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Minutes 4 Feb 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday February ⅘, 2014

Present: Nadine Hoover, Sharon Hoover, Gay Howard, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, John Michaelis, Petrus, Nick Rozard, Deb Wood, and Cecilia Yocum. (Janet Riley briefly said hello at the beginning.)
Apologies/Regrets: Dwight Burton, Joe DiGarbo, Jane Drexler, Jasmine Payget, Karen Reixach, Barbara Thomas, and Heri Wibowo.

Check ins
Announcements and Accomplishments (comments):
Water Filters
FPT Council call
Resources Needed:
Long-term volunteer for water filters at SHEEP in Jogja (unlikely, but requested)
FPT has asked for suggestions of sponsors for the 20th Anniversary Celebration
Consider writing or update your Friendship Letter (see Google Docs or website)
If time: What are you doing for FPT-AWP? Why is FPT-AWP important to you? Any issues, concerns, or questions?
Closing Word

The meeting opened with a moment of silence.

Check in:
Dwight Burton: I am sending apologies as I have a previous commitment at that time. I will try to dial in once I am available.
Joe DiGarbo:Technology difficulty, – wife is in hospital- we hold them in our prayers
Nadine Hoover:Her infected leg is improving.
Sharon Hoover: I’m good, I’m patient.
Gay Howard: slowly improving
Valerie Joy:Sorry to miss the last meeting. During YM discussion in Australia. Check with Maxine Cooper if she wishes to be on these calls as well as on the Council
Fenna: How can I keep from singing!
Tom Martin:Austin Texas- wonderful blessings and a joy to serve on the working group and the Council
John Michaelis: Maxine would normally like to join the call.Good to be back home and looking forward to meeting Nadine in Sydney.
Jasmine Payget: I cannot attend this morning but will try next month. I do intend to go to SilverWattle and see Nadine there…
Petrus: I am healthy and glad to join the call.
Karen Reixach: It seems unrealistic for me to try to participate at this time, but I am holding the work in my heart.
Nick Rozard: Nice weather in Alfred- driving school bus, but can’t do water filter work due to lack of time. Housemate is interesting, previously from Jamaica- loves skiing cross country
Barbara Thomas:I think I need to come off the call list. I want to keep up as second circle through email, updates, special task needs. Just snowed under and going in too many directions.
Heri Wibowo: Is in a place of limited internet connection, so will try but may not be able to join the call.
Deb Wood: Difficult snowy weather- more predicted
Cecilia Yocum: Wonderful weather in Florida- daughter now better from pneumonia. glad to share ideas from Latin America projects.

December in Nepal
Friends peace teams returned to Nepal this past December. There were six on the overseas visiting team although not all were able to be there for the full period; Ann Duseau, Bob Barnes, Chris Campbell, John Michaelis Margaret Willen and Mary Amel. The facilitation was shared with a strong Nepali team and ao we were able to run simultaneous workshops, five in all. Highlights of the trip were:
The first Trauma Healing workshop in Nepal with participants who were refugees from the human trafficking. This is an area of great suffering and need and I hope this work will grow and that it will spread beyond Nepal.
Two workshops in Pokhara, a town about eight hours bus ride from Kathmandu, in the foothills of the Annapurna range. I expect AVP in this region to expand rapidly and become a new self-sustaining regional base in Nepal. We have been invited back for at least five new workshops in the villages in the area in April, May 2014. There are many new AVP enthusiasts keen to be trained as facilitators.
A formal invitation from AVP Nepal to hold the next AVP International gathering in Lumbini, a Nepalese town that is the birthplace of the Buddha. They have put a lot of research and work into preparing the invitation and I believe the time is ripe for the event to take place in a developing country in Asia West Pacific, that Lumbini is a unique and wonderful location and that the Nepal team is ready and able to host the event- wonderful news!.
The strong relationships that have and are continuing to grow between visiting and Nepalese facilitators are the basis for opportunities to come. I have no doubt that visiting facilitators will return to Nepal and that the bonds between AVP, FPT and Nepal will strengthen. If you choose to visit Nepal on a future trip be prepared for it to change your life, for you will surely begin a love affair with the country and its people.
The next Nepal visit, focussing particularly on developing AVP in Pokhara and on Trauma Healing is preliminarily scheduled for first week of April to May 2014. If you are interested in joining the trip, pencil it in your calendar and email: john@michaelis,net.

Much enthusiasm in Pokhara and now invitations in 5 villages around- work is increasing. 30 April to end of May is the next trip- people can come for part or alll of that.

John Michaelis

Palestine/Israel/Gaza: Joe is deeply enthusiastic about being part of FPT. Attention to AVP and other aspects contributing to peace- and co-ordinating with other NGOs.
Philippines: A query about the FPT funds raised in the US total $356- which has not been received in Bohol. Who? Where they might apply it? Everyone is well Ludwig reports, but Valerie would like more communication. Ludwig will be going to Ireland!
Indonesia: Central Java: Petrus, this month we just finish a basic AVP workshop. The workshop had fewer people because we have had extreme flooding here. During the three days for the worst flooding, the city of Pati was cut off. There were not cars or trucks going in or out. We can now travel, but the roads are rough and some transport is limited. Nadine Hoover: Sun and Zum in Tondamulyo still have 4 feet of water in their house and the preschool was flooded. The flood came in the night, so people were not around to get stuff. They are still living in the school. Some of our staff houses are still flooded. But the water is going down.
Guest House in Pati did not flood and it is high, so there’s no problem. I improved the internet in the guest house and learned how to support Macintosh since you guys use that, so that’s better. The preschool is going really well and January we started a new semester. One of our students had to move to Kalimantan and the family was very sad. They told lots of stories of the great improvement of their children. While their children were at the preschool here.
Effects of colonisation still traumatic on people- this is not cultural; always being embarrassed and scared to express feelings. Facility of Peace Place is strengthening the cultures in surrounding villages.
Baruk Induk Basic Workshop with teenagers- very transforming and continues alternate Sundays. Mislan built a community dry reading room – we need USD 900 to complete this- possibility of computer facility. 5 teachers training for pre-school education. IIn Aceh a new candidate is enthusiastic about AVP. Nadine’s further reports will be sent to Jenna and put on our Facebook, E News, and Web page and to specific donors.

Water Filters
Analyzed the filter material that in December performed so well and met our standards.
Finalized the Triton Ceramics LLC corporation status including corporate tax number
Sent Update written by Esther to mailing list (which was well received). Ask me if you did not receive it, and I’ll add you to the TC mailing list.
finalized one of the key variables for killing bacteria, called “residence time”.
Research is going well. I have the right tools and resources to do the work and that’s a new situation. Before usually we did not have the right tools and resources. SHEEP is understanding the transition between Friends Peace Teams and Triton Ceramics, so there may be a way forward to work together. I’ve been working with Beth Symeslatini, a Quaker, who is working on the paperwork, business work and so forth so I can concentrate on the research and development. This feels good.


Jenna’s Office report:
February 2014 Mid-Month check-in: The beginning of February I spent a lot of time chasing email threads. It was a great effort by a quick acting group of people to get the PeaceWays articles submitted for the Spring issue. I will try to keep more informed about these types of deadlines in the future. I have also continued to work on streamlining the information gathering process for upcoming trips. Having all of the information on the trips and the different people who plan on traveling has been difficult. I would like to be able to publicize the trips and share the Friendship Letters of all the team members but I don’t always have the information when I need it. I would like to be able to spend some time working on the Handbooks (Office, Volunteer and Coordinator) in the next few weeks.
January 2014:
This has been the month of chasing loose ends! I have spent a lot of time struggling to get information from the many busy volunteers, team members and coordinators. I would like to be publicizing the upcoming Friends Peace Teams but I just haven’t had the information. It all seemed to come to a head at the end of the month when Caroline Lanker sent out the request for articles for PeaceWays and I noticed AWP was not represented yet. With the news, AWP seemed to mobilize quickly but what seems to have happened is several simultaneous conversations sprung up with different sets of people included in each thread. As a result Caroline was bombarded with several article and photo submissions at various states of completion. We are currently still working through this as the PeaceWays deadline is not until mid-February. I still have 18 unread/open emails on just this topic alone to get through! Because we are all very busy people handling a vast amount of information and detail, I would like to be the one point person that handles all the various parts and then I can distribute it in a timely and clear format. Just remember that I am also only working on this part-time. So if you give me just a little lead time, it will all get done! – Jenna

Friends Peace Teams regular publication covering all three initiatives is called Peace Ways. Peace Ways will be put in hard copy print, and may be read over as long as a year. Keep this in mind when submitting
Treasurer- No treasurer report at this time. Tom reports that: Anne Eggleton has been keeping FPT office worker John Kintree regularly updated about AWP finances. He has appreciated the communication and it has made his job easier.
FPT- Council Call –
1. The Council warmly welcomed Australia YM and its representative, Maxine Cooper.
2. Peace Ways Spring 2014: The final deadline for submissions for this issue is 2/14/14. John Michaelis will send in reports on his one recent peacebuilding trips. Color photographs are needed, too, with captions please. Announcements of future events should be only those scheduled after Easter, which is April 20 this year.
3. Arrangements for the 20th Anniversary Celebration June 20-22, 2014, in Baltimore are well underway. We are invited to participate with workshops and presentations.
4. The long-range fundraising campaign and budget envisioned since last Spring has been laid over for deliberations at the Face-to-Face Meeting, that follows immediately the 20th Celebration in June. Regular ongoing campaigns are welcome and encouraged.
5. The Treasurer’s report was quite positive.
Funding FPT Council- Comittment to the Friends Peace Teams Council includes supporting the travel of the representative. For Example John has taken a personal financial burden to travel to the Council meetings.

What AWP will bring to the 20th Anniversary Celebration discussion:
Tom: We can share our fresh approach with our basic principles, structure, clerking, enthusiasm sharing, welcoming new initiatives, led by spirit, listen to one another, we are practicing Quakers in our administration – we can organize based on discernment
Gay: progression of bringing in AVP, Trauma Healing, Building Community, Educational Development, Water Filters, Meeting the needs of people in great dissarray after war
Sharon: preschools, AVP for teenagers, water filters — easy for people to attach to and get excited with / administration — not easy to attach to but Sharon willing to represent with Fenna
Cece: Whatever Nadine said last winter at SEYM interim business meeting would be good to share again
Nadine: interest group on discernment – following the discernment steps – organizations can use discernment – Tom, John, and Nadine will facilitate together – Nadine will send proposal to Adrian
Tom: theme – finding new leadership, passing the torch
Sharon, Fenna, Roy, maybe Anne work together to prep an administration workshop
Nick – write up something to send to Adrian about water filter prototype
Blaze – Nadine pushing to get the video done in time
Nadine – visual presentation of the “ecology” theme of AWP work in Indonesia
Nadine on a panel about AVP w/ youth

Resources Needed:
Friends were reminded that there are still several outstanding needs for support:
Long-term volunteer for water filters at SHEEP in Jogja (unlikely, but requested)
FPT has asked for suggestions of sponsors for the 20th Anniversary Celebration
$900 for Reading Room in Barak Induk.
More sustainers — NYYM just became a sustainer–yeah!
$700 for Subhash to attend the AVP International Gathering in Ireland.

Consider writing or update your Friendship Letter (see Google Docs or website) — carryover to next month

Closing Word:

Nadine Hoover: gratitude
Sharon Hoover: wait I say on the lord
Gay Howard: good meeting
Fenna Mandolang: WOW
Tom Martin: awesome
John Michaelis: insipiring
Petrus: learning
Nick Rozard: sleepy time
Deb Wood: light
Cecilia Yocum: Inspiring

NEXT CALL March ⅘ 2014