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Minutes 3 Sep 2013

Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday-Wednesday September 3-4



Dwight Burton –  American who lives in Jakarta Indonesia with his wife (who is Indonesian), was member of NW Meeting. New to the group, excited to be involved. Background in computer, conflict resolution.

Shawna Doran – glad to be back on the call

Nadine Hoover: is doing really well and is SO glad to have all this energy of all these people who feel this is such important work.

Sharon Hoover, just checking in, working on the FPT newsletter and preparing a talk on Quakerism

Gay Howard:  I am part of a new small meeting for worship, we have not yet got to the place where we can talk easily about what we feel and think in terms of the spiritual life – so i volunteered to lead a discussion on “The Quaker Way” by Rex Ambler.  Offer that we read the book out loud, and as we go along, people can express their own feelings  Opened up much better than ever before. Reteaching the insights of the early Quakers.

Chris Hughes:  Good morning, I am Australian, part of Victorian Regional Meeting, hosts small home meeting monthly, co-convenor for the First Nations People’s committee, AVP Advanced on the fear and … communication, works for Australian Council of Trade Unions as educator.

Valerie Joy:  A big Welcome to Dwight Burton, wonderful that another Sustainer has come on board Yan de Voogd, thrilled about Nadine’s visit to Silver Wattle in australia in 2014.

Fenna Mandolang, Clerk:  describe a moment in my life – in Buffalo NY they used to ship the flour from the west — huge huge silos along the Buffalo river.  When the technology changed, they were abandoned.  some people are using the silos for climbing, for artwork, and recently I participated in a artwork where audience participates by singing/humming a note so that the whole resonates.  Wonderful.  Working with Jenna on the photographs:  how we are housing them.

Tom Martin:  not able to join the call.

Nancy Mcintyre:  Quaker of 25 years convincement, rtd teacher, mother of 4, gmother of 5, love the enthusiasm that I am feeling about this AWP Peace Teams.  also excited about the Power of Goodness, and am doing the teachers handbook.  Would like to be a storyteller, great way to learn together. New to the group.

John Michaelis: FPT – communication with Jenny Horton who is trying to set up with Chris Hughes visits to talk in Ireland about FPT and AVP.  Significant changes in the structure to AVP internationally, interesting challenging and thought provoking.  Unexpectedly may be in USA next week for work.

Jasmine Payget:  Blue Mountains, come from background of Env Edu and community involvement. Been off and returning to work soon. Interested in FPT; learning, observing, working it out. Started learning Indonesian! Hooray!

Petrus, has to leave early, very happy that little , the seasons are changing, so it gets hot and cold and I’ve been sick for about a week. I”m still active with activities at Peace Place where we are doing AVP with the parents, finished a Saturday course for the parents of the teachers of the school.  (Thankyou for the letter we all received recently – it was very good)

Janet Riley,  went to a meditation group which I have belonged to for many years.  The sense of direction was a great experience, number of Indian monks there, great talks and sharing and meditation.  Extremely excited about the progress of the Power of goodness.

Nick Rozard,  my life is super busy, did a lot of work with the water filters about 5 weeks ago and was very happy with the progress.  But since then I have been re-doing the upstairs room.  Really looking forward to Nanik and Ninok to come to the USA , building of grass roots peace.

Deb Wood:  have spent the last 10 days in Maine, two other couples who are friends and I went to the American Folk festival in bangor? and  was able to re-connect with my friends.  Went to Portland, maine where my son and his family lives.  Feeling that I almost had a vacation.  Almost ready to get back into the swing.



Bowo: Dear Nadine and friends of FPT-AWP, Good evening. I hope everyone is well. I am sorry not to be able to join this month’s conference call because I will be facilitating a SHEEP meeting in East Aceh on Tata Kelola Gampong and advocacy. In August, AVP Aceh did not complete any activities as it was the holidays for our Muslim friends. However, Tina and I got together with some AVP friends from Aceh Tamiang and Langsa. We enjoyed the hospitality of Lidziah and Rida (Teachers of the Chrysalis Preschool), Ferrizal, and Fauziah. Greetings to my FPT family, Brave Bowo

Barbara Thomas: My apologies. I’ll be picking up someone at the airport just at that time. I’ll look forward to the minutes. Blessings, Barbara




The meeting opened with a moment of silence.



Valerie on the Peace Team in the Philippines in October 2013: Valerie just had knee surgery (currently 5 weeks on) and is doing well. Ludwig is going well, looking forward to hearing from Nanik and Ninok. We are a team of 5 facilitators including Terry Pinnell.  Blaze will also accompany the team to do documentation. There is a huge number of participants, from government and young people, on an island called Bohol. Very beautiful, with chocolate hills inland.


Resources Needed:

Friends were reminded that there are still several outstanding needs for support (see Resources Needed):


Resources Received (YEAH!)



1. Power of Goodness Team

Minute: Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific agrees to take the Power of Goodness Project under our care, to release the Friends International Library of this responsibility (as per their request: Janet Riley, Johan Maurer and Misha Roshchin). We will solicit stories and illustrations on an ongoing basis from Friends, peace teams and peace activists with a concern for nonviolence and reconciliation. The Power of Goodness Team will: 1) set specifications for stories that are culturally and personally specific, but universally recognizable; 2) solicit and receive story submissions; 3) review and select story submissions for inclusion in the global story pool on the Power of Goodness tab; 4) edit and prepare stories for posting on the website; and 5) ensure legal documents for publishing are in order. The team may consider collections of these stories for publication of additional versions in other world regions and languages; each version will include stories from around the world while highlighting a specific region.


Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Sharon Hoover, Janet Riley and Nancy Mcintyre agreed to serve on the Power of Goodness Team for the Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific Working Group. They requested Nadine Hoover serve as Coordinator. Chris Hunter and Adlan Adayev of Peacebuilding UK, Johan Maurer, Misha Roshchin, and Janet Riley will continue to serve as Advisors for the Russian/Chechen Version. Javier Morales has reviewed the web files and has agreed to integrate the Power of Goodness website as a tab on the website. Nadine Hoover has offered to have Conscience Studio ensure that each book is formally published and made available internationally.


John M:  suggestion  In Australia John  is running the website Quaker Voice and would like to propose in the future that there be some connection between the two projects.


Minute approved.


2. PROPOSED BUDGET for 2013-2014

Friends approved the Budget to send to FPT Council.

(Background:  Issue raised about the amount of money spent on administration vs project in this project.   Income will be raised that will then be able to disburse more funds to projects.  Administration is important in order to raise the money.  Transition time – important to pay attention.  The intent is that the Sustainers will help the administration and promotion and other work of FPT AWP, with funds raised directly to go to the project.)


3, We need to talk to people to become sustainers. What we are able to do is:

John M will talk with 10 people in the next year

Nick find two sustainers

Gay will speak to two people

Deb I cannot promise to find any sustainers

Dwight willing to talk to at least five people

Valerie I need a little more time, but I will talk to 3-5 people by early next year

Shawna will talk to five groups of people including Gainesville Meeting by the end of the year

Nadine will find as many as we need that the rest of the group can’t find

Sharon will approach at least two new people, but not more than that because they’re already giving

Fenna, I know this is very important, and it would really help me to practice with you, I can think of two people, so I can talk to 3-5 people before Christmas

Jasmine, like Valerie it will be easier when the Australian Incorporation is in place, then I’ll ask people in the new year

Janet, can’t commit to doing that now.


4. Proposed Incorporation in Australia

The objects of the Association are: Friends Peace Teams-Australia Inc. is a not for profit organisation for the charitable purpose of promoting social welfare and a peaceful world. Friends Peace Teams-Australia Inc. works around the world to develop long-term relationships with communities in conflict to create programs for peace, healing and reconciliation.


AVP in Indonesia – with early childhood and primary school

Petrus says that the work of AVP with early childhood is going well.  They have tried to integrate with primary school teaching, but this is very difficult.  Travelling to the Philippines will help them agreat deal with this?? (Nadine to review this and alter as necessary)


Janet will speak to Sandy Springs Friends School about the Power or Goodness, so if anyone has photos of children from our work in Nepal, Philippines or Indonesia, the sooner the better. The talk will go on YouTube.


Closing Word:

Dwight Burton: excited

Shawna Doran: had-to-go-to-help-her-daughter

Nadine Hoover: fabulous

Sharon Hoover: overwhelmed

Gay Howard:encouraged

Valerie Joy: clarity

Fenna Mandolang: sustainers

John Michaelis: empowering

Jasmine Payget: energised

Janet Riley:connection

Nick Rozard: good night

Deb Wood: energy

NEXT CALL October 1st/2nd 2013