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Minutes 1 Apr 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday April ½, 2014


Present: Tom Martin, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolong, John Michaelis, Joe DiGarbo, Gay Howard, Nick Rozard, Deb Wood, Jim Palmer, Jane Drexler, Jasmine Payget

Apologies/Regrets:  Anne Eggleton, Sharon Hoover, Marion Sullivan, Nadine Hoover, Moira Darling

We welcome Moira Darling of Kyneton, Victoria, Australia to the Working Group to explore the possibility of serving as an Initiative Coordinator in the future. She was recommended by her husband, Chris Hughes, who we have been encouraging to take a larger role with us. He is working full-time and commuting so his time is limited. He is also clerking the Australia Yearly Meeting committee on First Nations concerns. In the last year of his second three-year term, he is exploring the idea of visitation with First Nations people through Friends Peace Teams rather than administering. He recommends Moira, as he feels she is suited to the work of Initiative Coordinator, she describes it as being interested in “the power of paying attention”. Is this eldering? She looks works every other Wednesday so she will join on the days she is not working.

We welcome Jim Palmer of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to the Working Group. We would like to nominate him to serve as the FPT-AWP Membership Recorder.


The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Check ins:

Jane Drexler’s health is improving, allowing her to be more engaged. She is working on the FPT incorporation in Australia with Jasmine.

Anne Eggleton will be available by cell phone for questions, but doesn’t expect to be on the Skype call.

Nadine Hoover doesn’t have access to internet.

Valerie Joy: Valerie is travelling overseas in a week’s time. She is sending out a newsletter to Friends on her mailing list.

Fenna Mandolang. Fenna is healthy and blessed to see her extended family this past weekend.

John Michaelis. John is getting ready to travel to Nepal for workshops and then the USA.

Moira Darling sends her regrets as she has to go to the dentist at this time.

Joe DiGarbo. Joe is preparing for his trip in May to Palestine and Israel. He is investigating a Friends Peace Team in Palestine and Israel.

Sharon Hoover is recovering well from her surgery and is thankful that her head now feels clear enough that she can write sustainer letters. However, her energy is low by the time evening comes around.

Gay Howard Gay reported that she can now put the minutes of Friends Peace Teams on Google Docs. She is very proud of this achievement.

Tom Martin. Sorry to miss the call last month.  Challenging to catch up.  I can report that Friends Peace Teams Council is in a good place thanks to being mindful of Friends practice and courtesies. The 20th Celebration of FPT is progressing well. Next challenge is working up an agenda for the Face to Face meeting that follows thereafter.

Jim Palmer. Next week Jim and his wife, Helen, is going to Silver Wattle Quaker Centre for 3 weeks for several events. He is also travelling to a wedding in Bali.

Jasmine Payget Jasmine’s new job is keeping her occupied plus a housing project in the Blue Mountains. She enjoyed the weekend at Silver Wattle with Nadine Hoover.

Nick Rozard Nick is feeling a lot of stress as his car is on its last legs. He needs a car and is busy replacing the engine. That is a lot of work. The weather in his area is beautiful today.

Marion Sullivan is not joining us tonight because she is not feeling well.

Deb Wood Deb’s weather is also warmer. It is a busy time as New York Yearly Meeting is this weekend. Plus she has booked for her trip to Ireland.



It was agreed that FPT-AWP would like to participate in Friendship Letters and share them at the 20th anniversary. They reflect who we are and our individual style. Friends are busy writing their letters. They will be put on the website.

The Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) and Friends Peace Teams (FPT) have enjoyed an informal partnership for nearly twenty years. A substantial proportion of the AVP workshops outside the USA are have been initiated and supported by Friends Peace Teams. Concerns have been raised about the commonalities and differences between AVP and FPT. A few notable distinctions are:

The constructive relationship between AVP and FPT is in the long-term interest and benefit of both our organizations and missions and has flourished for many years. We expect and hope it will expand and grow. As concerns and difficulties arise along the way, we will continue to address them in support of our common purpose.

Deb offered to edit this document with John’s help. This is to clarify the issues raised. Further discussion will be held next month. At the moment is document reflects John’s personal reflections.



Jasmine suggested that a meeting be held before the extraordinary meeting to discuss this issue. Members need to be part of the discussion and decision making.

Fenna spoke to these items. She is asking the Working Group to hold these decisions in their discernment over the next few months.

Members of FPT-A will be subscribed to the FPT-AWP e-news list and encouraged to donate through PayPal on the website. They will also be invited to join the Working Group (monthly calls), become a Spiritual Companion (receive updates and minutes and offer feedback, no calls), join a Peace Team (as scheduled), or become a long-term volunteer (customed scheduled), by contacting

Jim Palmer and Valerie Joy have offered to notify members of FPT-A of an Extraordinary General Meeting to consider winding up the Australian incorporation and invite them to participate in FPT-AWP. Maxine Cooper has offered to host and clerk the Skype call of that meeting. We will begin to review FPT-AWP Rules of Association for Australian incorporation in August after this next set of Peace Teams, the 20th Anniversary Celebration in Baltimore in June, and AVP-International Gathering in Ireland in July.

Jasmine asked for discernment before she hands over to Jane. She requests a minute for reimbursement for Valerie. Although there has been email communication about FPT-A she asks about the process concerning the de-incorporation.

Valerie said a meeting in early June is planned convened by Maxine Cooper. This meeting will address the issue of de-incorporation and final reimbursements.

Jim Palmer said he thought an email to all concerned could allow reimbursement.

Fenna said that the Working Group will cover one trip a year to the places of work. In this case it is to the Philippines. This was approved by the Working Committee. An email will be sent to all members in Australia saying this payment and the payment to John Michaelis have been approved.

Joe is working on managing the Palestinians and Israelis both being at the IG. He is also busy with the refugees from Jordan.

Subhash will be going to the IG. The funding has been found.

Nick reported that they are getting closer to the prototype.The pace is speeding up.


USA Balances

Aus Balances

updated 3-27-14

Sustainer IN



Sustainer OUT



Sustainer BALANCE



Undesignated IN



Undesignated OUT (approved)


Undesignated Cash on Hand


















Power of Goodness



Water Filters



USA Commerce Acct

Aus Account

Balance- AWP Funds Total




1. There will be a workshop on Monday re: a template for our annual budget prep.

2. Sponsors so far are  Earlham College, FCNL, and Ethiopian Air Lines (free ticket from Africa).

3. There will be wireless available for connection to the Internet, and possibly a Skype connection for participation from abroad.

Resources Met — YEAH!:

Resources Needed


Closing Word

Jane Drexler — relief at taking minutes

Fenna Mandolang — perseverance

John Michaelis — thoughtful

Joe DiGarbo — hopeful

Gay Howard — progress

Tom Martin — Hooray

Jim Palmer — much to learn

Nick Rozard — reliable calls

Deb Wood — peaceful


NEXT CALL May 6/7 2014

People not on the call that did not send regrets: Ludwig bon Quirog, Dwight Burton, Shawna Doran, Heri Wibowo, Cecilia Yocum, and Vickie Aldrich.