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Minutes 3 Apr 2012

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
3/4 April 2012

Present: Rosemary Epps, Heri Wibowo, Sharon Hoover, Fenna Mandolang, Nick Rozard, Mike Hanes, Petrus, Deb Wood, Autumn Star, Nadine Hoover

Regrets: Valerie Joy, Jasmine Page, Sarah Rozard, Pamela Haines, John Michaelis
Valerie Joy–I will be home, however, I have done no work in relation to FPT Asia West Pacific in the past month and am leaving for Africa next week. All the best.
Jasmine Paeget–I am unable to attend the phone hook-up on Wednesday as I am at a Friends gathering for children in the Australian Yearly Meeting…  We will be about 12 people across Australia, gathering to discern ways forward to welcome and encourage children in our meetings. Love and peace.
John Michaelis–Family matters: the likely imminent death of my mother and involvement in the painful marriage separation of my daughter distracted me.

Nick Rozard is in Yogyakarta. The laboratory is in operation now. Rina from SHEEP and two graduate students are working regularly in the lab with Nick. Nick will come to the Face to Face in mid-May in Austin, Texas.
Heri Wibowo in Aceh. Good evening, I love this morning, here in Aceh, I can meet with people on this Skype call.
Rosemary Epps, in Tasmania, I’m enjoying hearing Indonesian, which I haven’t heard for a long time. It’s busy here. I have a space to work on the handbook and am enjoying working on that.
Petrus in Java, thank you for having me on the call.
Fenna Mandolang in Buffalo NY, I’m glad to be on the call and convening. I’m hoping to be more involved in the support of these calls in the coming months.
Deb Wood in Sleepy Hollow, NY, is involved with trying to find housing for Quakers coming from all around in the next couple weeks.
Sharon Hoover in Delaware. I’m so glad to hear voices from Aceh and Java. I’m spending most of my time right now drafting a fundraising letter for Friends Peace Teams and sending out a lot of PeaceWays newsletters.
Autumn Star in Long Island, NY, has been doing pretty good, started up my last year in school and excited to be on this call and get updated again. Through the winter, I spent a lot of time supporting internal communication and networking for Occupy NY. There was a lot of energy and general issues coming up that aren’t being dealt with, which is making it hard to figure out how to help as they continue. The energy there is good though.
Nadine Hoover in NY, received an art book from a group of six teenage books who made the book and dedicated it to the people of Barak Induk.
Mike Hanes in Maine. My grandmother fell in the bathroom and broke her nose. I’m thinking about her and concerned, but doing very well.

What this work means to you and how it brings meaning to your life:
Nick Rozard–two weeks ago when Kristina Blank was here with Friends Peace Teams, she and I went around Indonesia. One of the places we went was to a government-run ceramics’ research lab. We met many people, including one man who graduated from Alfred University. That was very exciting to make more connections.
Rosemary Epps–I still have fresh in my mind the experience of sharing AVP in Afghanistan where the women were so excited about the opportunities to share their stories and feel connected in a way that they seldom have chances to share. It inspired me to continue this work and make it possible wherever people want to make that possible. That’s my story.
Petrus–I am very excited that we have finished building the training center and have almost completed building our home on the same site. The second building will part of our home downstairs and upstairs will be the Friends Peace Teams guesthouse.
Fenna Mandolang–I was with a seven year old, who was given an calendar with a quote or bible verse each day about being grateful and sharing using a little bank to save coins, one example was to be grateful for the water you have, and put a coin in each time you have a glass of water, the money collected could be given to someone to help develop clean drinking water, but she thought about fundraising, not about sharing–it’s not easy.
Sharon Hoover–I’ve been thinking about how to help young people think about doing the less exciting parts of Friends Peace Teams like taking minutes, working on the website, the newsletter, I’m not up there with all of you, but I’m working hard right here.
Autumn Star–my attention is on my school studies, doing a lot of reading and writing and thought into positive identity development and in doing that I’ve been thinking about my own stories, experiences and journeys and where I want to go, thinking about FPT trips to Indonesia. I grew and learned so much more about myself and sharing it when I came back home. Sharing stories and how this work of Friends Peace Teams has brought me so much of my own growth. I am trying to write about and share that. So I will try to send stories with a photo to Mike to put on the website.
Mike Hanes has been doing the technical support. It’s good when I do talk to people about FPT. I haven’t brought in new members or travelers or funds, but it’s been good to talk to them about the ideas and who knows where the ideas will go.
Nadine–I will travel in the summer after the face-to-face meeting in Austin TX, then one week at Friends General Conference to do a workshop, then I have all fall for writing. All is well. I’m excited about the Peace Place guesthouse, and trying to support the new schools in Tondamulyo, Central Java and Matang Neuheun, East Aceh.

Bowo-love and caring for friends
Rosemary-collective whoooooosh
Sharon-thank you terimakasih

Deb Wood couldn’t hear and had much to do to get ready for New York Yearly Meeting of Friends Fall Sessions, so she left the call early. Fenna and Mike will look for a stronger host computer for the call and see if that helps. Sometimes unplugging headphones and plugging them in again greatly improves your call sound–try it.

Thank you!!! Everyone!!!


1.     1.    Settle into silence then check in’s calling on each person.

1.     2.    Discernment is this group’s primary work. You can think of this in many ways, such as: What is significant about our work or the way we do it? What is most important to focus on? Why are you involved? We don’t all need a profound thought every month, but your guidance is what directs this work. We’ll call on each person again; speak if you have something you’d like to offer on direction and discernment.

1.     3.    1% inspiration; 99% perspiration. To have what inspires us takes some basic work. We hope persistence pays off to get the Skype calls easier. Rosemary is working on the handbook, which will take time and attention. Are there other support activities?

1.     4.    Report for Friends Peace Teams to Friends Yearly Meetings 2012: Please review the following paragraph. It was sent to the FPT Council as South Central and Southeastern Yearly Meetings are soon and need an annual report. If we want any changes, we can make them and send them to the Council as an update. Australia is coming online slowly—John Michaelis and Nadine Hoover will take a trip together in June to introduce him to the Indonesia work. FYI-FPT Face-to-face meeting is in Austin TX May 17-20, 2012. Those of us who are attending from Asia West Pacific will be meeting on Thursday morning at 9:00 am at the Austin Friends Meeting House.

Friends Peace Teams expanded from Indonesia to Asia West Pacific as John Michaelis from Australia joined Nadine Hoover from the U.S. as co-coordinators and Nick and Sarah are supporting Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP) workshops in Singapore and Malaysia. If support expands, we hope to respond to requests from Nepal and Korea to support AVP workshops there.  Requirement for a military permit to Aceh was lifted in 2010, which allowed Friends Peace Teams to enter areas closed for thirty-five years.  East Aceh, Langsa and Tamiang are working together to conduct regular Alternatives to Violence Project (AVP-HTK  in Indonesia) workshops to strengthen the practice of the core team of facilitators; they started a blog: Practicing AVP cooperative agreements are known as being good parents, teachers and family and community members through a couple dozen schools as well as communities.  The thousands of people driven out of Aceh during the war (1999-2000) sought new forms of power when they were attacked and intimidated by over 1,300 forest rangers, police and military personnel. Friends Peace Teams helped them report the incident to the U.N. and Amnesty International. The we delivered hand-sewn dolls to children and teachers. Although workshop participants are limited to 24, women have begun to travel more freely and one workshop 230 women showed up, so we made 23 circles of 10 people each and proceeded.  In Java, we opened a joint Christian-Muslim training center for nonviolence, healing and developmental play and began working with Indonesia Yearly Meeting. Peter Watson from Aotearoa/New Zealand works with wood workers in Central Java to make developmental toys and Nicholas Rozard works with potters in Yogyakarta to make water filters. We built microbiology and ceramics labs to support the Indonesians to learn to make, test and produce water filters on their own.

1.     5.    AVP is going well in Java at Peace Place and in Aceh. We have begun charging for workshops so they can be more self-sustaining. The charges should at least cover the expenses and food. Facilitators may need to be paid in order to keep up the workshops; if so, the workshops will be called “Basic Development Workshops” with credit to AVP for the content and volunteer AVP workshops offered regularly to poorer more isolated communities.

1.     6.    Schools: in Matang Neuheun, East Aceh and at Tondomulyo, Central Java. Nadine is hoping to collect some dolls, round cakes of tempera paint, jumbo crayons and pattern blocks for the school by Dahlan’s home in Matang Neuheun. These cost about $350 if they’re not donated. Matang Neuheun will cost about $200 to outfit and Tondamulyo has requested $2,000 to build a building behind Pak Sun and Bu Zum’s home for their school. So we could use about $2,550 by May to help these two schools along.

1.     7.    Water Filters in Yogyakarta. To use less funds, Nick worked hard to build most of the equipment needed to do the ceramics research and production. SHEEP staff have learned a lot from this process and from Nick, which puts them in a position to follow through on this work on their own. This is a major accomplishment. Nick visited two places—one in Cambodia and one in Bandung, Indonesia—where they are producing water filters, but they are run by foreigners, not by Indonesians themselves. Transferring the knowledge base to bring the Indonesians along with this work has required a lot of investment, but we are pleased with the fact we are doing it together. Nick hopes to have a prototype ready for testing by the time he leaves in May. SHEEP and Nick are requesting an additional $7,000 to hire someone to follow through and to cover the testing over the next year. Nick did not get the Fulbright, so his availability in the near future is unclear.

1.     8.    Developmental Toys at Peace Place. Peter Watson, from Aotearoa/NZ, joined with two others to provide minimal funding for a guest house at the Peace Place. He will staying there for the month of May to work with the wood workers on developmental blocks and toys and to attend the AVP workshops. Peace Place is providing the necessary quality control to keep the developmental toys high quality. Production is slow, but good quality and now available in Indonesia, which has not been true before!

1.     9.    Discernment and Cooperative Decision Making. Nadine hopes to turn her attention to reworking the second level AVP workshop on Discernment and Cooperative Decisionmaking. We are hoping to do the workshop in Aceh the first weekend of June with John Michaelis present and again at Peace Place in mid June. If it goes well, we will try to formalize the organization of FPT-AWP and Peace Place based on discernment, which would be a major step forward in organizational options.

1.     10.    Children’s Storybooks. We have several storybooks almost ready to publish, but may not have time to attend to it until this fall. Yuyun has applied to Alfred University, but is still working on an 80 on his internet TOEFL score, which will be required for admittance. This may not be possible this year, but he is working hard on this.

1.     11.    Nadine and John go to Indonesia together at the end of May thru June 2012 to introduce John to our friends there and to do workshops in preparation for the new school year that starts in July.

1.     12.    Support. What do you plan to do in the next month to help out the work?

1.     13.    One word check-out.

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