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Minutes 6 Nov 2012

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Nov 6/7 2012 Skype Call

Present were: Deb Wood, Gay Howard, Fenna Mandolang, Sarah Rozard, Nick Rozard, Petrus and John Michaelis. Valerie Joy,Tom Martin, Sharon Hoover, Shawna Doran planned to be on the call, but didn’t make it. We received regrets from: Heri Wibowo is running a training; Subhash Kattel’s electric is not reliable and will join when the electric is on. We did not hear from Rosemary Epps or Autumn Star.

Fenna Mandolang convened. Sarah Rozard and Nadine Hoover translated in Skype chat lines. Nadine Hoover recorded. John Michaelis was Skype technician. If you are willing to be recording clerk or Skype technician, please contact Sarah at

We welcomed Subhash Kattel from Nepal to our Working Group in Spirit even if he is not here on-line with us.

•    Gay is grateful to be on the line. She broke two ribs on a train, but is getting back to normal.
•    Petrus is feeling very good and fresh.
•    Nick is in Alfred University classroom with Nadine and Sarah. Water filters are moving right along. It’s cold here, but he’s enjoying life.
•    John got a baby granddaughter this morning and expecting another grandchild in the next week or two.
•    Sarah is very well. It is about 23 degrees Fahrenheit, below freezing and she’s dealing with the cold.
•    Deb, although there was a lot of damage around us, she only lost power for a few hours. The phone service went out, which was a little annoying. Her cell phone is not her usual form of communication, but she had one. Today is election day and hopefully tomorrow we will know who the president is.
•    Fenna is in Buffalo NY, and today she voted by absentee ballot. We’re memorizing the beatitudes right now in First Day School.
•    Nadine is doing well. Dealing with the cold and shorter days with more darkness.
•    Petrus at Peace Place we are discussing the difficulties with the blocks. We have run into a lot of problems. Four boxes were destroyed by worms inside the wood, so we have to replace them. Our wood worker is busy working for another export opportunity and we’re looking for another woodworker.We’re thinking about the distribution and the use of the materials that we are developing. We are also trying to be clearer about who’s responsibility it is when problems arise during the work process. We did an AVP refresher for Discernment. This week we are having a problem with Joglo Preschool because Nanik is sick and needs a week off. But the preschool is still running with Ninok and Utami. Nanik and Petrus discussed how to have routine communication with Nadine especially for input for the preschool. We asked her if we could Skype, because at Peace Place we now have internet. At Tondomulyo there is also a bit of trouble between Pak Sun’s play group and the formal preschool. We need to work on how to build better mutual understanding. There is another school that Nadine and John visited that wants to use the AVP/ developmental approach to learning, but they are also having difficulties with the local people who question what they are doing and a very authoritarian local government. There is financial governmental assistance, but you have to agree to large kickbacks/bribes to the local government in order to get the assistance. This is very heavy for them to face these situations. We are looking for ways to strengthen each other and our friends who want to use this AVP / developmental approach to teaching, learning and parenting. Thank you.
•    Bowo wrote (email): Dear FPT Friends, Good afternoon. I hope everyone is well and healthy. Two days ago when I was chatting with Fenna, she mentioned the call and I realized that I will not be able to join you, because on November 7-8 2012, there is a meeting about continuous agriculture with the theme: “How Agriculture Becomes a Living Tool for the Farmers” in the Village of Babo, Bandar Pusaka County, Tamiang District of Aceh. So I apologize. I will send an update of the activity of our friends, the Team of AVP Aceh for Sarah to post on the website.

FPT-AWP Working Group hires Sarah Rozard in the capacity of consultant to develop the position of Administrator for FPT-AWP, establish the office and office routines, write volunteer and office handbooks, and develop the protocols and materials to successfully transition FPT-AWP from a support for Nadine Hoover’s ministry to a standing, sustainable Friends’ program. Once the becomes routine and the office is running routinely, then AWP Working Group will request a review and may change the status to employee.

Friends agreed to become or help find sustainers for Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific who will be named as the sustaining group. We seek two-dozen, named donors at $500/year to become sustainers of Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific. This unique group of people along with the co-coordinators, administrator, working group members and peace team members work to ensure that several times a year Friends and others may travel in Asia and West Pacific engaged in grassroots peace work and conscientious service. Thousands of lives have been transformed by this work. The Indonesian Director for Disaster Relief in 2007 remarked: “Where we consistently fail is where you succeed: reestablishing education and livelihoods, healing trauma and reducing violence.” Be a part of this amazing group of people! Contact Please feel free to send in edits or additional language for this call as Sarah will be sending out the call soon. John Michaelis offered to contact Peter Watson and invite him to join in and seek two or three other people from New Zealand to join as well. Already named sustainers are: Nadine Hoover, Nancy Shippen, Jasmine Payget, John Nimmo, Deb Wood, Gay Howard and Tom Martin. We look forward to more!

Sarah and Nadine are putting together directions for doing a 1.5 hour presentation on Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific using some of our activities and engaging the audience. To direct our work, we are looking for how to explain our purpose. We will be using this language:

Friends Peace Teams is a Spirit-led organization working to develop long-term relationships with communities in conflict around the world to create programs for peace building, healing and reconciliation. FPT’s programs build on extensive Quaker experience combining practical and spiritual aspects of grassroots peace building.

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific creates grassroots communities of peace by building friendships, person to person, among people who commit to living by common agreements across a diversity of cultures, religions and backgrounds.

Typical activities with one another include:
•    Friendships and Agreements across Diversity
•    Nonviolence
•    Trauma Healing
•    Water Filters
•    Developmental Play
•    Discernment
•    Advocating for Justice
•    Liberty of Conscience
Again, please feel free to send in edits or additional language for this call as Sarah will be developing materials for this soon.

Check outs:
John (20 newsletters) excited by all of this.
Gay (20 newsletters) progress.
Nick (15 newsletters) I’m feeling reaffirmed by our conversation.
Petrus continued enthusiasm.
Fenna (3 newsletters) searching.
Nadine (20 newsletters) awesome, its amazing how gentle a touch can make such a difference in the world.
Sarah (20 newsletters) so grateful to be doing this with all of you.
Deb (5 newsletters) find this a very heartwarming group to work with.

Don’t forget! Please send stories about your Friends Peace Teams activities with photographs that can be posted on the website and sent out on the e-news list (typically short or up to 500 words, at least 1-3 photographs) and send to

We are endlessly excited by the news:
•    John completed facilitator training workshops in Kathmandu in September and a team of facilitators left the next day for the refugee camp and has so far completed seven workshops including a facilitator training workshop.
•    Nadine enjoys meeting with Yuyun, Ika and Mila every Wednesday evening on Skype to collaborate on creating children’s storybooks and developmental toys.
•    Nick continues his work developing the basic composition of the filter material for water filters. An important next step will be to develop a testing process in Jogja using live bacteria.
•    Shawna is working on Nadine’s visit to Florida.
•    John is working with Helen Bayes on Nadine’s visit to Friends Meetings in Australia in March 2013. John is working on meeting with legal counsel on the requirements and procedures for establishing a non-profit status in Australia. John is doing a fundraising efforts in Brisbane.