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Minutes 3 Apr 2013


Skype Meeting Tuesday/Wednesday April 2nd/3rd

Present: Nadine Hoover, Sharon Hoover, Gay Howard, Valerie Joy, Fenna Mandolang, John Michaelis, Jasmine Payget, Petrus Kusen, Nick Rozard, Barbara Thomas, Deb Wood, Heri Wibowo (Bowo)


Check ins:

Petrus is very strong and happy and is at home from Jogja. He is glad to gather with people on the phone today.

Bowo did not get to join us last month, and is glad to join us this month. Last month he forgot because he had so much going on. The last two weeks have been very busy in the villages and in the SHEEP office. He has finished a lot of work and is glad to be free to join the call.

Deb is preparing for Yearly Meeting but would rather be in Indonesia than doing Quaker things.

Gay is preparing for the AVP face to face. She told us of Aghmis, a shamin from the upper Amazon area, who works with native peoples (e.g., Dennis Banks) in creative ways to preserve the earth. For example, they spoke at the Rio dump.

Valerie is grateful for Nadine’s recent visit to Australia.

Barbara enjoyed spending last Sat. with the recent Indonesia Peace Team group at Sharon and Dean’s home at Cadbury. The team is beginning to share their stories at Quaker events. One person has agreed to become a sustainer and she will continue to work on that.

Jasmine was glad to be part of FPT in Blue Mountains recently and was especially interested in restorative justice. She is learning a lot.

Fenna is nourished and tired as she revisits FPT. She is encouraged that a friend of hers will be going to Cuba to do research and hopes this is a sign that the US government may be opening to Cuba some.

Sharon was glad to host the FPT travelers last Sat–as well as her grandchildren. Now she is ready to get focused on her daily duties.

John is celebrating Nadine’s visit to Australia and preparing for the Nepal trip. Blaze Newara, a flim maker, has joined the trip. They will be doing a discernment and trauma healing in Katmandu.

Nadine had just driven in to her NY home from Delaware after seemingly endless travel. She is glad that job descriptions are coming together. She is planning her garden. She mentioned that Julei and Rosemary are in Afghanistan and they will be asking women there if they want a formal relationship with FPT-AWP.



1. Friends are comfortable with this Report to yearly meetings with the changes noted below the original draft:

Original Draft: Report to Yearly Meetings 2013: Friends Peace Teams, Asia West Pacific Initiative. We’ve experienced a welcome resurgence of energy this year in the Initiative. Our work is fruitful as we continue to articulate our priorities as an established and reliable Friends program of travel and visitation with attention to grassroots peace work based on discernment.  John Michaelis joined us as co-coordinator with Nadine Hoover, and she has relinquished some of her administrative responsibilities, preferring to concentrate her energy for on-the-ground peace work in the region and writing and publishing while back home.  We have formally hired a part time office coordinator, Sarah Rozard, who has given us a welcome new look for our communications and recruiting.  Nadine recently created a new, well-received advanced Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshop on discernment.  John has developed a strong and ongoing relationship with Subhash and a group of AVP facilitators in Nepal undertaking numerous AVP workshops, and Valerie Joy is exploring a trip to the Philippines later this year, hoping to develop exchanges among AVP facilitators in Java and the Philippines.  Rosemary Epps continues her quiet and successful peace work trips to Afghanistan that we may be able to publicize formally soon. Our new fund-raising program to attract sustaining members who commit to raising $500/year is going very well. We are blessed with the spiritual and financial support necessary to ensure this program for us all.

Changes: This paragraph is 1/4 of the whole report. John will add a sentence about Nepal; Valerie will add about the Australia trip. Changes can be made directly to the Report to yearly meetings on line and will go to Sharon for editing. Sharon will send it to John and Tom Martin to disseminate to the Council for Yearly Meeting reports. Clarifying to Petrus we explained that if we are more specific about activities other than AVP, the difference between AVP and FPT-AWP will be clearer without having to explicitly explain the difference.

  1. AWP group attending the face-to-face meeting in St. Louis (John, Gay and Sharon) agree to meet at 9 am on Thursday May 16th, since the FPT sessions begin after lunch. Skype will be available for the whole group to join. The Agenda for the AWP meeting at the Face to Face was revised as follows:
  1. Check in.
  2. What I’m doing for FPT-AWP and what I need.
  3. Do we know what the “necessary minimal work to continue the FPT-AWP initiative” is? Could a monthly report help us know how we are doing towards sustaining this program?
  4. Share a written report from Bowo and Petrus.
  5. Check out.


Resources Needed:

Funds for the $5,000 loan to Petrus for Peace Place have been requested from AVP-VICTORIA. We should hear in the first week of April. If it is not received, Nadine will call Friends on the working group to ask if anyone would be able to provide this loan. Petrus needs the funds by mid-April to pay the balloon payment due.

Funds for the $2,700 to pay for the railing at Friends Guest House is still needed. If Friends could announce to your meetings that their is an opportunity to support the Friends Guest House in Pati Central Java, this amount would complete construction of the building.

Accomplishments for March 2013: John invited others to add accomplishments to the google document. Please see this document for a long list of accomplishments in the past month.

Announcements and upcoming activities and events

16-30 April 2013

Friends Peace Team to Nepal. The arrangements for the trip to Nepal are proceeding well. Carroll Broome (California), Bheena Sewnarain (Perth), Blaze Nowara (New York) are joining John on this trip. Blaze produced an excellent video on AVP in the USA and we are expecting he will document the Nepal trip too. The team arrives in Kathmandu where they hope to facilitate two AVP Basic workshops plus a workshop on Discernment and a Trauma Healing workshop. We expect that training will be used to facilitate workshops in the Refugee Camps for people exiled from Bhutan now in South Eastern Nepal.

Valerie noted Friends make infrequent visits to aboriginal people in Queensland. She will inquire if this might come under FPT work.

21-23 May 2013

Discernment workshop in Miami prior to AVP-USA National Gathering is full, facilitated by Nadine Hoover, John Michaelis, Katherine Smith, Margaret Lechner and Roger Kluck.

14 June 2013

Discernment workshop in Austin, Texas beginning 14 June, facilitated by John Michaelis.

21-23 June 2013

Trauma Healing workshop in Victoria, British Columbia facilitated by John Michaelis and Roger Kluck. This workshop is now full.

Check outs

Valerie — movement

Petrus — enthusiasm

Barbara — proud of everyone

Deb — peace

Bowo — strength

Fenna — calling

Sharon — new life

Jasmine — connection

Nick — free … port

Gay — new energy

John — continuation

Nadine — amazing!

To Rosemary — we love you!!


Minutes submitted by Barbara Thomas.

Fenna Mandolang clerking.