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Minutes 7 Aug 2012

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
August 7/8, 2012
Working Group

Present: Rosemary Epps, Deb Wood, John Michaelis, Gay Howard, Petrus, Nadine Hoover, Fenna Mandolang
FPT-AWP Working Group regrets: Tom Martin, Sharon Hoover, Shawna Doran, Heri Wibowo and Sarah and Nick Rozard are on a biking trip!

Thanks for the love, concern and attention of our FPT-AWP Companions: Mary A Hamiliton, Terese Longva, Autumn Star, Pamela Haines, Jav Morales, Jens & Spee Braun, Michael Hanes, Jenna Morales, Anthea Michaelis, Jasmine Payget, Valerie Joy, Bev Polzin, Chris and Moira Hughes, Callista Barritt, Peter Watson, Tri Hantini Kusuma, Nanik, Ferrizal Jamil, Rini Florince  Warouw, Rina Wijaya, Yuyun Yunardi, Ika Mila, Katherine Smith, Val Liveoak, Cecilia Yocum. If at any time you would like to step up and join in the Skype calls and work OR step back and get the e-news list, just let us know and we’ll change your group.

1.    Check in’s
2.    MINUTE Friends approve making three groups: 1) Working Group; 2) Companions Group; and 3) News Group. The Working Group and the Spiritual Companions will get the monthly detailed report and minutes from the Skype call, while the working group will get some additional email traffic on items in process and organizational needs. The Companions can therefore get the organization and working news, which if that goes on the News Group many people ask to be taken off.
3.    MINUTE Friends Peace Teams, Asia West Pacific Initiative asks the FPT Council to invite Australia Yearly Meeting to join the FPT Council and name a representative to attend the FPT monthly calls and annual meeting.
4.    John is looking for a volunteer/s to establish a charitable FPT organization in Australia. Friends Peace Teams set up PayPal capacity, which allows Friends outside the US to donate. John will encourage Australian to donate via PayPal before a tax-deductible Australian alternative is established. We need a volunteer for this. Jasmine Payget is interested, but quite busy at this time. John spoke to Valerie Joy who is working to collect names of people interested in working with Friends Peace Teams, soliciting donations via Paypal and finding a volunteer to help set up the charitable status for FPT in Australia.
5.    Thanks to Valerie Joy for providing the FWCC list of contacts for Asia West Pacific! The other FWCC Sections did not respond. John will ask Valerie about contacting the FWCC sections to see if we could get a complete list to send out a letter (that has already been drafted) to meetings globally to announce Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific. John will ask Valerie if Harry Albright, FWCC publications coordinator, might be of assistance for this, as well as FGC and FUM. Nadine has not wanted to send out the letter and brochure until the list is complete.
6.    We sent news items and there was much more news than we imagined! So much is being done. We added to the update that Nadine is seeking assistance for organizing a college group to go in the summers that Nadine would not have to be part of, so she could just go in Jan-Mar. Nadine also interviewed a person today to help with getting the books to publication. Rosemary is organizing talks for John to do when he visits Hobart and working on the handbook. Nadine gave a presentation in Buffalo for Fenna’s birthday. At the end, we went around to let everyone speak and they all greatly appreciated the talk. Fenna attended Nick’s presentation to Buffalo Meeting. He detailed very specific needs and that encouraged giving. The list is in John’s writing and Gay will take that to Pacific Yearly Meeting next week.
7.    Check-outs: Rosemary Epps-optimistic, Deb Wood-thanks, John Michaelis-thought-provoking, Gay Howard-excited, Nadine Hoover-friendship, Fenna-connected; Petrus had to leave the call on the hour half way through.

To join a team for travel or support, or to invite a speaker, contact:
Nadine Hoover or John Michaelis, Co-Coordinators of Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific or

To make donations, send a check with AWP in the memo line to:
Friends Peace Teams, 1001 Park Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104 314-688-1122 or