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Minutes 4 Mar 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday March ⅘, 2014

Present: Fenna Mandolang, clerk, Nick Rozard, John Michaelis, Shawna Doran, Valerie Joy, Nadine Hoover, Jane Drexler, Deb Wood

Apologies/Regrets: Dwight Burton, Anne Eggleton, Sharon Hoover

Check ins
Announcements and Accomplishments (comments):
Initiative Coordinators
Power of Goodness
Water Filters
Resources Needed:
$900 for Reading Room in Barak Induk.
$700 for Subhash to attend the AVP International Gathering in Ireland.
More sustainers
Consider writing or update your Friendship Letter (see Google Docs or website)
Charge Nadine Hoover, FPT-AWP Initiative Coordinator; Maxine Cooper, AYM Rep to FPT Council; and Jane Drexler, FPT-AWP Australian Treasurer to work on the Australian incorporation papers to bring back for Working Group review.
Request a nominating committee to maintain the roles and responsibilities in the handbook, nominate annually for the positions and record the approved slate and directory. FPT-AWP. Jim Palmer has volunteered from Australia.
If time: What are you doing for FPT-AWP? Why is FPT-AWP important to you? Any issues, concerns, or questions?
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check ins:
Dwight Burton: Has gotten work and will not be able to join the peace team on this round, glad and sad!
Joe DiGarbo: (on his way)
Jane Drexler: This is my first time and I”m really pleased to be with you all. Slowly recovering from a tick bite. The brain and body are recovering slowly. Glad to be part of the team.
Shawna Doran: From SEYM in Florida. Gainesville meeting will be sending a sustainer check soon.
Anne Eggleton: Has a client so can’t join the call. Sorry.
Nadine Hoover: Recovering from my bite and feeling much better. Special to have time at Silver Wattle Quaker centre. Beautiful! If you get some time to come, you should!
Sharon Hoover: Is recovering from knee surgery. It was very painful at the start, but she is getting some good attention and therapy. She does not have enough energy to do all the things there are to do in a day. My brain and brawn are waning but the Spirit is strong. The sustainer letters are not done yet; however, they are on my mind, and as soon as my leg allows, they are at the very top of my list. I was able to attend a meeting I had arranged for the new Coordinator of AVP Delaware with Lewes Worship Group. Nancy Williams did a fine job, and she and I have been able to share what’s going on with AVP in Delaware and AVP in FPT. One good thing about the connection is that she is deeply connected with the Lewes community, a long-time member of the Lewes Presbyterian Church, a highly respected and active congregation. She works in Lewes with autistic children. I hope that, through her interest, the yeast in FPT will permeate our geographic area.
Gay Howard: We had some rain here in California for which we are grateful. My rash and animia are all gone and I’m back in good health.
Valerie Joy: Just come back from Silver Wattle, driving for three days. It’s been good to be so focused for about two weeks on the work of Friends Peace Teams here in Australia.
Subhash Kattel: is typically not on this call and is currently away on retreat for another six-days.
Fenna Mandolang: We have started a mid-week worship and last week I was not able to attend, but I attended from my desk at work and the phone did not ring and no one needed anything, and it was great.
John Michaelis: Returned from Silver Wattle as well. We had a good workshop and meeting. I have a kidney stone I have not gotten rid of and it is interfering with my life.
Jasmine Payget: I was at Silver Wattle for the weekend, it was good and I had a number of insights. I heard my aunt had died today, so I am feeling low today.
Nick Rozard: Things are going well in Alfred. It’s another freezing cold snap. It was -7 degrees F, which is cold. I’ve been driving the school bus this week. Nice to be with children and to make some money. The water filters are going really well. I’ve been reaching out to see who can advise the company and the response has been good.
Deb Wood: On Friday I returned from 10 day vacation tour in Costa Rica and tomorrow I leave for Rhode Island to be with a friend who is having serious back surgery.
Ceceila Yocum: From Tampa Fl, the few places in the US with excellent weather, I’m the rep from PLA. Enjoying being part of your meeting, thanks.

Not on the call and no regrets, so we should check in with:
Ludwig bon Quirog, Tom Martin, Petrus, Heri Wibowo and Vickie Aldrich.

Initiative Coordinators: Nadine Hoover and John Michaelis will continue to serve as Initiative Coordinators. Jasmine Payget would like to remain on the working group with a special concern for supporting the Initiative Coordinators and Valerie Joy will serve as the Australian Secretary and Travel Coordinator in the Philippines. Chris Hughes and Moira Darling are considering this service and will let us know in the next month. At the FPT-AWP Gathering at Silver Wattle Quaker Centre 21-23 Feb 2014, we felt the need for both the Initiative Coordinators and the Travel and Host Coordinators to meet more regularly, for more clarity on details rather than waiting for face to face time.
Initiative Coordinators will meet the second to the last Tues/Wed of the month.
Travel and Host Coordinators and Activities Coordinators (Power of Goodness POG and Water Filters) will meet the last Tues/Wed of the month.Travel Coordinators and Host Coordinators are explained on Google Docs at:
Nepal: The December 2013 Nepal Team of seven did five workshops including the first trauma healing workshop with survivors of human trafficking and two workshops in Pokhara (eight hour bus ride from Kathmandu in the Annapurna range). They are excited about this upcoming team trip in April-May 2014 with four team members. The trip is full and cannot take more people at this point.
Palestine/Israel/Gaza: A Palestine/Israel Team was announced in April-May 2014 as well. Let people know they can contact Joe DiGarbo if they are interested in going! Word of mouth is very powerful and you are our mouths! Joe DiGarbo and Joe Moore will return in May. My concern was with anyone joining us. We don’t have hosts as of yet, but we intend to set that up on the next trip. It might be helpful to go on a Peace Team trip with someone, rather than just have team members join us directly. This trip will complete a major phase of training and autonomy building for AVP in Gaza and the West Bank. We will be freer for consultation and visitation in the area. We look forward to seeing what their response to hosting a broader network of attention. The next phase is to develop the Israeli side, where we may need some help. Someone is interested in the refugee camps of people coming over into Jordon, which might be another opportunity.
Afghanistan: Rosemary Epps would like to have a more private relationship with Friends Peace Teams, as we have supported her for several years. There is a thought that perhaps inviting Afghanis on our trips out to Indonesia or elsewhere might be better than taking teams into Afghanistan.
Philippines: Relief funds for the Philippines of US$615 were transferred to Bohol. Thank you to those who donated! All the Spanish churches of the country came down in the earthquake and typhoons, an unimaginable, historic loss for the Philippines. Ludwig was so excited, he has organized more AVP workshops in the Philippines in April!
Philippines: Valerie Joy invited Esther Cowley-Malcolm, a Samonan grandmother, to be the one Sustainer-supported trip to the Philippines this year. She has a glowing recommendation from Dave Wicks with AVP-Aotearoa/New Zealand, (which I hope will be sent out to everyone at some point). She will be coming to Java for two weeks to join the AVP Basic Workshop at Wiladeg outside of Jogjakarta and on to Peace Place in Pati for the trauma healing workshop before going to Manila and Bohol for two AVP Basic Workshops at the University of Bohol with Ludwig and Kins. They are working under Goodwill Volunteers. It’s a wonderful opportunity to support our friends in Bohol and re-connect with friends in Aotearoa.
Indonesia: The Indonesia Trip in Jan-Feb was just Nadine, but very fruitful. Nadine, Petrus, Nanik and others look forward to the trip in March-April with a team of seven. Peace Place is ready to take off, but will need some significant seed funding (see resource needs below). This is the first time we’ve felt that significant funds would be of help, so if you can help write and/or track grants, that would be helpful.
Power of Goodness: Janet Riley is pursuing legal permissions to publish the Power of Goodness stories on our website, in the Chechen edition and any future regional print editions. We look forward to adding the stories to our website. We will be gathering stories at the AVP International in Ireland, where Chris Hunter of Peacebuilding UK will be present to explain it to people it will then be available for people from other regions in the world to collect stories from their own area and globally. It’s being used in Chechnya with a few hundred thousand children.
Water Filters —-> Very good month for Triton Ceramics!
Made good progress looking for advisors, and we received interest from Anna Cerio, who is finishing a masters in public health, Anna happens to be a classmate from Nick’s high school!
On the ceramic front, we developed a process to granulate clay. These granules will do the actual work of filtering in our device.
Developed a new ceramic body from scratch. This body is the clay used to make the granules. We refined the complicated firing process so that we know how to properly make the granules.
Updated the webpage to more clearly show who the people advising the company are!
There’s a force behind the work, and it’s exciting for people. We’re at a stage where I can reach out to professionals and the project is attractive to them. There is truth behind it.
I worked with activated shale, and it was killing bacteria. My advisor said there was some “grit” coming out of the filter, and in the last 8-9 weeks we have re-engineered the filter again. In about three weeks we may have prototypes and prices. I’ve been waiting on a piece of equipment, but just got permission.

PeaceQuest2014: PLEASE REMEMBER TO REGISTER! go online and register now! We are facilitating four interest groups.
Jenna’s Office report:
March 2014: Mid month check-in: So far in March I have been able to work on a few development projects including the Office Handbook and the Volunteer Handbook. Neither are finished. There are still areas of the Volunteer Handbook that need working on. The Office Handbook is not as far along. I am struggling to find efficient and effective ways to keep track of all the loose ends and dropped balls that wrangling the sheer amount of details this work generates. While we’ve had some setbacks (confused about who to contact for what information and also the lost newsletters) I have also gotten some encouraging feedback about getting the news out on various outlets like Facebook, the eNews email list and on the website. The Office Work area on the pie graph remains large because there is A LOT of email that I field everyday, especially this month!
February 2014: The beginning of February I spent a lot of time chasing email threads. It was a great effort by a quick acting group of people to get the PeaceWays articles submitted for the Spring issue. I will try to keep more informed about these types of deadlines in the future. I have also continued to work on streamlining the information gathering process for upcoming trips. Having all of the information on the trips and the different people who plan on traveling has been difficult. I would like to be able to publicize the trips and share the Friendship Letters of all the team members but I don’t always have the information when I need it.
The second half of the month I was able to spend some time working on the Handbooks (Office, Volunteer and Coordinator). They are still a work in progress.

We would like to thank Jenna for good, solid communication at the right time! THANKS!
Treasurer Report

USA Balances
Aus Balances
updated 3-1-14

Sustainer IN

Sustainer OUT
Undesignated IN
Undesignated Cash on Hand

Water Filters
Power of Goodness

USA Commerce Acct
Aus Account
Balance- AWP Funds Total

The Australian balances will be worked out as Jasmine Payget hands over the finances to Jane Drexler. What we have in the bank account is around $3,700, but we’ve spent most of that, it just has not been disbursed yet.

When fundraising, we have about half the sustainers that we need, so we can use more sustainers. Until that point, undesignated funds must be reserved for the sustainer budget. Once we have enough sustainers, undesignated funds can

AVP International fundraiser has inquired about working together with Friends Peace Teams on any joint fundraising opportunity.

Resources Needed:
$900 for Reading Room in Barak Induk.
$700 for Subhash to attend the AVP International Gathering in Ireland.
More sustainers, double our current number.
Peace Place could use someone to assist with grant writing and/or tracking to apply for seed money for 2015-2017. A solid plan is under development.
A coordinator for the people who want to help the Bhutanese refugees in the US, who have a higher than average suicide rate.
We need a nominating committee to maintain the roles and responsibilities in the handbook, nominate annually for the positions and record the approved slate and directory. FPT-AWP. Jim Palmer has volunteered Membership Directory Secretary from Australia.

Consider writing or update your Friendship Letter (see Google Docs or website)
Friends charged Nadine Hoover, FPT-AWP Initiative Coordinator; Maxine Cooper, AYM Rep to FPT Council; Jane Drexler, FPT-AWP Australian Treasurer and Jasmine Payget, former Australian Treasurer to work on the Australian incorporation papers to bring back for Working Group review.

Cece worked for the Center for Torture and Refugee Centers with helping refugees adjust to transitioning to the US. Cecelia would be willing to talk to Jamuna about what they had in their project for activities, if she is interested.

Closing Word
Joe DiGarbo: Hard to come up with one word… encouraged right now.
Shawna Doran: Moving forward…
Jane Drexler: Organize finances
Nadine Hoover: Grateful
Gay Howard: Equanimity, things are growing as they should be
Valerie Joy: Vibrant living
Fenna Mandolang: Persistent
John Michaelis: Getting organized
Jasmine Payget: Calmer
Nick Rozard: Peace
Cecilia Yocum: Inspired

NEXT CALL April 1st/ 2nd 2014 (no joke, watch out for seasonal time changes)