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Minutes 1 May 2012

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific

1 and 2 May 2012


Present: Deb Wood, Sarah Rozard, Nicholas Rozard, Rosemary Epps, Nadine Hoover, Gay Howard, Heri Wibowo, Sharon Hoover–recording, Fenna Mandalong—convening.

Regrets: Pamela Haines, John Michaelis, Tom Martin, Autumn Star, and Petrus.

Petrus was traveling. Nadine informed him that we’ll translate calls in the chat box, which will make it much easier for him to follow the call.

Tom Martin was not able to be with us, but sent his responses (included below) via email.

Pamela Haines had to miss the call again today for their annual work lobby day in Harrisburg and is wondering if she will continue her participation on calls.

Autumn Star does not have internet for the call. She hopes the call is a good one and is sorry she can’t be with us.

John Michaelis

The clerk opened the meeting with asking each of us to check-in by saying why FPT is important to us now.

Tom Martin: (via email) I’m engaged with my meeting in a struggle for a wider understanding of Quaker values, right order, and practice(s), specifically our nominating practice of recognizing gifts not filling slots on a printed list. There are so many in my faith community who have difficulty grasping service in the manner of Friends, that is so prevalent and vital on Friends Peace Teams, especially within the AWP working group.

Deb: She is feeling part of the projects; however, at the present, she is busy with other committees. She will return to more active participation in FPT as some of her other commitments wind down.

Bowo: He is in Langsa and feeling well. Last month he did some AVP and some coordination of planning for John and Nadine’s visit. The group is planning to lead an AVP level II with developmental play. May 5, there will be more detailed planning, and May 11-13 a Basic Workshop, primarily with high school students.

Gay: She has finished the schedule for F2F meeting in May and sent it off. As soon as she receives an ok, she will plan the agenda for the plenary sessions. She hopes that the F2F group can become more a community than it has before. She is looking forward to the meeting.

Nick: He is currently working with Yuyun. He is going to Pati soon and wants to continue working with the Pati community. He has been sending out information about the water filter work. In a week, he will begin traveling to the United States where he will be at the F2F.

(At this time, Friends became aware that Sarah was typing translations in for Bowo.)

Rosemary: She is working on the manual for persons planning to go to Indonesia. She has plenty of material on what the traveler should take. She has material from AGLI; some is useful, some not. She is also talking with a mult-faith group next week about AWP and hopes that she may find support there. Nadine will send passport and visa information that she has to John and Nic. Nic will add any information he has learned, and the whole will be passed to Rosemary. Rosemary also said that she will be trying to collect some school supplies and do some fundraising.

Fenna: Fenna is becoming active in AVP again in the Buffalo area. She has met a Pax Christi member and a lawyer who may be good comrades carrying on the work. She is enjoying extending her friendships in AVP.

Sharon: She has felt limited by two cataract surgeries for the past two months. The second is going better than the first. She is preparing a fundraising letter and a packet of newsletter to send to each meeting that she has spoken to about FPT in the past year. (the Lord willing and the river don’t rise) She is also collecting some broaches again. Nadine noted that a man requested the simple, silver circle one.

Nadine: She appreciates that we seem to be coming together to own this work together. She appreciates the call because AWP needs friends to come together. We need more and younger people in the community. We have many tasks that are reasonably small. Many people can help with small jobs. There have been no funds for John’s ticket, so Nadine is covering it. However, that leaves her $120 in the hole so far without any money to take with her. She said that she felt confident that she could raise the money if she were not so tied up in small ways for AWP. However, we are coming together to make things possible in the world.

Sarah: At the moment, she is translating. She supports Nic and Nadine emotionally and psychologically by listening and giving feedback and by keeping up.

During the checkins, people asked questions and shared observations about projects and feelings. Convener asked if there were any other questions, comments or discussion items.

Please send information on fundraising to Rosemary for the handbook. Rosemary, please send an outline with headers to fill in to Nadine, John and Nick.

Rosemary asked anyone who has a DVD about the work in Indonesia please send it to her? That would help her in fundraising talks.

To check out, clerk asked that we respond to the question: why do you keep coming back to this work:

Tom Martin (via email)–We need to publicize more widely the divine source of peace work that we practice as Friends in service on peace teams, whether on the ground or in support “back home.” The peace testimony is the most difficult for modern Friends to grasp in depth. “May the peace and love of God and the presence of the Holy Spirit be with us all evermore…” is my edited version of the benediction in the Episcopal Prayer Book at the close of the communion service.


Sharon—The most cost-efficient, humane and friendly road to peace. Besides, I fell in love with my co-workers in Indonesia. Eating, sleeping, working, playing together in homey ways is the best way in the world to make friends you want to keep. The human contact is so important. Sharing our children and families with them. They’re no longer strangers.


Deb—I fell in love with Indonesia and the people. AVP has been such an important part of my life and I have learned so much from being involved and seeing AVP working in another culture keeps reminding me that AVP is an exciting way of being in the world, not just a series of workshops and tools.


Bowo: I feel a part of a family in the United States and in Australia; I am supported by Sarah typing in the translations. I realize that the process to peace has concrete parts, simple but necessary to have in my life.

Gay—I am really happy to be working in the community of Asia West Pacific and with the communities of Indonesia.


Nick—I’m making Friends Peace Teams my work, doing water filters along with doing grassroots peace work is such a powerful way to make the world a better place.


Rosemary—I identify with what Bowo just said. I’m concerned about the amount of fear and violence that some people have to deal with. We have some tools that really work and break down that fear and connect people so they can trust one another again. It is such a huge gift, but particularly important for our world today.


Fenna—Answering this question has been helpful. AVP is the connection for me. I do identify with AVP work being done in Indonesia and Australia and connecting with other people who are working for a nonviolent world, not in an abstract way, but in the concrete, accessible, practical parts. I definitely want to cultivate my AVP experience and since I’m half

Indonesian, Asia is a good place to start. It’s important to know personally know your neighbors and people far away from you is important to establish peace in the world.


Nadine—I do Friends Peace Teams work because we need to put out our stories. We have one story. U.S. corporations try new initiatives overseas first. When the WTO made water a commodity, they began buying the riverways in Indonesia and Indonesians soon were thrown off their rivers. Soon, people in the U.S. will have to buy water, too. Water has become a corporate commodity. We need to know one another’s story to have a whole story of our own lives.

Sarah: I need to volunteer. I need to do something not because I’m paid. I’ve been working with the Indonesian Initiative for years, and it has brought added quality of life to me.

The clerk then asked for a one-word closing:

Deb: peace

Bowo: togetherness

Gay: joy

Nic: awesome

Rosemary: inspired

Sharon: family

Fenna: AVP

Nadine: patience

Sarah: love

The meeting ran about an hour.

After the call, Nadine and Fenna worked on a list below. Maybe we could add this short list below to the agenda/minutes for next month in the discussion section as a standing item to ask how are we doing on these things, how is this list changing and what do we want to do to make them a reality?


What we most value; How do we make them a reality?

Being part of a big, loving family from around the world, through calls, emails, seeking resources.

Meeting face-to-face, living and working together through Peace Teams trips.

Practicing simple, practical alternatives to violence in daily life through workshops.

Breaking down fear and building trust through visitation.

Sharing our stories interwoven into one story through articles and news.

Making water filters through long-term technical volunteers.