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Minutes 5 Nov 2013

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday November 5 / 6

Present: Ludwig bon Quirog (attempted but couldn’t commit), Dwight Burton, Joe DiGarbo, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, John Michaelis, Nicholas Rozard, Deb Wood

Apologies/Regrets: Jane Drexler, Anne Eggleton, Sharon Hoover, Jasmine Payget, Karen Reixach, Janet Riley, Sarah Rozard, Barbara Thomas


Feedback to take back to the Council?


The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Welcome. Check in:

Dwight Burton: All’s well in Jakarta. Rainy season is starting. I live in Jakarta near Benhil.

Joe DiGarbo: I’m using the iPhone because my computer is not working. Lately I’ve been consumed getting ready for my next trip to Palestine and Israel. I’ve been had some interaction with Nadine, John and Tom, especially about the Discernment Advanced workshop. Other than that, I’m doing well. The trip is 8-22 December 2013.

Jane Drexler: Is unable to make the call for November and December but will be available from January 2014.

Anne Eggleton: Anne writes: My husband and I will be out of town visiting our boys. I will be thinking of you all.

Nadine Hoover: I did four talks and a soup and bread dinner and only raised about $300, so I need others to reach out for funds. We only have a couple hundred dollars left in our account (and about $760 for water filters), so we need more people looking for funds.

Sharon Hoover: Is returning from traveling and visiting relatives and will do her best to join the call.

Gay Howard: has severe anemia and is coming out of it and is very glad for that.

Valerie Joy: Hopes to join the call but is not certain her technology will work. I have had an inspiring time both in the Philippines and in Korea. Last weekend with the other Quakers here

I travelled to Seoul and then to Daejon very fruitful also here at the WCC assembly. I will report in December so that would be good and I hope Nordvik can be on the call as well. I am very keen that Ludwig also goes to Ireland.

Fenna Mandolang: After periods of very busy times, a lot of rest is needed. I was very busy, then took some rest and now I’m ready to go again.

Tom Martin: Busy Friends Peace Teams month, Zuwati came from AGLI, then Saskia came from New Zealand and Guatemala. We raised $300 and $400, respectively. I’m looking forward to John Michaelis coming soon and we hope to raise a some money then.

John Michaelis: I leave for the US in less than one week. I’m looking forward to the presentation to Austin Meeting on the first of December, then going to Nepal with Ann Dusseau, Mary Amel, and Bob Barnes, and Margaret Willens. We’re planning to do three basic workshops and one trauma healing workshop. 2-24 December 2013.

Jasmine Payget: Extends her apologies for not joining. She is settling into a new full time job and her office is not set up yet. She should  be more organized and able to join in the future as the time change suits as it is lunchtime. Jasmine writes: Very pleased that we will have Nadine here soon.

Petrus: I am in Aceh and for several days now I have been talking with friends here. There have been trouble with communication with Lilis, but she has received the files from Blaze to translate his interviews and next week I hope to get to Barak Induk for a day.

Karen Reixach: Is in Mexico with Tricia (her daughter), TJ and Janey and is unable to join the conference call.

Janet Riley: Janet Riley writes: I will not be at the conference call tonight. I commit my attention on helping in the process of handing the Power of Goodness project over to FPT. I sincerely give my full support and prayers to all of you who are working with dedication for peace in our troubled world. Janet continues to meet with Gay Howard and Nadine Hoover once a month and doing a lot of work moving forward.

Nick Rozard: Spending a lot of time thinking about where I am with the filters and how to move forward. Next week a group is coming together in Alfred to talk about government grants that might help us move forward. I processed some data and our results and technology are looking more full and successful.

Sarah Rozard: Is enjoying school and is thinking of us.

Barbara Thomas: Barbara writes: I can’t join you for the call tonight as we have a discussion of a book that all of Baltimore Yearly Meeting is reading called: The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color Blindness. We expect that we will be making some action decisions for MD or DC soon around exceptionally punitive drug laws and inhumane conditions in prisons. There was a talk last night at the William Penn House on starting non-profit private prisons. (Whoa!)


At the AVP regional gathering in Maryland, Martha Baer and I gave a report on FPT-AWP work on our trip to Indonesia. As everyone else there was doing AVP in prisons, you can imagine that the interest was high in hearing about this expansion of the vision. A couple of people asked for contact information, but no sustainer pledges.

Deb Wood: Just had a Quarterly Meeting retreat with a woman recently arrived in New York Yearly Meeting who will be a great resource for working with our young Friends. It was very good and I’m encouraged.



See the list of accomplishments on google documents, but note especially that:

Resources Needed:

Friends were reminded that there is still a need for 25 more sustainers. There is no money in our bank account to cover Jenna’s hours in November. If anyone is planning on making a donation, it would be good to make it now.  We’re just putting together a newsletter, and a list of Monthly Meetings to send it to, 1100 copies would be one copy to each meeting, plus the $560 for printing the newsletter $460 in postage.  It seems worth it, but if we don’t have the funds, Nadine and John will fund it personally.





Other FPT-AWP work you’d like to talk about now?


Closing Word:

Dwight Burton-Hungry

Joe DiGarbo-Appreciation

Nadine Hoover-Delighted, thank you so much

Sharon Hoover-Looking forward to the work

Gay Howard-Looking forward to the work

Fenna Mandolang-Stories

Tom Martin-Grateful

John Michaelis-Fellowship


Nick Rozard-Peace

Deb Wood-Grateful

NEXT CALL December 3 / 4 2013