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Minutes 7 Mar 2012

Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific
Skype Call 7 March 2012, 01:30:00 (GMT)

Convening: Fenna Mandolang
Recording: Nadine Hoover

Attending: Mike Hanes, Deb Wood, Sarah Rozard, Fenna Mandolang, John Michaelis, Rosemary Epps, Valerie Joy, Heri Wibowo (Bowo), Pamela Haines

Regrets: Callista Barritt, Tom Martin, Sharon Hoover, Petrus — all of them tried to get on and could not.

Check ins:
Valerie Joy, lots of visitors, getting close to the World Conference, keeping up, but not able to do much right now.

Deb Wood, in Ithaca over the weekend at a Quaker gathering, then went to Philly for a couple days. Deb stage one breast cancer with surgery scheduled a week from today. The prognosis is good and her daughter is coming to support her. We will keep her in our thoughts and prayers and asked her to

Rosemary Epps, had a great meeting last night with the new AVP group in Tasmania, and spent time with Friends in Sydney and got excited about being a spiritual companion.

Sarah Rozard, doing well, have a week off work, supporting Nick over Skype and email and I try to keep up with all the emails, but I don’t quite get them all.

Fenna Mandolang, on Tuesdays I give my time to Friends Peace Teams whether it’s to read the emails and responses or

Bowo, is very happy to join us in this call, Friday to Monday they had a AVP workshop in Tamiang that went really well and they are very excited about the renewal of energy.

Nadine Hoover, going well, the sound of this call is much better, but after half an hour we still couldn’t add people who had been there from the beginning.

Mike Hanes, learning technical ways to do conference calls, spring time is coming in Maine

John Michaelis, at Sydney airport with a wireless connection. Boarding a plane in 2.5 hours to come to Seattle to do a trauma healing workshop

Pamela Haines, all is well, really pleased with the Economics group at yearly meeting and her neighborhood

We spent most of our time trying to get everyone on the call, since we did not know how to add people to the call and several of us were trying to get on and did not. It was a bit discouraging, but hope spring eternal!

We welcomed John Michaelis as our new Co-Coordinator!

We celebrated becoming:
Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific OR Asia West Pacific Initiative of Friends Peace Teams.

John offered to take an AVP Basic Manual to Arbiter in Jakarta in June.

Efforts toward regular AVP workshops in Aceh, Central Java and Jakarta: They are all charging for community workshops and considering providing stipends to the one – three lead facilitators. If so, they will call them “Basic Development Workshops” in the manner of AVP. They are all conducting basic workshops in March and May preparing to offer an Advanced Workshop in Discernment and Cooperative Decision Making with Nadine and John in June. The first weekend of June in Aceh, the second in Jakarta and the third in Pati, Central Java.

Rosemary offered to assist with the handbook. Nadine will send the pieces. Nick and Sharon had thought about starting this, and Nick and Kristina have just traveled to Aceh on their own and have again been collecting input. All the pieces need to be compiled into one “handbook,” then probably some of us who have traveled could be interviewed to add to it, then we could use it for a year or two and as additional ideas come up we would have someone to send them to to incorporate. This way we could build it slowly over the coming year or two. John will inquire with the AVP-International Education Committee to see if any of them are interested in helping Rosemary.

Call preparations: John, Mike, Sarah and Fenna stayed on the call afterwards to figure out why we could not get people on the call. Fenna will contact people one-by-one to make sure they have downloaded the latest Skype and sent their contact request to Mike. Most of the problem was that we had not each taken all the steps necessary to be ready.

Check outs:
Mike — patience
Deb — peace and good wishes
Bowo — friendship
Rosemary — love and peace
Fenna — celebrating new friends
Pamela — what a wonderful international effort
Sarah — courage and responsibility
Nadine — wow! thank you, gratitude, lovely to see how things grow
John — perseverence and timeliness

Next Call: Skype Call 4 April 2012, 01:30:00 GMT (look this time up for you on the World Clock!)