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Minutes 1 Oct 2013

Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday October 1/2



Nick Rozard, Nadine Hoover, Petrus, Fenna Mandolang, John Michaelis, Tom Martin, Gay Howard, Deb Wood, Joe DiGarbo, Valerie Joy and Dwight Burton

Apologies/Regrets: Barbara Thomas, Heri Wibowo, Janet Riley, Jasmine Payget.

Need to check in with: Shawna Doran, Anne Eggleton, Subhash Kattel.



The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Welcome. Check in:

Joe DiGarbo: Made arrangements today with Joe Moore, clerk of Lancaster Friends Meeting, to go to Gaza, Palestine and Israel Dec 8 for two weeks to follow up with organizations trained in 2010-2011. Israeli group in Jerusalem. A good fit because it has on staff Christians, Jews and Palestinians. We will be going to Ramallah to meet with the Friends International Center there, looking into coordinating in country AVP work. It’s exciting to see AVP Gaza get off the ground. We plan to return to work with PLO and Palestinian authorities and then finish in Israel. My question to this group is sustainability? What kind of influence or involvement do oes you have in areas where you build up AVP groups? After the initial phase is done, what dthe relationship look like going forward?

Nadine Hoover: Nadine is delighted with the work that we are doing. Enjoyed visit from Deb and Bridget

Sharon Hoover: Just returned from a group that has been working on writing.

Gay Howard: Working with the FPT Council

Valerie Joy: Working with the visit to the Philippines, including an AVP kit. AVP Queensland meets at her house tonight and hoping to work with refugees.

Fenna Mandolang: Time spent preparing for and at a friends wedding. Nourishing to see the support for the couple. But also noticed that sometimes, even in people’s attempts to be supportive, they were simultaneously demeaning, often using put-downs. She was reminded of how violence can permeate everyday life and how important our work is.

Tom Martin: Seldom better. Two FPT visitors – Zawadi Nkuze, Saskia Schuitemaker from New Zealand and Guatemala.

John Michaelis: Returned to Australia. Workshops in schools in Seattle. Remarkable group of kids in his group. Ignore the statement that kids need more light and livelies and can’t debrief. This is not true! The kids said you put in too many games and weren’t letting things go deep enough – a  surprise learning for John. Kids can go deep and take care of their learning. Jane Drexler would like to join our calls.

Petrus: Petrus, Six week program ended last Saturday, Peace Place began a six week, three-hour a day, AVP program for parents and adults. They are finding the parents saying they really appreciate all the changes at home. Nadine Hoover: That they are calmer and happier.

Some of them have said that their neighbors have commented on how they have changed.

After they have gotten to know AVP, they are learning a lot about how to become better friends with their neighbors and in their family. But they are noticing how much practice it takes.

Nick Rozard:Nick has been driving a van for the local school, which provides income, but does not leave much time for working on water filters.  While he is sitting in the van for hours without much to do, he is thinking of the water fitler work he wants to do!  He is excited about making water fitlers his work.

Barbara Thomas: We are sponsoring a vigil at the White House supporting Palestinian-Israeli negotiations the evening of the conference call.

Heri Wibowo: Apologies in advance that I will not be able to attend the Skype conference call for the month of October, but I will be attending a regional training program in perspective building, knowledge, and skills exchange in Malaysia.

Deb Wood: Met with Nadine and Nick in Alfred in the last month and administrative today hoping to move on to things more fulfilling soon.

Dwight Burton: Greetings from Jakarta, enjoyed recent trip to Yogyakarta with spouse



We have been very active. Nadine sent out updates from the Initiative Coordinators. The Power of Goodness Team worked hard this month. Nick is pressing forward on the water filters. Teams are being organized for the Philippines, Nepal, Indonesia and Australia. We will have an FPT Gathering at the Quaker Center in Australia as well as a gathering with First Nations people and a week-long discernment workshop. See the list of accomplishments on google documents, but note especially that:


Resources Needed:

Friends were reminded that there are still several outstanding needs for support:



Closing Word:

Joe DiGarbo: Glad to be with the group; learning; appreciate; orienting

John Michaelis: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

Nadine Hoover: Gratitude

Sharon Hoover: Listening

Gay Howard: Hopeful

Valerie Joy: Energy

Fenna Mandolang: Sustainers/sustain

Tom Martin: Teamwork

Petrus: Work hard

Nick Rozard: Friendships

Deb Wood:Joy

Dwight: Thankful

NEXT CALL November 5 / 6 2013