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Minutes 7 Jan 2014

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/WednesdayJanuary ⅞, 2014

Present: Dwight Burton, Anne Eggleton, Nadine Hoover, Sharon Hoover, Gay Howard, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, Jasmine Payget, Nick Rozard, Emma Brown-Shaklee, Deb Wood


Valerie Joy and John Michaelis are at Australia Yearly Meeting doing a presentation on Friends Peace Teams-Asia West Pacific and will join us when and if they can.

Barbara Thomas is facilitating an interfaith meeting as our The New Jim Crow reading group launches its action plan to reduce incarceration and improve post-release opportunities. We are with her in spirit as she is with us in spirit.

Jane Drexler sent regrets as she has a lot of work at this time.

Deb Wood won’t be on the call until at least 8:30. She has another meeting at 7:00. She will try to join when she’s free.

Petrus is not able to join us because he is involved in the SHEEP annual planning meeting.

Dwight Burton will be joining a little late today as he’s tied up with another call just now.


We hold Jasmine Payget in the Light at this time of her father’s passing.




The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Check in: brought you joy, something that happened today, where you are

Anne Eggleton: Central Coast California, been working on google docs with some frustration,

Nadine Hoover:  is in a ‘don’t want to travel mode’ but I will fine once I get to Indonesia!  I will be checking a bag, because I’m bringing 150 eyeglasses with me!

Sharon Hoover: It’s very cold, and I am preparing for Quarterly meeting Delaware, to present AWP.  One of our members commented upon good writing on AWP.

Gay Howard: Think I have another Sustainer. Yeah!

Fenna Mandolang:  quality time with Gay and Google Docs over the past month!  and joining call by phone because there has been a blizzard in Buffalo and there are travel bans.

Tom Martin:  Had a great time with both my children at the dinner table on Christmas Day, with all grandchildren on hand.  January is busy for work and quakers, meeting in Dallas this weekend.  We have a workshop with 5 people so far, it will be fine.  Library Association meeting, which he loves forward to, being with librarians is like a little bit of heaven.

Jasmine Payget: I haven’t been attending these meetings, because I took up a full time job, But am on break this week. My father died on December 31st.  I’m going back to work next week.

Nick Rozard: Nice and warm in the room, but below zero F, but went skiing for one hour in the dark in the woods.  Brought me in touch with how fragile life is…

Emma Brown-Shaklee: Left my parents farm to come to live with Nadine while I go to school….Independent studies. Looking forward to what the year ahead brings.

Dwight:  looking dark and stormy in Jakarata, looking forward to the new year.



See the list of accomplishments on google documents, but note especially that:

Australia: We are now incorporated in Australia. Australia Yearly Meeting is currently considering whether or not they will join the Friends Peace Teams Council. Tax exempt status takes longer to apply for, but we will continue to work towards that.

Palestine/Israel/Gaza – Joe DiGarbo:  Nadine reported that Joe DiGarbo wrote about his trip with Joe Moore to Palestine, Israel and Gaza: “we were hampered in their AVP work in December by extreme winter weather, the likes of which have not occurred in Israel/Palestine/Gaza in 50 years. The weather has limited the number of participants, yet, we carry on. Although the AVP training  content and methods are new to them, the participants are able to understand and appreciate the Alternatives to Violence Project principles.

We have had to cancel some meetings, because of the extreme weather, but have secured an invitation to train other organizations in The Old City and Tel Aviv for May 2014. We already have an invitation to return to Hebron in the West Bank in 2014.

We went to the Gaza Strip to conduct capacity-building for those organizations we trained in 2011 and 2012. The American Friends Service Committee sponsored the work there and has obtained entry visas from the Israel government and Hamas in Gaza.  Although the work here has been difficult, we are encouraged by the responses we are getting, not only from the participants, but from ordinary Palestinians we meet and inform about our work.

We went to Ramallah to have meetings to develop partnerships necessary to increase a long-term presence in the West Bank.

I would like to inform Friends Peace Teams about the need for facilitators to help bring AVP, as well a Friends presence, to this troubled region of the world. Although, it’s easy to get discouraged, we must carry our message to those who will benefit from AVP and all that Friends Peace Teams can bring.”

Tom:  I would like to be as supportive as I can.  This is difficult work.

Nadine agreed to paste his email into the Skype line so that we can write to support the work.

Nepal – (later John if attending) – will hear about this next month.

Water Filters – Nick Rozard:  water filters have been going extremely well.  His supervisor said “You should be happy!”.  Nick reported:


Plans for this year: Nick has the filter material and will be organising the packaging around the filter this month. These prototypes need to be costed.  Nadine says that the filter material would be produced in the US and shipped to location where the material for the container will be procured and local labour used to assemble the filters. Triton Ceramics will approach larger organisations for partnerships, such as GTZ, UNICEF, Oxfam UK, charity: water.


Petrus’ Update

Developments : December 1, 2014 a parent of a preschool student had to move to Kalimantan. When they came to tell us they had to leave, they said about their child who was in Joglo Preschool, they saw they child mature so dramatically and take on so much responsibility. Once they had to leave their child home with the house and toys strewn all over and when they got home their child had picked up the house

saat ibunya pulang mainan sudah tersusun rapi ,orang tua tidak membayangkan  bagaimana anaknya mampu menyusun main dan barang yg berserakan menjadi rapi dan itu dilakukan sendiri,anaknya ber umur sekitar 4 th. Dia menceritakan ini saat pertemuan orang tua anak dan guru PAUD serta saya pada akhir penerimaan raport, dia menceritakan dengan perasaan terharu dan mengeluarkan air mata. Dia melihat bahwa apa yg dilakukan di PP sangat membantu dalam membentuk karakter anaknya.

Kamto has completed one more developmental toy using the wood working tools provided: The Geometric Puzzle (with a box and a way to sell it).  He is actively making three different toys.  Nadine is hoping to bring a sample to Australia and USA.

January 3, 2014 Mislan reported that they are prepared to do an AVP workshop with Edo and other teenagers, especially boys, who were about 3-5 years old when they were driven into the mountains out of Aceh.  Nadine reported:  a number had dropped out of school, sleeping on couches.  They said that they were too dangerous and could not manage their anger.  Nadine had offered to run a workshop for them (the last time she was there).  They have watched their mothers and fathers undertake these workshops.  Very exciting to run the workshop for these boys/young men.

Nadine’s Update

Three gatherings planned in Australia:

Nadine is hoping to come home early, because she needs to.

Financial Balances:

Anne reported:

Undesignated balance


Water Filters








Q. Sustainers amount?  Why negative? Because we have used $1,994.35 undesignated funds to cover sustainer costs, which means we don’t actually have $6,664.89 in undesignated cash, but rather $6,664.89 – $1,994.35 = $4,670.54, so this will be confusing. The sustainer funds coversthe Communication Specialist, the massive mailing we did to monthly meetings and donors, and one trip to each country that we as a group commit to a relationship with. Nadine was already reimbursed for her trip this year, John M will ask for funds for his Nepal trip (from Australia), and Joe is not asking for funds.  If the travel coordinator wants to make another trip, they must raise the funds themselves. Once we have enough sustainers to cover these costs, then we can use undesignated funds for field activities, such as supporting Subhash to translate AVP manuals to Nepali or buying books for the reading room in Barak Induk.

Q.  How much have Sustainers contributed so far? Since 1st November, contributions $3250. (So we’ve spent $5,244.35 on the Com. Specialist, the newsletter mailing and the Indonesian flight.)

Tom suggested that the discussion about financial report be done off-line and presented in new form in next month’s report.  Anne and Nadine will work out the reporting with Tom’s help.  Goal is to be simple and understandable!

Note that Jasmine is Treasurer for FPT Australia and will be sending requested information to Anne asap.  

Jenna’s Office report:

December 2013 report: In December I was able to get back to the routine of posting news, fielding emails and working on the Office and Volunteer handbooks. I spent some time going through the website cleaning up and  updating the language mostly related to the change from Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia to Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific. I categorized this as office work but we probably should create a “maintenance” category for this type of task.

Tom – cheerleading, very grateful for all the information and work being done by Jenna.

January 2014 Mid-Month check-in: Here is my January 2014 two week check in. Please let me know if this is not the correct place for this report – I had been putting it in the Announcements and Accomplishments doc but it is my understanding that document has been moved to the Archives so now this should be a part of the minutes.

My hours for the beginning of January are somewhat behind my typical pace but should pick up as we move through the rest of the month. The past couple of weeks I have been fielding a lot of email and working with Nadine on clarifying some loose ends as we wrangle the many aspects of this work. I have also been working on print ads for the Western Friend and the Friends Journal.


Purpose Statement

Requesting people to send feedback about this statement in the next week and Fenna will compile and edit the statement. Gay- Liked Deb’s suggestions. Jasmine – looking forward to sharing this statement when it is done.

Resources Needed:

Friends were reminded that there are still several outstanding needs for support, particularly we need sustainers.

Sustainers – Open Updates:

Gay may have gotten another sustainer — Toni Melamed.  She is in another state in USA, called her up and asked if she would like to support. She knew about FPT and was very enthusiastic about being approached.

Sharon would like a list of sustainers. The list is on google docs (pledged publicly and in last newsletters).

Nadine: met up with Paul C, who asked if he was supposed to donate to something. Yes, sustainers $500. Where do I send it? She took some receipt tape off the cash register and gave him the address. She suggested we all know the address so we can give it easily to people. He also gave money $2000 (!) for Nick and Beth to work another month on the water filters.Good experience in the generosity of giving.

Who would like to write to sustainers each month?

Fenna outlined the role –  Sharon volunteered, hurrah.  Tom suggested we wait to ensure that the Sustainer list is up to date.   Note that some Sustainers do donate more than $500, with the extra money going to the Undesignated fund for activities.

Kiln transfer:  $8000. (and Ball Mill ~ $6000 value built by Nick -amended by NR) when Nick was in Indonesia, we purchased many supplies for SHEEP, bought supplies for Microbiology and Ceramic labs, and when Nick left these were transferred to SHEEP. The kiln (and Ball Mill -NR) were not yet transferred, until there was production for filters.  

The group SHEEP, is producing monolithic filters, which is not the same as the filters Nick is working upon.  SHEEP not producing the filter with the particle bed (loose sand pack into layer, sand coated with silver on the outside on each sand particle (fired onto the sand in the kiln), silver kills bateria, sand filters larger organisms — the big accomplishment is that the silver does not leach into the water supply)

FPT-AWP has done a great deal to improve water filtration technology.

The $8000 was donated by Nick’s parents and he has discussed this with them.

Tom:  Are you Nick and your family comfortable with this decision.  Nick has talked with them about this donation, and they feel that they have contributed to bringing clean water to Indonesia.

How do they represent what their product is?  Nick said:  SHEEP can test to WHO standards, but do they have the commitment to do this testing?  There are no national standards, they have standards of their own.  It is important that the filter has to be good.  SHEEP provided Nadine with an overview for donors and she will forward this.  Nadine will explain concern to them and ask for information to be sent on water quality, request for regular test results.  Nick will act on this, and bring to next month’s meeting for a decision.

Concern is that the products from SHEEP and from Triton Ceramics will be confused as the filter water from SHEEP is not drinkable standard. Nadine suggests that the decision be that we move ahead in that transfer goes ahead provided that  the information is provided.  there is an ongoing relationship.

Who can take minutes?

Jasmine offered to continue to take minutes for the group!!! YEAH!

Closing Word:

Dwight Burton: hopeful

Anne Eggleton: am thrilled with the work in Palestine/Israel

Nadine Hoover: Grateful

Sharon Hoover:  Committed

Gay Howard: Happy

Fenna Mandolang: Storytime!

Tom Martin: Re-invigorated

Jasmine Payget: re-engaged

Nick Rozard:supported

Deb Wood: peace

Emma Brown-Shaklee: Inspired

NEXT CALL February ⅘ 2014