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Minutes 3 Dec 2013

Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday December 3/4

Present: Joe DiGarbo, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard , Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, Jasmine Payget (briefly), Petrus, Nick Rozard, Deb Wood

Apologies/Regrets: Dwight Burton, Anne Eggleton, John Michaelis, Jasmine Payget, Ludwig bon Quirog, Heri Wibowo,



The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Welcome. Check in:

Dwight Burton – sends his regrets as he is renewing his long-term (KITAS) visa in Jakarta, which is proving to require a lot of trips to district and regional immigration offices.

Joe DiGarbo- Doing well, in last days of preparation for trip to palestine and Israel next sunday, I’m a bit anxious, but things are coming together well.

Nadine Hoover – Have taken steps forward with The Power Of Goodness, Started to update the POG webpage, Helped Nick apply for money for the water filters.

Gay Howard – Life is going on as usual here!

Valerie Joy – Yesterday I sent a newsletter, we’re coming up to our Yearly Meeting, which is in the city where I live.  We will be reading the request sent by Gay Howard, requesting a representative to the FPT council.  I sent a newsletter update to about 50 people.  Looking forward to Nadine’s visit to Silver Wattle in March, which will be a place to plan, pray worship, and figure out where we’re going together.

Fenna Mandolang – Snow is melting here in Buffalo, because it has been sunny.  I have been working with Jenna, compiling a list of all the yearly meetings.  It was interesting to reach out to other yearly meetings and it’s reaching out for me.

Tom Martin – In New Jersey on business, back to Texas tomorrow, Just had John Michaelis at our meeting, we had him for dinner, and he played piano.  Gave a presentation, after a simple meal but there were no donations.  However Austin Friends Meeting is sending a check to FPT.

John Michaelis – sends his regrets as he is en-route to Nepal.

Jasmine Payget- Generally gets out of work to attend our skype call, but today I cannot join, because I have a meeting at work that  I can’t get out of.d so cannot join us.

Petrus – Healthy happy, last month I discussed with Nanik about the children and blocks.  Nanik is hoping to study more in depth as she faces the children each day and reads the books that Nadine has brought, she is increasingly clear about the meaning, and is more able to help parents understand.  We talked about pluralism a number of times.

Ludwig Quirog, is on a ship for the past 38 hours rescuing refugees from the island worst hit with some other AVPers, who are doing AVP activities on the ship.

Nick Rozard – I have very good news. I got a sustainer. It’s my parents, but it’s still money and they are very involved, so I’m happy. I found a grant that fit well and invested time in it. In the course of that, we found people who want to work on the project full time if funding was available. The grant writing reenergized our efforts.  Our partners in Indonesia, SHEEP, will not accept funds from the US Government, so we’re regrouping. SHEEP would not accept it because the money came from USAID.  USAID has violated so much trust over the years that we have to be very careful of how we deal with them, especially when our partners are concerned with them.

Deb Wood –  Spent Thanksgiving in Maine with her son and his family. Particularly nice because she completed her to-do list. Wrote end of year checks including one to FPT-AWP.

Heri Wibowo – Good morning, I hope you are always healthy. I was pleased to receive the email from Fenna that notified us about this Skype call and the agenda. I must apologize, because from 3-8 December 2013 those of us in Langsa, Aceh are having an external audit for our programs with SHEEP, so sadly I will not be able to join you. I would like to report that in this November and December the Acehnese AVPers have done a number of activities, including:

1. Freshers on 23 November 2013 at the SHEEP office in Langsa with four people (Tina, Fauziah, Lidziah and Ridha).

2. Teambuilding in preparation for AVP workshop for parents (of the Chrysalis Preschool) at the SHEEP-Langsa office with five facilitators (Tina, Fauziah, Lidziah, Bowo and Ridha) on 30 November 2013.

3. AVP basic workshop at the Chrysalis Preschool with twelve participants, four facilitators (Ladziah, Fauziah, Tina dan Bowo). This workshop was done in two gatherings on 1 December 2013 (session 1-3 and then again on 8 December 2013. That is our news from us in Aceh. Warm greetings for all the friends on the Skype call. In prayer, Bowo


The council is working on a long-term fund-raising campaign and budget that has a buy-in from all three Initiatives.

The fiscal year ended 10/31, with the general fund out of the red thanks to additional contributions and from transfers from each of the Initiatives according to the office support work provided on a pro rata basis.

Thanks to the model of the AWP conference calls the Council has transitioned to:

  1. Skype conference calls

  2. 3-5 word check-ins at the start of the calls

  3. 1-word check-outs at the end of the call


Valerie – What Joe said about sustainability over trips speaks to me. Looking to make links between the Philippines and other north Asian AVP groups. Also link the new AVPers in the Philippines with any relevant local groups. Right now it’s just me emailing them when I can.

Nadine – If Joe can share the information about the trip, we will send it out over our channels.  An announcement will go to many people, but few people will respond, so hosting the trip should not be a challenge.  Brief images and captions will go a long way for communicating about the work, and the trip.

Moment of silence to hold our friends in the Philippines in prayer.

Resources Needed:

Friends were reminded that there is still a need for 25 more sustainers. If anyone is planning on making a donation, it would be good to make it now.



Other FPT-AWP work you’d like to talk about now?


Closing Word:

Joe DiGarbo- anticipation

Nadine Hoover – much love

Gay Howard -grateful for everyone’s contribution

Valerie Joy – walking cheerfully

Fenna Mandolang- Unexpected

Tom Martin – everyday is Thanksgiving

Petrus -learning

Nick Rozard – thanks for support

Deb Wood – happy to be connected

NEXT CALL January 7 / 8 2014 (Note this is the 2nd Wed in Jan; the 1st Tues/Wed in Jan.)