams can help. We will be meeting with lots of organizations and the Irish Embassy to seek funding for the AVP International Gathering and fundraising for the local program. Jordan we don’t have to do the work ourselves. Ann Ward has given me direction. But we just want to support them. I feel a great weight, especially on this trip. There is a weight of responsibility. When Joe Moore and I were going through the airport and security asked what we were doing in Gaza. Joe told him and the official in Tel Aviv asked what the conditions were there and Joe said, “Deplorable.” and the official said we have to do something about that. Another Israeli military person told us to “keep doing what we’re doing.” Joe will be asking people in Palestine and Gaza if there is anyone interested in “hosting” ongoing visitation with Friends. We are shifting our focus in Israel at this time. There are people asking for AVP training for a number of organizations. A hospital in Nazareth. There are is a lot of tension in these areas. This will be our second trip to Tel Aviv and Nazareth, so we’re looking at newer developments for AVP in Israel.


Afghanistan: We just heard from Jason McLoed that Pasifika is planning a trip to West Papua in January 2015. If we continue to plan a peace pilgrimage, Nadine will go with them and bring two West Papuans to Peace Place. It would be exciting for the Javanese to invite the Papuans to train them. It would be a flip of the usual relationship dynamics. If we do this, Rosemary will look for the funds to bring two Afghani’s to come to Peace Place. Safer and much easier than bringing a team to Afghanistan.


Philippines: Email from Esther Cowley-Malcolm (NZ) to Valerie Joy: “I will be forever grateful to you for the invitation to conduct workshops in the Philippines. It was truly an “ecstatic” experience. Ecstatic Esther was my positive name for the second Bohol workshop! 🙂 I just got back to NZ yesterday and today just reminiscing somewhat on my whole trip. It was a wonderful relationship and friend building adventure alongside the magical AVP moments of sheer joy and laughter and transforming power! The Bohol workshops were everything I expected and more! I will, with the facilitators, put together a report of the Bohol workshops and will send it to you. Ludwig was the perfect young host and I know my son, family and I are very grateful to him for taking care of me so well. His parents, fellow Quaker Marj and fellow Quaker Charlotte were all just wonderful to me, giving me lots of TLC. Thank you Bon, Marj and Charlotte. You guys are just awesome! My marathon trainer is also very grateful that Kins and Ludwig (and Jason on his bike …LOL) were so supportive in ensuring I got my runs in and were also well hydrated with Gatorade! 🙂 I also return a vegetarian thanks to my new-found Bohol and Manila friends.:-)”



What do the teams look like? Discussions at Peace Place affirmed that support for Friends who travel for peace and the peace workers they visit is important work to support, along with translation and sharing the stories. But teams take energy. How could we shape teams that give more energy than they take?


What might local peace teams look like? What is the commitment? What are the expectations raised? Perhaps longer-term volunteers could be a better match. The volunteers could teach some English, pay to learn local language and bring some funds in. Simply being around is also a different type of contribution that is greatly appreciated.


John: Yes, the same concern and positive responses about visitors are coming up in Nepal. We have potential for a regularly returning volunteer here in Nepal: Mary Amel.


The need for asbestos removal was noticed by Vidya Sutton, a member on the last team to Indonesia. She has generously offered to finance it’s removal and the roof to replace it.


News from Petrus received early in April:

Hallo Fena bagaimana kabarnya…beberapa informasi dari Indonesia ( Pati)

saya saat ini sehat dan masih sibuk dengan pekerjaan di kantor, tadi malam diskusi dengan bu nadine sampai jam 23.00, Pagi ini sehat dan semangat untuk bekerja.


1. Banjir sudah surut sejak akhir Pebruari 2014 dan awal maret mereka telah mulai bersih-bersih dan penyiapan lahan untuk bertanam kembali, tetapi memang banyak persoalan terutama untuk kebutuhan biaya tanam. ada 2 teman di PP yaitu Sunhadi dan Mira yang menghadapi hal tersebut.


2. Bulan februari kakak nomer 1 dari Mbak Zumrotun (istri pak sunhadi ) meninggal duniadan hari ini gantian bapaknya yang meninggal. Jadi keluarga pak zun saat ini dalam situasi berduka karena dalam 1 bulan harus kehilangan 2 anggota keluarganya.


3. Kemarin tanggal 27 maret teman-teman PP bertemua dengan Vidya, judith, jaye star, Esther dan Bu Nadin untuk persiapan pelatihan di wiladeg. tanggal 28 s.d 30 maret dilakukan pelatihan di wiladeg yang diikuti oleh 43 orang, menyenangkan dan memang banyak membawa perubahan. peserta menemukan kesadaran terhadap perilaku kekerasan yang dialami maupun yang dilakukn dan mereka merasa terharu untuk melakukan perubahan setelah mengikuti pelatihan. tanggal 31 maret bu nadin melanjutkan pendampingan orang tua anak di wiladeg dan melatih guru PAUD. Proses pelatihan dan kegiatan yang dilakukan di wiladeg memberi keakraban dan semakin menguatkan semangat para peserta dan khususnya orang wiladeg untuk melakukan perubahan.


4. tanggal 11 s.d 13 april direncanakan pelatihan trauma healing di peace place.


Demikian informasi sekilas, terimakasih.


A severe flood hit Central Java three days before the rice harvest, taking away the harvest and keeping them from planting the next harvest. Tondomulyo was particularly hard-hit. But when Sun and Zum were telling the story about the flood, they were beaming. Sun was forceful about demanding cooperation in the recovery efforts among fifteen families who live around his home. And there was much positive energy that came from these six weeks of cooperative efforts.


We did wonderful workshops in Wiladeg, a Javanese Village, and worked with people to express why it’s important not to be violent with children in their homes and community. We had Friends from NZ, Aussie and the US, including a young, female, white, American Muslim who is smart and informed. It made a huge impression on the community.


We then did a wonderful trauma healing workshop at Peace Place. Amy Rakusin attended that one and looks forward to working with Bhutanese resettlement communities in the US when she returns. Elizabeth Walmsley is going to Nepal in June-July and should meet with Jamuna to see if they might like to work on bringing Jamuna to the US to work with Amy in the resettlement communities.


It’s difficult to notice or know when help actually helps — or not.


Mislan has an email account. Yeah!! Mislan can email Nadine from his handphone.


Nick appreciates the international connection of possibly inviting Afghani’s to Java. This resonates with John, as well. He would like to see that type of international crossover in Nepal, too.


Water Filters: There’s been a lot of progress in the last few weeks. Nadine just got back. She visited SHEEP. It sounds like they want to keep working with us. They can see what their needs are and how we might collaborate. We are going to try a way forward. I’m in final testing of this material this week. We had a NYYM Representative Meeting and many people I didn’t know came up to me saying thank you for your work. It’s nice to be doing something positive in the world and it’s nice to connect the Quaker community to that work. We need to do a design of an in-line filter prototype for demonstration approximately $4,900. Our Water Filter fund currently has $1,880, therefore we need an additional $3,020 to complete our goal of support until small-scale production is viable. The prototype will determine the cost.


Power of Goodness: Nadine and Janet met with the US Institute of Peace. They were gushing with accolades for the work in Chechnya especially. They wish there was more attention in that part of the world. But they also commended the work itself. Janet has transferred Power of Goodness to FPT-AWP but is still working on the permissions. The artwork is now at Nadine’s house. Dawn Bennett, who has curated in Chicago, said that the artwork and stories are great. She thinks two shows could come from the material and go on the national circuit. Bette Hoover is looking for $2,400 dollars to translate the stories into Nepalese and Indonesian. If these funds are found, then when Subhash and Nanik were translating the stories, they would develop a sense of the stories.  Once they had a sense of the stories, the could gather similar stories from Nepal and Indonesia to write up and add to the collection of stories. The transition of the Power of Goodness project to FPT-AWP is an honor.  We are inheriting and honoring decades of incredible work from Janet Riley, Johann Maurer, Misha and other friends.


Communications: Jenna’s March report follows below:

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 1.47.50 PM.png


Treasurer Report:



USA Balances

updated 5-6-14

Sustainer IN


Sustainer OUT


Sustainer BALANCE


Undesignated IN


Undesignated OUT (approved)


Undesignated Cash on Hand












Power of Goodness


Water Filters


USA Commerce Acct

Balance- AWP Funds Total



Resources Needed:

Resources Met:




Video for  20th Anniversary: Blaze just returned to the US and he says he will complete a video for us for the FPT-AWP by the 20th Anniversary.


Wishing Melbourne finds a nice new meetinghouse that suits them well.


Visas for Ireland for the AVP International Gathering people arrived for the Nepalese. Nadine has given up on a speaking tour in Ireland for Petrus and will purchase his ticket for July 8 – 20. Nadine will be there until July 28th and can speak with anyone in Ireland who would like. John is not in a good position to contact Sean McCrum, but feels it is needed in order to know how to schedule tickets for the Nepalese going to Ireland. This could be a good opportunity if the arrangements come together, but the possibility is time sensitive.


20th Anniversary Preparation: Tom will follow up by email, but all those with an interest group should be preparing their presentation.


Closing Word

Nadine Hoover: miraculous

Fenna Mandolang: perception

John Michaelis: lots to do

Joe DiGarbo: lots to do

Shawna Doran:

Gay Howard: joyous

Tom Martin: awesome

Jim Palmer: hopeful

Nick Rozard: drip

Deb Wood: excited

Cecilia Yocum: freaking amazing!


NEXT CALL June 3rd/4th 2014

People not on the call that did not send regrets: Not clear why Jasmine was not able to get on, but she did want/plan to. Vickie Aldrich did not send word, but she is a guest from PLA and may not feel responsible for communicating.