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Minutes 2 Jan 2013

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

Working Group Minutes

1/2 January 2013


Present: Valerie Joy, Rosemary Epps, John Michaelis, Shawna Doran, Nicholas Rozard, Sarah Rozard, Gay Howard, Nadine Hoover, Fenna Mandolang, Tom Martin, Petrus, Sharon Hoover and Deb Wood.





Valerie Joy:  Is enjoying Christmas holiday. Just finished her job as FWCC-AWPS Section and is looking forward to all the new opportunities.

Nick Rozard: Just been traveling with Sarah, Fenna and Nadine all over the south of the US in Florida and now we’re back in Alfred with over a foot of snow on the ground. It’s nice to be home.

Rosemary Epps: I’m in Tasmania, which is not as hot as Australia this time of year, so everyone comes to visit. so I have a group of eight young people covering the floor including my daughter, who I get to see at this time of year, and I’m looking forward to responding to requests in Afghanistan.

Fenna Mandolang: I got to visit my father’s and my mother’s side of the family and family friends. I really valued the time to visit… the thing that FPT-AWP holds up and values, I’m glad to notice, enjoy and value visitation in my family as well as around the world.

Shawna Doran: I’m here in Florida with Nadine kicking off a grand, new fundraising trip, yeah!

Nadine Hoover: I’m here in Florida with Shawna, who’s getting ready for me to visit, share, … in Florida for three weeks.

Gay Howard: Spent a week in Colorado to see my daughter and son and grandchildren. We went to Mountainview Meeting to their potluck and Christmas celebration. It’s a big and thriving meeting.

John Michaelis: I returned a few hours ago from a trip for my father’s memorial service in England and therefore I did a tour through the US to see my children. Valerie and I are about to go to Australia Yearly Meeting and then the AVP National Gathering. My very good friend, Ian Hughes died recently. He was a very special person and friend.

Sarah Rozard: I had a great holiday. It’s very exciting to make significant connections with people about the work with Friends Peace Teams that I’m doing.

Tom Martin: I have a new headset and I recommend it. I spent the holiday with my number one son and number one grandson. I had a lovely visit with John Michaelis when he was in the US in Austin. I’m sorry it was not more time. The thing that came forward that was clear to me was that John offered to do a discernment workshop the next time John is here and I think it’s possible. I have an AVP basic workshop coming up soon, so I’m in fine fettle.

Sharon Hoover: Three couples who have been friends for 43 years got together with all of our children and most of our grandchildren on St. George Island on the Gulf of Mexico! It was fabulous!

Deb Wood: I had a good time with my daughter and my family and my brother and a first cousin I haven’t seen for several years. We were at Powell House, Quaker conference center, where my daughter Katherine works and it was a good time. December was a little less busy for me and January looks good so that’s good.






1. Sarah fully recovered from Lymes!!! Yeah! So, she is now working routinely to develop the position and office, office handbook, volunteer handbook, young adults summer trip…. There’s much to do, and she’s inheriting no routines done by volunteers to date, so let’s all be patient we her and ourselves in what we expect and gracious in seeking opportunities to ask her, “Is there anything I can do to help?” and then following through with commitments. We are building an new Friends’ program! For real! Yeah!


2. Welcome Valerie Joy, who is just stepping down as Secretary of FWCC-AWPS and has offered to be of service to Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific! Yeah! Her strength is “connecting people with like interests to help one another.” She’s also involved in AVP-Australia/AWP, so she may be able to see links among Friends Peace Teams, Alternatives to Violence Project and Friends Meetings!!! She’s active with the Christian Peacemaker Teams in Asia West Pacific as well and can speak specifically about similarities or differences. She may need help understanding the differentiation clearly between these groups. I will be attending the AVP National Meeting and will ask them how they see the differences and similarities. John noted that Friends Peace Teams is clearly a Friends’ organization, and Alternatives to Violence Project is not, which is a clear distinction. Sharon noted that AVP workshops are part of our work, but we are engaged in much more.


3. We would like to write articles about the work of FPT AWP for possible publication in the Australian Friend, Quaker Voice, Friends Journal and the Friend. Sharon will be home on January 3rd and try to catch up on email by the end of the week. She would like to receive copies of what Valerie writes for Australian Friend to inform what she writes for the Friends Journal. Sarah has Valerie’s friendship format to post on the website, probably by the end of the week. Nadine is all for Valerie’s desire to do an AVP style-agenda for Peace leaders in Brisbane, ONCE the ticket itinerary is confirmed.


Valerie, John and Rosemary will work with the Australia Yearly Meeting to respond to Friends Peace Teams invitation to join the Council. Valerie sees that Indonesia is our closest neighbor and we have not been very neighborly or friendly. Aotearoa/NZ has led the way in developing friendships in Indonesia and I would like that to change for Australia. I am also hopeful that Friends Peace Teams can be important in developing relationships with Indonesia Yearly Meeting. John is not sure that Australia Yearly Meeting is prepared for this step, but Rosemary hopes that this would bring Friends Peace Teams more into view of the yearly meeting and get more young adults involved. Tom would like to encourage Australian Friends to go as slowly as you need to go. It may be a big commitment, the travel is an issue, getting started in the right spirit is important, as you always do and the way will open as it will. We hold you in prayer that you are faithful to the spirit.


FPT Peaceways Spring will be eight pages with a due date of February on relationships for peace networking, highlighting FPT relationships with other organizations working for grassroots peace work. FPT’s relationships with Australia Yearly Meeting, AVP and other activities in Australia would be useful. Nadine suggested to Petrus he consider or look into an article on the relationship between FPT, Peace Place and SHEEP. John will update his article to include the relationships with the UN refugee services.


The next publication of the Australian Friend is March 2013. The letter to AVP-Australia will be shared at the AVP National Gathering, as appropriate. Fenna will follow up with Jenna on getting Yuyun’s notecards published and out to working group members. Terese Is now working on the covers for the children’s books so two will be published shortly.


4. We now have thirteen sustainers! John was delayed by the death of his father, but still would like to speak to Peter Watson about being a sustainer and seeking others. To whom are we extending this invitation? We have had two separate AUS$1,000 donations, which John is holding for expenditures on the work in Nepal. John is discussing with his local meeting, Wahroonga Monthly Meeting, about having a holding account for Friends Peace Teams. They will discuss it at the end of the month and, if they agree, John will use the funds for the work in Nepal and report the income and expenses through his trip reports to Nepal.


Shawna had a great idea to ask Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW — Mary Jo Klingel, Barbara Letsch, Jack Bradin are SEYM members who Nadine will speak to on this tour) for the $1,000 that Nick needs for microbiology lab equipment. They have been giving $500 grants to local Quaker environmental activities in SEYM. It’s not a guarantee, but asking for at least $500 and up to $1,000 is a new, reasonable opportunity. Nick finds that very encouraging.


5. Rosemary keeps getting ideas from these Skype calls and one of them is about writing an article for PeaceWays about the people we are working with. Currently she’s coordinating a visit to Kabul with a Women’s Access to Justice Project in northern Afghanistan where women will be raising women’s right according to the Al-Qur’an and ending violence against women.They will be dealing with community groups and male gatekeepers, which will not be easy, so she felt that some AVP training would help. This is coming out of earlier work she’s done with NGO friends there. There was a lot of opposition of things that come out of the west, but because she could told them about what Nadine was doing in the Indonesia as a Muslim country, they trusted that it might work for them also. So when they tried AVP themselves, it worked really well for them. It was so helpful to them to hear more about experiences of what’s happening in Indonesia to get ideas of how they might use this. They need to translate manuals into two local languages before they can do this. Rosemary is very hopeful about this. John recommends starting translations from the Sydney Concise Manual and Nadine invites us all to compare our translations/ work on translations together somehow. Deb Wood helped Nadine’s translation of the Indonesian manual by improving the English writing of the basic manual and revising it to reflect what we are actually doing. Rosemary didn’t feel her skills were strong enough, so she’s asked Julie, who developed the AVP advanced workshop on shame in Australia, to help her with this. Julie might travel with Rosemary. We already have some strong apprentice facilitators in Afghanistan.


6. Sarah will ask Jav and Jenna to help her make sure the newest brochure and presentation materials (photos, etc…) are in the Dropbox for people to use.


7. Please read the announcement of Nadine Hoover’s speaking tour in Florida (at the bottom here) to see our outreach approach and offer feedback, suggestions or questions, to save to use for your announcements, and to see Nadine’s example so you can get a photo and bio on yourself to send to Sarah to include on the website (this is different from the “friendship format” that a few of you have done). Please send those to


8. Working Group Co-Clerks and Recording Clerk are needed!!! A co-clerk is needed to support Fenna Mandolang for communications around clerking the working group and another person for recording clerk. Friends are encouraged to look for volunteers for this work, considering people of all ages–young, old and in-between.


9. Anyone who wants to think through FPT-AWP email addresses with Nadine and Valerie Joy, please let them know.


10. Petrus is doing his check-in now: Thank you. I love joining this call, even though I was late. I’m feeling happy. Last month we did an AVP basic workshop with eleven new people at Peace Place. After the workshop they set up a communications network because they all want to stay involved. They feel the materials are very helpful for them. So I felt that when Nadine comes with the Friends Peace Team we can do more continuation of the training. More and more people are getting to know Peace Place, so it’s getting better known. We’re always talking to Nadine about the need for more written materials, which we’re planning time for working on materials. We are looking forward to the varied input from the team members.


Kamto was torching the top off a drum to use for boiling the wood for our children’s blocks when it exploded. Kamto suffered burns over 65% of his body, from his chest to his feet. His wounds are drying up and he’s learning to walk again and getting much better. Tina, the Secretary of AVP Aceh, is recovering from a motorcycle accident. She was medivac’ed to Java and is at home in Pati recovering. She faced a setback with some infections and is not yet coming out of the house. We send them our love and prayers for a full recovery.





We didn’t have time to brainstorm accomplishments on the call, and John and Nadine did not do it before the call. If you have news, please write it up to send it with one photo to Sarah to share on the e-news!!!


Nick Dosch is ready to do some writing to catch Friends up on the developments for the water filters to go out over the e-news and to seek US$1,000 for microbiology equipment and begin planning a return trip to Indonesia for the spring or summer of 2013.


Nadine Hoover and Lee Norton attended the invitational workshop on December 5-8, 2012 at Columbia University on Human Dignity and Humiliation, and are exploring connecting with their newly established Dignity University next summer.


Val Liveoak and Laura Fried are interested in Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific assisting Friends in Ecuador and possibly other Central American areas to learn about combining Alternatives to Violence Project and trauma healing training with developmental play next July 2013. Dignity University has a project in Ecuador that might connect at that time.


Indonesia Peace Team Members for Jan-Feb 2013: Nadine Hoover, NY, USA; Margaret White, NJ, USA; Barbara Thomas, MD, USA; Harriet Nettles, MD, USA;  Martha Baer, MD, USA;  and Bette Hoover. YEAH!


Nadine met with the peace team members on Dec 8, 2012, then spoke to the Annapolis Friends Meeting First Day School and Adult After-Meeting group on December 9th followed by a presentation at the Wm Penn House Sunday evening. The Wm Penn House talk went especially well.


Nadine is just starting a speaking tour of Florida organized by Shawna Doran for 1-21 January 2013.



Up-coming Activities: 


We didn’t have time to brainstorm up-coming activities on the call, and John and Nadine did not do it before the call. If you have any, please write it up to send it with one photo to Sarah to share on the e-news!!!


John Michaelis plans to host a Show and Tell on FPT AWP at the Australian Yearly Meeting in Canberra in January and Valerie Joy is tracking our invitation to Australia Yearly Meeting to join the Friends Peace Teams Council.


Silver Wattle Quaker Retreat Center in Bungendore outside Canberra, Australia has invited Nadine Hoover to lead a workshop on Discernment and be a Traveling Friend in March 2013. John Michaelis and Helen Bayes are collaboratively planning a tour in Australia which is likely to include a visit to most of the state capitals offering visitation, discernment and trauma Healing workshops.



Check out

Valerie: Happy, but still uncertain

Nick: Team!

Rosemary: Inspired!

Fenna: Artsy

Shawna: Encouraged!

Nadine: Appreciative

Gay: Take the next step

John: Lots to do

Sarah: Love

Tom: …

Petrus: Strength

Sharon: Daily Faithfulness

Deb: …



Thank you to Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific:


Working Group: Shawna Doran, FL, USA; Rosemary Epps, Tasmania, Australia;  Mary Hamilton, PA, USA; Nadine Hoover, NY, USA; Sharon Hoover, DE, USA;  Gay Howard, CA, USA; Valerie Joy, Queensland, Australia;  Subhash Kattel, Kathmandu, Nepal; Fenna Mandolang, NY, USA; Tom Martin, TX; USA; John Michaelis, NSW, Australia; Nanik and Petrus, Central Java, Indonesia; Sarah and Nick Rozard, NY, USA; Autumn Star, NY, USA; Peter Watson, Aotearoa/NZ; Heri Wibowo, Aceh, Indonesia; and Deb Wood, NY, USA.


Sustainers: Laurel Buckwalter, NY, USA; Nadine Hoover, NY, USA; Dean and Sharon Hoover, DE, USA;  Gay Howard, CA, USA; Jasmine Payget, Blue Mountains, Australia; Nancy Shippen, MA, USA; Barbara Thomas MD, USA; Deb Wood, NY, USA; Donna Poulos, CA, USA; Tom & Judy Martin, TX, USA; Martha Baer, MD, USA; Shawna Doran, FL, USA; Valerie Joy, Queensland, Australia.


To join this group of sustainers and publicly declare your support for making Friends Peace Teams reliably available in Asia West Pacific, pledging $500/year, or to travel with a peace team, please contact our office:


Thank you!