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Minutes 6 Aug 2013

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Minutes and Agenda

Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday 6/7 August

Present: Fenna Mandolang (clerking), Nadine Hoover, Nick Rozard, Shawna Doran, Joe DiGarbo, Anne Eggleton, Jasmine Payget, Sharon Hoover, Gay Howard, Anne Eggleton, Tom Martin, Petrus, Nanik, Barbara Thomas, and Deb Wood. (Janet joined later in the meeting, but wasn’t heard.)



The meeting opened with a moment of silence.


Nadine Hoover welcomed Anne Eggleton, a new co-treasurer, and Joe DiGarbo, coordinator of teams to do AVP in Israel and Palestine. Thank you for joining us! It’s wonderful to get to know each other and then it’s easier to email and be there for each other.

Check in:

Shawna Doran: Is glad to be with us, but her microphone is not working, so she’ll just listen.

Joe DiGarbo: New to this group, is living in Pennsylvania with my wife Anne, members of Lancashire Meeting, interested in learning more about FPT to see if it supports the interest in AVP Palestine & Israel. I’ve been going since 2007. Anne came this year, 2013. We’re continuing to develop a core of facilitators in Gaza, Jerusalem and Ramallah. The next trip will probably be in December 2013.

Anne Eggleton: Is also new to this group. Moved about a half hour north of Los Osos from Los Angelos. I moved from a programmed to unprogrammed Quaker meeting and am enjoying that. We have been with Friends for four years and are enjoying learning from this group. Friends Peace Teams gives me the chance to learn more about how Quakers approach international concerns, so I am grateful for this opportunity to serve.

Sharon Hoover: I’m Fenna’s grandmother and Nadine’s mother and serve as editor of the FPT newsletter, PeaceWays.

Gay Howard: I’ve been doing Friends Peace Teams forever! I am the Representative from Pacific Yearly Meeting. I spoke recently at yearly meeting, mostly about Peace Place and it was well received.

Fenna Mandolang: I live in Buffalo NY, two hours drive from alfred, 6-8 hr drive to NYC. I clerk the monthly calls for Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific, was on the Peace Team to Indonesia in 2006 with Nadine and Deb to facilitate the early AVP workshops. Have been doing AVP forever (since she was 11 years old!) and am slowly internally working on what it means to share rather promote Friends Peace Teams, asking people to do things/inviting people to do things, visiting with friends from college and talking about Friends Peace Teams a little. I could feel that my friends were searching for a real connection, which gave me some light about myself and this work in the future, so that I come to this work authentically, and that I am a vehicle for people wanting to come to this work.

Tom Martin: I am serving as the clerk of Friends Peace Teams following the term of service of Gay Howard as clerk. I am one of the two representatives from South Central Yearly Meeting, which includes Arkansas and Texas. I am the  co-treasurer for Asia West Pacific and I’m in awe of this work!  I am currently in Toronto on a work trip.

Jasmine Payget: I live in the Blue Mountains of Australia. I met Nadine Hoover a couple years ago when she came to Australia Yearly Meeting and got involved immediately after that. I have been helping people in Australia to formally establish Friends Peace Teams in Australia.

Petrus: I am happy. Nanik, my wife, is here next to me. After I learned AVP in 2005 from Nadine directly after the war in Aceh. Now I am building Peace Place and an AVP community in Central Java.We have a good team of trainers and this is my wife Nanik.

Nanik: I learned AVP from my husband, Petrus in 2008. I plan to do AVP with the children and parents at Peace Place, both from the Joglo Preschool and from the To-Be-Smart After-school program, in August.

Nick Rozard: I live in Alfred NY. I am making great progress with water filtration work. I tested the first set of materials with some variations of material, the technical goal is to kill 5 log of bacteria and we currently can killed 3 log of bacteria, so we’re on the right track. I am renovating the house, hopefully by end of August, so we can have renters for the school year.

Barbara thomas: I am Baltimore Yearly Meeting Representative. I joined the Peace Team to Indonesia with Nadine and have been at Peace Place with Petrus and Nanik, I met Joe DiGarbo at an AVP Gathering and just spoke with his wife about liaising with students in Indianapolis who are interested in West Bank linkages. So it’s nice to have Joe in the group.

Deb Wood: I’ve been with AVP forever it seems!!! I traveled with Nadine in 2006 to do the early AVP workshops in Aceh. I hope to go back before it’s too hard to make that flight again. I appreciate being on this call although I don’t have a particular job or task. (Nadine thanked Deb for being so reliable over a long period of time and for reading all the mission statements and writing that comes out and giving very helpful and insightful feedback.


Welcome Anne Eggleston as co-treasurer!

Welcome Joe DiGarbo as AVP team facilitator in Palestine and Israel!

Joe accepted an invitation to join this working group and call for a few months to see how it goes. He is intending to return to Palestine and Israel in December 2013.




Resource Needs Fulfilled! Thank you!


Resource needs not yet secured:

Q.  Are we including the costs for meals, gasoline/petrol for the visit? Nadine will try to include realistically.

Q. We are very excited about this possibility. Concerned about booking airfares in enough time.

Q.  Will people be brought from Palestine and Israel?  Joe plans to have two Israeli and two Muslim Palestinian AVP facilitators to attend, including the West Bank and Gaza.

Nadine:  Should we make a decision to guarantee the attendance for some people so that we can get cheaper tickets as the tickets would increase in cost closer to the time of conference.  Nadine is flying in January, and is thinking of bringing Nanik and Petreus in April/May to the USA. Would people who would help to guarantee costs for bringing people, please email Nadine to share the risk of booking tickets before all the funds are gathered. 

Q.  What about the timeline for visas? US visas definitely need to be applied for in advance! Note that Ireland President is supporting.


Decisions and Actions:

1. Revise the position to be a Communication Specialist, which will complement the support we receive from the Finance Specialist, John Kintree. Ninety percent of the job stays the same, but is a major change in focus and expectation. The new job description is attached for your review and comment. [Job Description attached.] Friends approved.

2. Contract Jenna Morales to design and develop the Communication Specialist position. She and her husband Jav set up and continue to maintain the website ( Jenna developed and produced our brochure. She is very familiar with our work and its development over time. Nadine Hoover will oversee her work. Hopefully she will stay until the position is developed and documented, after which, when she leaves the position, we should be in a position to conduct a formal, more open search for her replacement. Friends approved.

Sharon Hoover: I’m concerned about overloading people, especially Jenna in this process so hope that we will be flexible.  Fenna Mandolang: A focus on communication is good and it is good to be contracted out. The person needs to be aware of the Friends Peace Teams work. This division of work makes sense to me.

Q.  To be clear, are we asking Jenna to have a short term contract to determine what is needed in the position?  A. She is in the position right now, working on what the position requires and documenting that. It is possible that Jenna will stay in the position, if it works for all parties. However in the future, if Jenna leaves the position, the role could be advertised in the wider community. Friends approved.

3. Friends Peace Teams’ 20th Anniversary 13-15 June 2014


Invite to Guest House…  Nanik and Petrus have written.

Thank people–examples of The Power of an Individual or Small Group?

Peace is Possible!


Fenna will work on a way to appropriately organize photos for later use.  Best is informative caption on photos, so please do captions if you send to her.

Tom feels there’s a story we have to tell which needs to go to basics on why and how we do this, how Friends Peace Teams is different from other non-governmental and charitable organizations, and how the results are different. This goes to the basics of why we are successful. It seems to an evolution, going from success in one place and expanding to other places. It has become a story of the Friends Peace Teams movement in Asia West Pacific.

Gay:  The calendar – Nadine has worked out a progression of bringing people together, community building, recovering in Aceh from the war, learning again from developmental play, decision making from the grassroots where everyone counts. Fenna was excited because these were the calendar themes she drafted yesterday with Nadine. Thus FPT AWP could fill a whole calendar. Nadine will work on graphics and Fenna and Jenna will work on the technical side.

Nadine: Tom is working on the ground. He has brought the Trauma Healing and Discernment workshops to Texas, noting that both of these workshop were developed in Aceh.  We have pushed ourselves to work in difficult places in the world and this has produced approaches that are the best of ourselves as well as for them. This is good story to tell.

Barbara:  At Baltimore we did a workshop. Few people attended, but it went great. Rosalie Dance shared an idea that AGLI asked folks in Africa to come up with proposals, e.g. Burundi – support for rape survivors, Rwanda – preparing young people for truth and reconciliation work and nutrition work.  Rosalie had four proposals and could ask people to sign on to help for specific amounts for specific activities.

Q. – Could people in AWP come up with proposals that would give them more ownership and have the fundraising in the USA? A.  Nadine: We could think about this in the future, but this year we are needing to fundraise for the participants to attend workshops in USA/Ireland gatherings. Also Dave Zarembka spends full-time fundraising and administering rather than facilitating content, and in the past they hired a grant writer and reporter. So they are in a very different position than we are. Sharon:  AWP has had requests from people in AWP e.g. building Peace Place, putting on the railing, preschools in Aceh. Nanik and Ninok are teaching preschool in peaceful ways.  They do not ask, but we know that it will be great when they see preschool in USA. We do help their projects in their place. Fenna: There is much to consider. Nadine: Africa gets much less than their share of aid, so anything we can do to move money to Africa is a help. Asia, on the other hand, has funds, but they need more technical support and transfer of technology. AWP used to do more small grants like wheelchairs, farming grants, and so forth, but is not able to keep up administering them. We do more than we always notice. Thank you Barbara.  Barbara: Maybe these concrete proposals are much more likely to encourage giving, so this is something I could consider in the way I encourage people to give.

Tom: I will continue to serve AWP as Finance team on FPT.  (requires correct wording).


Closing Word:

Shawna Doran: listening

Nadine Hoover: speechless

Sharon Hoover: hope

Gay Howard:  grateful for the work we all do.

Fenna Mandolang: nourishing

Tom Martin: awesome

Jasmine Payget: amazed

Petrus:  challenged

Nick Rozard: bigger than just me

Barbara Thomas: delighted

Deb Wood: exciting

Nanik:  learn to hear (English!)

Joe DiGarbo: satisfied

Anne Eggleton:  heartening.


NEXT CALL 3 / 4 SEPT 2013