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Minutes 19 Apr 2011

Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia
Conference Call April 19, 2011

Present: Pamela Haines, Gay Howard, Jens Braun, Autumn Star, Deb Wood, Sarah Rozard, Nick Rozard, Nadine Hoover

General Happenings
Deb did a workshop in Greenhaven with two outside and two inside facilitators on Ending Violence Against Women. I went back to my cell last time and I was thinking that I would never hit a woman, so I thought I was not oppressing women, but now I’m realizing that there are many ways to oppress women.

Sarah and Nick are packing and going to Indonesia after the Friends Peace Teams Face-to-Face Meeting on May 19, 2011 for one year. This is a big move and leap of faith for them. Nick will work on development of the water filters and Sarah will work on development of fundraising capacity.

We began to notice the differences emerging between Friends Peace Teams and Conscience Studio. Nadine was asked to write a statement to clarify as much as possible.

Water Filters
Nick and Sarah leave for one year to work on getting the filters into production. Esther Buckwalter has also purchased a ticket to join them for two months this summer. Esther and Nick will be in Jogjakarta working on the water filters for the duration of the time. Resource Development International, from Engineers Without Borders from Australia, is producing filters in Cambodia. Esther has made contact with them and Nick will follow up.

Peace Teams
We are a Peace Team here in the U.S. and are pleased to be so, actually acting in accord with our hope and faith for a peaceful world. We have a large team of eight going to Indonesia this summer and two people studying Indonesian in preparation for the trip!

Friends Outreach
Nadine, Nanik and Wuri attended the FWCC-Asia/West Pacific Section gathering and felt the challenges of meeting with Friends, who were extremely different. In Asia there has been very little opportunities to meet one another, so it was very valuable, but a great deal of work. Still, it was hard to give Nanik and Wuri a feel for Friends faith and practice when many of those present had no knowledge of Friends’ historic faith and practice. Jens Braun’s father is wrestling with some of these concerns and offered a bibliography to NYYM (see Spark or the website).

Outreach of Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia
Sarah sent out a wonderful package for Friends to use to introduce and share the news of Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia. She would like to do a second round of phone calling to the people to whom she sent packages. She would also like to add a second installment to the package, but she is quite busy right now moving.

Deb feels obligated to raise funds for the AVP International Gathering and the Indonesia Initiative and her base of friends is not large, so she’s not clear who to ask for what. She did call the clerk about bringing information to the Quarterly Meeting on May 1.

Sarah noted that there is a difference between “fundraising”—such as she is currently helping Esther do some fundraising for her trip and working to raise funds for the equipment for the filter development—and getting the word and the news out. Companions need to think more from a perspective of getting the news and the word out than of directly “fundraising,” unless there is a specific thing they would like to fundraise for specifically.

Autumn hopes to have more time soon to do more emails, encouraging people to write peace message cards, work on the newsletters and communication.

Sister Schools
Brightside Academy was enthusiastically recruiting other schools and said they were doing a penny drive for our schools. They need to put together a display of their school and a book about themselves to send to a school in Indonesia. Autumn will check in soon to see if they have materials ready to send in May.