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Minutes 6 Mar 2013

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Minutes March 5/6, 2013

Present: Fenna Mandolang, Nadine Hoover, John Michaelis, Petrus, Sara Rozard, Nick Rozard, Shawna Doran, Sharon Hoover, Gay Howard, Valerie Joy, Deb Wood, Barbara Thomas

We all did one-sentence check ins that were very quick.

We welcomed Barbara Thomas of Annapolis Friends Meeting in Maryland, USA to the group. She offered to take minutes, of which we are very appreciative.

Action items:

  1. 1.     1. Friends approved the position and job description of FPT-AWP Indonesia Team Coordinator at Peace Place to work with the FPT-AWP U.S. Administrator up to half time for Rp 30,000/hour (US$3.13/hour). We will use the sustainer program to hire Petrus and Nanik beginning February 2013 (the Friends Peace Teams already paid support to them in January). The position will be reviewed annually at the end of the calendar year to review the job description, evaluate performance and assess pay. Funds to come from sustainer program.
  2. Friends approved (in principle) an interest-free loan of US$5,000 on April 1, 2013, to be lent for three years and to be repaid US$300/mo Nov 2014 – Mar 2016, if a kind soul with the funds and generosity to use them this way is found by that time. Sharon did approach Friends out west and others to seek a donor to give the money for the loan, unsuccessfully.

John questioned where the money might come from and Sharon commented that she had no hesitation on this loan but we should not make it a practice. Nadine explained that Petrus is paying off two other loans, which take priority, so the start date on this one is delayed for a year and a half. Nadine commented that the loan will allow them to turn their attention from the guest house to other necessary projects and that they greatly appreciate the support.

  1. Friends will not be funding a high-school scholarship for Wiwit, son of Petrus and Nanik, at this time.

Resource Needs:

We are still looking for funding for the second story railing at Peace Place, as well as the $5,000 loan to Petrus and Nanik. We have many sustainers and are about half way at this point. A gift of $2,100 was received for a planer, router and chop saw for Kamto.

Friends were asked where their attention is:

John: We need more sustainers in Australia to find resources to pay our own way.

Nadine: Delighted with outcome of dialogue open in N. Aceh even though training wasn’t able to go forward. It is an example of how Islamic and Christian nations can work together.

Petrus: Happy with team visit, making him stronger. Hoping for future connection with Hanna’s friend in Conflict Resolution Center at Islamic University in Semarang. They loved what Peace Place is doing and plan to send university students to visit. Petrus plans to visit there as well.

John: Nepal trip planned for April 16 to May 1 with four persons now—filling up the team capacity for this trip: Carroll Broome, Rubye Braye, Bheena Sewnarain will join John Michaelis. There has been much violence (rape and domestic violence) growing out of the frustration of 40,000 men remaining in the refugee camp (down from 250,000). He wants to measure how the 20 workshops (including one Advanced, one Training for Facilitators, and one Discernment) may have made a difference. In this upcoming visit, they hope to do a Discernment and a Trauma Healing workshop, among others. They will try to go to Nepal every 6 months; next trip is planned for October. Opportunities emerging (i) among the 1/2 million youth—now young adults—who were part of the Communist party and (ii) with pre-schools. Sharon mentioned that Suhbash’s written information to AWP council was well-written and quite helpful in understanding the situation.

Valerie: No longer secretary of FWCC-AWPS, wants to turn her attention to Friends Peace Teams administration in Australia. She is planning to visit the Philippines—Bohol Island, south of Manila—in October to explore a relationship with Friends Peace Teams, possibly inviting Nanik to travel with her. Friends in Bohol are already exploring possibilities of working with Peace Place in Pati and Petrus has invited them to come to Peace Place.

Sarah: Work is going well but feel alone in Alfred. Emailing, translating, editing a lot. Haven’t responded as readily as would like to. Volunteer helper friend was hospitalized and that caused a set back.

Gay: asked for full street addresses and phone numbers of AWP support group to give to Nancy Shippen for updated addresses. Nadine pledged to send them.

Nick: Buying equipment for own lab. Personal finances are tight. Not concentrating on FPT so much just now as we were moving homes and looking for work.


May 16-19, 2013 FPT face to face in St. Louis. John Michaelis, Tom Martin, Sharon Hoover, Gay Howard going from AWP. John needs some funding. Should plan an AWP meeting ahead of time for that. Hope to have a Power Point presentation ready from Nepal trip—or at least write up.

We should hold the Kenya elections in the Light as violence following can be expected.

Yuyun’s cards have been printed and boxed; now a reality. Fenna will be getting them to you in this month to use as a fundraiser.

Closing words—general summary: connected, energy, expectancy, happening, nice rooster in background in Pati.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Thomas