Table of Contents

Minutes 3 Jan 2012

Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia
Conference Call 1/3/12

Present: Autumn Star, Nadine Hoover, Nicholas Rozard, Gay Howard, Michael Hanes, Jens Braun, Deb Wood, Pamela Haines arrived later
Regret: Tom Martin

Nick’s in the U.S. and it’s FREEZING cold here. Really enjoying seeing people and talking about the work and seeing Sarah, who has moved back to the U.S. He’s doing excellent.

Nadine’s health has improved and she’s looking forward to leaving for Asia on Saturday.

Mike had family with him in Maine, which was really nice. He got a lot of the Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia reports posted on the website this past month, it was nice to get concrete things done.

Gay visited family in Colorado, which was wonderful. She’s clerking Friends Peace Teams and hoping to continue to make things better there.

Jens had a wonderful family Christmas without computer or email. It was a wonderful holiday.

Autumn had a great time with family, relaxing after several months in NYC organizing with Occupy Wall Street.

Deb is doing alright. Enjoyed seeing family over Christmas. It’s getting cold!

Items covered:
1. What is the “program” of Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia? What are OUR energies and commitments to doing it? How will that work?

2. We are evolving Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia into a program of one or two trips per year with alternative service opportunities for Friends to travel to Indonesia/Asia to develop long-term relationships with people committed to grassroots peace building, healing and reconciliation. Activities, such as water filters, trainings and livelihoods for artisans, and so forth, would be carried on by Indonesians partners. We would also support “extended volunteers,” who might be visitors, students, facilitators, engineers etc…, to travel to do peace work with our partners. We would share news of and raise funds for our partners’ activities, but our administrative commitment is on coordinating one or two trips per year through Asia for peace work and conscientious service.

3. Should we change our name to Friends Peace Teams to Asia?

Nadine is encouraged to go this direction, 1) since its happening anyway–NZ, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Korea; and 2) doing so expands potential interest and support among Friends.

Gay concurs. Mike asked about downsides—spreading thin, risk of introducing poor leadership. Deb feels there’s a risk of relying on one active person; working on establishing a structure that is not completely dependent on Nadine is wise. Can see that the advantage of turning to AVP Asia/West Pacific and Australian Yearly Meeting is strengthening for everyone.

Friends approved: The Indonesia Initiative is expanding our relationships in Asia: Philippinos want to come to Peace Place Pati in Java for training, we’re working with AVP facilitators in Singapore and Korea, and we are training the Australians to do the Trauma Healing AVP Advanced workshop. Nadine will explore with Australia Yearly Meeting and Asia/W Pacific AVP their interest in potential involvement before we recommend changing our name to Friends Peace Teams to Asia.

Friends requested a written statement of it’s mission and activities, along with the name, if a recommendation for a name change comes forward.

4. Nadine wants to reduce her trips to Asia from twice to once a year, possibly leaving between Christmas and New Years, to celebrate New Years in Asia as we recover from jet lag, then working for 4 weeks and being home by the end of January.

5. Friends want to keep the conference call to once a month rather than change it to quarterly and keep first Tuesday 8:30pm. Next call February 7, Nadine should be at Peace Place in Java and look for a way to call in. March 6, Nadine will be flying from Seattle and will try to call in.

6. Nick came back to the U.S. for the holidays. He will return to Jogja with his father, Joe Dosch, who will stay until January 23. Nadine is leaving the U.S. January 7, 2012 to go to Australia Yearly Meeting of Friends, Australia AVP, Jakarta (Jan 21), Peace Place Pati and Jogja (Java), Barak Induk (Sumatra), Seattle WA-AVP, Ben Lomond and CA-AVP. She will be home about March 25, 2012. Her focus will be to: a) talk with them about their roles in a “program,” including their roles in sharing news and stories; b) strengthen Peace Place Pati; c) explore future arrangements for the filter project; and d) connect with friends on the condition in Barak Induk and Aceh.

Autumn is really looking forward to seeing how the “program” develops for Nick and Nadine how she will be involved.
Nick is looking forward to getting more involved in the other parts of Friends Peace Teams of bringing people to Indonesia to visit.
Gay loves that the Indonesia Initiative is evolving in a very good way and she’s glad to be a part of that.
Pamela really likes the idea of opportunities to do more things with Quakers in Asia and connecting people in the region.
Jens is wishing Nadine a good trip and appreciates the prospects of Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia being its own program and not just a ministry.
Mike has seen a lot of changes in the five months he’s been helping out. As he posted the last three years of reports on the web he read them and there has been a lot of work done in that time. He’s looking forward to where he’ll fit in in 2012.
Deb is looking forward to a time where there are more visitation trips to Indonesia, learning the language and being able to be productive.
Nadine feels it shouldn’t be so hard to find groups that love one another and tell the truth, but it is and this group is a rare treat.