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Minutes 5 Dec 2012

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Working Group Minutes
4/5 December 2012

Present: Heri Wibowo, Valerie Joy, Rosemary Epps, John Michaelis, Sarah Rozard, Gay Howard, Sharon Hoover, Nadine Hoover, Fenna Mandolang, and Deb Wood.

John Michaelis: Just had a second granddaughter born and also his father just passed away. He is organizing tickets to England for the memorial and on to the US until the end of the year.
Heri Wibowo (Bowo): Bowo is very happy to be with us. Two meetings he has missed, but is very happy to be with us now. Bowo brought us the news of Tina, the secretary of AVP Aceh, who was in a severe motorcycle accident injuring her eye and check and breaking her shoulder. The hospital in Langsa, Aceh did an inadequate operation, so she was moved to Medan, where x-rays confirmed some brain injury. They re-sewed the wounds and on 21 November three doctors reconstructed her nose. Her mother came from Java to be with her. On 24 November she was strong enough to be moved to Jogjakarta, though medicated to make the trip. Pak Andreas picked her up and took her to the Bethesda Hospital. Tina is now recuperating in Pak Andreas’ house in Jogja so she may be watched by the doctors there, rather than returning to her home in Pati. She is learning now to open her mouth and eating blended foods and juices. The doctor says that 1-2 months from now she will be learning to eat solid food. She is speaking, but not yet clearly.
Gay Howard: One daughter just lost a job, but has found a new one. She will be the financial officer for Jefferson Cty in CO, and the other is going back and forth between Belgium and Brazil.
Rosemary Epps: She’s feeling energized by the lovely shared meal she had last night with her AVP team. They have such a passion for AVP and she’s very grateful.
Sarah Rozard: She’s feeling much better now. A day after the last conference call on Skype she was diagnosed with Lymes Disease. She was treated and is just back to work this week. Her first goal is to make a packet for the volunteers planning to go with Nadine Hoover to Indonesia in January. She will work with Rosemary Epps as Rosemary has been working on the volunteer handbook.
Valerie Joy: Finished her service as Secretary of FWCC-AWPS, is renewing her facilitation with AVP, and is becoming VP Queensland AVP. Materials for a presentation about Friends Peace Teams Asia West Pacific would be helpful for a 45-minute session she is giving at yearly meeting, which is a great an opportunity to broaden Australian Friends’ knowledge of Friends Peace Teams. They’re getting clearer about Nadine Hoover’s visit to Brisbane in March 2013. She sent a report to Nadine Hoover and John Michaelis for a workshop for AVP, Quakers and other peace groups in the area.
Deb Wood: She’s feeling overwhelmed by the responsibilities burying her. She wants to dig a hole and hide. She’s seeing family at Christmas, which will be very nice, but there’s a great deal to do.
Fenna Mandolang: She’s doing well. She’s healthy and got time with family over Thanksgiving and will see them again at Christmas.
Sharon Hoover: She, and her husband Dean, will be going to Annapolis this weekend to be with Nadine Hoover to meet with people planning to join the team in January. She also agreed to do some writing for Friends Journal and other news outlets.
Nadine Hoover: She’s been invited to Columbia University, then on to meet volunteers in Annapolis, then to speak in DC, then to do a three-week speaking tour in Florida in January, then to Java and Sumatra, then Australia and home on 1 April 2013.


Writing: Sharon Hoover and Valerie Joy will write articles about the work of Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific AWP for possible publication in the Australian Friend, Quaker Voice, Friends Journal, the western Friend and Spark (NYYM Newsletter) and other Quaker journals and yearly meeting newsletters.They will ask for the support and information they need from John Michaelis and Nadine Hoover.

Sustainers: We’re inviting friends to be sustainers of Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific. People have stepped forward. Current Sustainers are: Laurel Buckwalter, NY, USA; Nadine Hoover, NY, USA; Dean and Sharon Hoover, DE, USA;  Gay Howard, CA, USA; Jasmine Payget, Blue Mtns; Australia, Nancy Shippen, MA, USA; Barbara Thomas MD, USA; Valerie Joy, Queensland, Australia. John Michaelis extended the invitation to Western Australia AVP, who made a AUS$1,000 contribution, but not an annual pledge. Valerie Joy will continue to pursue this idea at Australia Yearly Meeting, and materials for the presentation will be very helpful with brochures (edited to include the sustainer invitation).

Mission of Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific: Deb Wood offered an edit of our mission statement that spoke to all of us. Friends approved as our mission statement: Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific creates opportunities to build friendships, person to person, among people committed to living peacefully by a set of common agreements across a diversity of cultures, religions and backgrounds.

Plans for Outreach: Valerie Joy and John Michaelis will be presenting at Australia Yearly Meeting and AVP National Australia, John Michaelis is doing a radio interview in Sydney, but it was postponed until February because of family matters. Fenna Mandolang is excited about publishing Yuyun’s notecards and ABC books, and through that commonality talk about the other work in Indonesia and other areas of Asia. Valerie Joy wants to write about Nadine’s upcoming speaking tour and also where AVP is active in Asia for the article she’d like to write for the Australia Friend. We need to be clear about writing about Friends Peace Teams and/or AVP and/or the connections and collaborations. Writing should be checked with John Michaelis and Nadine Hoover before submission for publication.

Working Group Co-Clerks and Recording Clerk: We need a co-clerk to support Fenna Mandolang for communications around clerking the working group and another person for recording clerk. Friends are encouraged to look for volunteers for this work.


Subhash Kattel led an AVP team to the refugee camps in South East Nepal to facilitate a series of seven workshops including a Training for Facilitators (T4F) following the coaching that John Michaelis offered on his trip last September. The team broke for the Nepalese festival month, Dashain (Oct), and is now back in the camps for thirteen more workshops before the end of 2012.

Teachers at Peace Place requested a Skype consultation with Nadine Hoover on how to support the learning of individual children. They are very excited about the progress that so many of the student are making, especially the children with autism.

Yunardi Bardo (Yuyun) worked with Nadine Hoover on the A,B,C books, the figures of people to go with the blocks (farming family, town family, people with disabilities and occupations) and three notecard series using Yuyun’s art. The notecards have proven harder to print than we imagined, but hope to have them in print soon.

Quakers from New South Wales Australia hosted John Michaelis to hear about the work of FPT in Nepal and in Indonesia. They were very enthusiastic and supportive.

Nicholas Rozard has completed the manufacturing equation to reliably produce ceramic water filters. The first set of filters produced with this equation are currently undergoing microbiology testing. We are anxious to learn the results; we will either have an operating filter or need some additional tinkering, but we are very close to accomplishing what we set out to do four years ago! It’s been a long road, but we are now very close.

Nadine Hoover conducted a small Discernment Workshop in Alfred, NY on 2-4 Nov 2012 and received useful feedback. She hopes to have the manual out Spring 2013.

Sarah, Nick and Nadine are hosting a fundraiser dinner with volunteers donating soup and bread and serving on Thursday, November 29, from 5:00-6:30 with activities from our work from 5:00-6:00 and a short talk about the water filters at 6:15. The Alfred community looks forward to hearing an update on our activities each fall.

Up-coming Activities:

Nadine Hoover is attending an invitational conference and workshop on December 5-8, 2012 at Columbia University on Human Dignity and Humiliation, and then travel to meet with the team Saturday evening, then speaking to Annapolis Friends Meeting on December 9th followed by a presentation at the Wm Penn House Sunday evening.

Shawna Doran is planning a speaking tour of Florida for Nadine in 1-21 January 2013.

Friends Peace Team in Asia West Pacific has a peace team going to Indonesia mid-January through February. We will support Peace Place in Java working on materials development, trauma healing and developmental play and then go to Aceh to catch up on developments there and offer more trauma healing and developmental play support.

John Michaelis and Valerie Joy plan to host a Show and Tell on FPT AWP at the Australian Yearly Meeting in Canberra in January and the AVP National Gathering following that. Valerie Joy is excited about Nadine Hoover’s trip to Brisbane in March 2013.

Silver Wattle Quaker Retreat Center in Bungendore outside Canberra, Australia has invited Nadine Hoover to lead a workshop on Discernment and be a Traveling Friend in March 2013. John Michaelis and Helen Bayes are collaboratively planning a tour in Australia which is likely to include a visit to most of the state capitals offering visitation, discernment and trauma Healing workshops.

Next call, January 1/2 (8:30pm NY time)

Closing Words:
John Michaelis: Anticipation
Heri Wibowo: Continued enthusiasm, unity — tetap semangat, kompak
Gay Howard: Keep on going…
Rosemary Epps: Thank you for the wonderful inspiration
Sarah Rozard: Good night
Valerie Joy: Clarity
Sharon Hoover: Courage
Deb Wood: Peace
Nadine Hoover: Love one another
Fenna Mandolang: Creative

Thank you to Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific:

Working Group: Shawna Doran, FL, USA; Rosemary Epps, Tasmania, Australia;  Mary Hamilton, PA, USA; Nadine Hoover, NY, USA; Sharon Hoover, DE, USA;  Gay Howard, CA, USA; Valerie Joy, Queensland, Australia;  Subhash Kattel, Kathmandu, Nepal; Fenna Mandolang, NY, USA; Tom Martin, TX; USA; John Michaelis, NSW, Australia; Nanik and Petrus, Central Java, Indonesia; Sarah and Nick Rozard, NY, USA; Autumn Star, NY, USA; Peter Watson, Aotearoa/NZ; Heri Wibowo, Aceh, Indonesia; and Deb Wood, NY, USA.

Indonesia Peace Team Members, Jan-Feb 2013: Margaret White, NJ, USA; Barbara Thomas, MD, USA; Harriet Nettles, MD, USA;  Martha Baer, MD, USA;  and possibly others.

Sustainers: Laurel Buckwalter, NY, USA; Nadine Hoover, NY, USA; Dean and Sharon Hoover, DE, USA;  Gay Howard, CA, USA; Valerie Joy, Queensland, Australia; Jasmine Payget, Blue Mountains, Australia; Nancy Shippen, MA, USA; and Barbara Thomas MD, USA.

To join this group of sustainers and publicly declare your support for making Friends Peace Teams reliably available to people in the world by pledging $500/year, or to travel with a peace team, please let our office know: Thank you!