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Minutes 8 Feb 2012

Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia
Conference Call 2/7-8/12

Present: Nadine Hoover, Nicholas Rozard, Kristina Blank, Gay Howard, Michael Hanes, Deb Wood, Fenna Mandolang, Sharon Hoover, Sarah Rozard, Tom Martin, Valerie Joy, Jasmine Payget, Pamela Haines arrived later


· Fenna is in Buffalo, NY glad to be back on the calls and feel connected.

· Sharon is in Ft. Lauderdale, FL and will return home soon to put together the FPT newsletter.

· Kristina Blank is glad to have just arrived in Jogja to work with Nick on the water filters.

· Nick’s work in Jogja on the filters is going very well and Kristina’s arrival is great. It’s nice to work with capable people. The research plan he developed when his father visited last month is excellent, but being away from Sarah is stressful. An Indonesian man who is working on his dissertation has begun assisting regularly with the filters, which is going very well.

· Mike got Joe Dosch’s travel log up on the website, which was nice to see.

· Tom is doing an AVP Trauma Healing workshop with Val Liveoak in Austin. He’s in Toronto right now in negative three degree weather, which is taking some effort.

· Valerie is in Queensland, Australia and was glad to meet Nadine in 2010 at Indonesia Yearly Meeting and again last month at Australia Yearly Meeting and AVP Asia West Pacific Gathering. [Nadine interjected appreciation for Valerie’s gentle persistence in making the arrangements and funding her presence at Australia Yearly Meeting out of which so many good things are arising!]

· Jasmine is in Blue Mountain, Australia having worked in the past with Quaker Service Australia and with women in Timur Leste, she’s looking forward to the work with Friends Peace Teams.

· Gay is in CA, has been a long-time supporter of Nadine’s work and is glad to continue to watch it the work grow.

· Deb is in NY, looking forward to an AVP Advanced workshop on Power in Sing-Sing Prison.

· Pamela welcomed her first grandchild!

New Develpments
1. Friends approve recommending to the Council that our name be changed to the Asia West Pacific Initiative, also to be known as Friends Peace Teams in Asia West Pacific, as our activities have expanded Peter Watson of Aotearoa/NZ has taken an interest in the AVP and woodworking efforts, Philippinos want to come to Peace Place Pati in Java for training, Sarah and Nick went to Singapore to do AVP, Koreans have asked Nadine to take a few days to do workshops with them on her way through, and Australians are training with us to do the Trauma Healing AVP Advanced workshop. Nadine attended Australia Yearly Meeting and Asia/W Pacific AVP Gathering that was very enthusiastic about becoming involved and interest is rising in Nepal, Cambodia and West Papua.

2. Friends approved recommending to the Council that we accept John Michaelis’ offer to co-coordinate with Nadine Hoover, supported by his clearness committee of Margaret Lechner, John Shuford, Jasmine Payget, Ian Hess, Nadine Hoover and his wife, Althea. John is British, raised in central Africa. He began his young family in South Africa, but had to leave after writing and producing a successful anti-Apartheid play. He moved his family to Seattle for 22 years, creating numerous patents in in-jet printing. As militarism rose in the U.S., he and his wife chose to move to Australia, although their children are still in the U.S. He is keen to get to know and support F/friends in Indonesia and to reach out to Subash in Nepal who has conducted nine AVP workshops in the last six months. He is the current President of AVP International, active with AVP-USA and a founding member of Quaker Voice.

3. Friends approved expanding our spiritual companions working group to include 7-9 Australians, 1-2 Aotearoans and 10 Indonesians along with the current 21 Americans and one Norwegian.

4. Friends asked Mike Hanes to look into improving the quality of the sound of our conference calls even if that were to cost us a bit of money.

News is that Nick and Kristina did not travel with Nadine immediately upon Kristina’s arrival since the arrangements in Aceh and N. Sumatra were not clear. It was decided that they would join Nadine later in February for a full AVP and Trauma Healing workshops in Pati, Central Java and then travel on their own to Aceh to support their facilitation of a basic workshop in Tamiang, Aceh in mid-March.

Nadine has explained to the Indonesians that, to continue, they must be more prepared to receive visitors directly on their own, preparing adequate language and living support and advanced planning of schedules and that they must provide regular photographs and news of their work in order for us to continue visiting. This was well received and good timing—the Indonesians are ready to take on a larger role and responsibility for Friends Peace Teams.

Sharon expressed a concern about how fundraising would be presented and funds allocated within the initiative. Once the Council has considered the new directions, this issue will be addressed more fully.

The great deal of strength the Australians bring to the group was appreciated.

Nadine will work on developing more manuals in Indonesian to support the work over the next two weeks, then go to Jogja to see the water filter work, the to Pati and Sumatra for workshops, then to Seattle, WA and Ben Lomond, CA for Trauma Healing workshops, then home the end of March.

· Friends said they were excited, confident, settled, optimistic, grateful, looking forward, excited about the new connections and new developments, and hopeful about the new possibilities.