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Minutes 15 Feb 2011

Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia
February 15, 2011

Nick Rozard, Sarah Rozard, Gay Howard, Pamela Haines, Nadine Hoover, Deb Wood, Tom Martin, Jens Braun. Regrets from Autumn Star and Sharon Hoover, who had Indonesian language classes this evening.

We opened with a moment of worship.

Nadine reported that Autumn was very sorry she could not join us, but she met with Jackie Chaney of Brightside Academy Preschool to set up Sister Schools where a school here puts up a bulletin board of a school there and visa versa and makes books about themselves and their school to send back and forth. Nadine feels this is controlled enough she can translate and deliver such books. Brightside wants to do a penny drive. We will collect the proceeds in May to take with us in June. Jackie invited several other schools to meet with Autumn when she came to Brightside this week.

[Nadine forgot to report that JoEllen del Campo is organizing a stuffed dolls for Indonesia project to send 200 dolls with Friends Peace Team to Indonesia in June. Nadine gave her developmental criteria needed for the dolls. You should get a notice on it soon.]

Nadine Hoover reported that she is excited about her upcoming trip February 16 through March 30. When she arrives, they will facilitate an AVP workshop for teachers and family members from five schools around the Tunas Baru Preschool at Barak Induk followed by training in setting up and facilitating developmental play for young children. She goes from there into East Aceh do again do AVP followed by developmental play for peace for five schools from the shoreline up into the mountains. A Friend, who had visited Aceh in the past, said recently that she didn’t know anyone who would go into that area of Aceh. Five years after a peace accord was signed we are very glad to be the ones breaking decades of isolation for these people.

[Nadine forgot to say that Jamie Carestio is arriving February 16 to teach Dahlan and others how to do organic composting and to work with the schools with Nadine.]

Ririn is still progressing well in her Bachelor’s Degree in psychology and is on track to open a Trauma Healing Clinic in Medan in 2012. The AVP Advanced Trauma Healing workshop in Delaware in January and a mini-evening session at the Quaker Intentional Village at Canaan (QIVC) were both wonderful! She feels we have really solid material to help Ririn get off the ground next year.

[Nadine also forgot to tell everyone that she going to FWCC Asia West Pacific Gathering in Manila the first week of April with four Indonesian women, two from SHEEP and two from Indonesia Yearly Meeting. She is hoping that they will be interested in translating materials on Quakerism after their return.]

Nadine will facilitating two AVP workshops in Jakarta in early March (she still needs to figure out the team) for two groups there, one of which is part of Indonesia Yearly Meeting. She’s looking forward to getting to know each other better. Then going to Jogjakarta to work on the children’s storybooks. Yuyun has drawn some amazing pictures and we hope to begin publishing children’s storybooks. To see Yuyun’s pictures go to this site and click on the little green spyglasses to the left of each file to see the picture: HERE

SHEEP wants to learn to participate in the fundraising directly, so Nadine is hoping to get them involved in the website and writing stories about our work. It will also require some work from all of us to get a one-year visa for Nick and Sarah Rozard to do the water filters project. We also want to make sure to make arrangements for Dean and Sharon Hoover’s trip in June-July so that we can publish books for children and teachers and produce toys. SHEEP has been very interested in using discernment as a foundation for their organization.

Nick Rozard reported that Wednesday 9pm U.S./Thursday 9am Indonesia, he and Rina from SHEEP/Jogjakarta are meeting via Skype. They are discussing the water filter project, housing, business plan, roles, what kind of people will be needed and so forth. Nick invites others to join if they would like.

Sarah Rozard reported that she is putting together packets for everyone to do talks or tables, which include:

  • A letter explaining the packet.
  • Two posters: one on the book and one on the video
  • Ten books and ten videos
  • Table clothes
  • Sign up sheet to cop
  • Shells to decorate
  • Buttons to sell for 50 cents
  • A couple newsletters
  • A list of talking points
  • Give the gift of giving book markers with little envelops
  • Pamphlet on the ceramic water filters

  • She’s sending one each to: Sharon Hoover, Gay Howard, Pamela Haines, Tom Martin, Deb Wood, Jens Braun, Karen Reixach, Pamela Hawkins. Pamela Haines will share with Autumn Star. Folks on the call are sending their addresses to Sarah at

    Deb Wood is looking forward to the Spring when Nadine is speaking at Oakwood Friends School and she is doing the trauma workshop at Powell House the first weekend of May. She can set up the table at meeting and at quarterly meeting. Nadine suggested that once the table was up for awhile at meeting, maybe it could be sent to a neighboring meeting that was interested and rotate among local meetings.

    Gay Howard is really looking forward getting the packet. She recalls that Sharon Hoover said she would try to put together some pictures. A Power Point presentation is available at the sites:
    HERE and HERE

    Tom Martin is looking forward to getting Nadine in Texas for an Advanced AVP in Trauma Healing in mid April. Austin is in a geographically difficult position with so many miles between meetings. When someone comes to visit, however, they really enjoy it! Nadine will be the keynote speaker at SCYM. After Austin Meeting hosted Zewati from AGLI, the meeting took almost the entire budget for the year, about $1,700, and sent it for her work in Africa. Tom says that was wildly successful for them! He’s really looking forward to Nadine’s expanding on that view. Tom has not been doing any speaking on Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana or Arkansas, but he finds when we can tell the story of the work and bring some passion to it, the results can be terrific. He’s so glad Nadine could carve out so much time to be with them.

    Jens had a great time hosting Nadine while she was writing. What he’s focused on besides making maple syrup, which they started today,is the AVP Advanced Trauma Healing workshop at Powell House the first weekend on May and again the last week of September before the International AVP Gathering in Guatemala (first week of October 2012). He is also engaged in thinking about the Conscience Studio two-week session in August.

    Pamela Haines’ mind is still on Uganda as she just returned. It’s interesting to refocus and expand to Asia. She was speaking to hear son Timothy the other night and remembered the message from Petrus asking for information, so they did some web research to send to Petrus. Pamela also introduced Autumn and Nadine to Jackie at Brightside Academy Preschool in North Phlly so it’s good to see that relationship grow. She’s also looking forward to the Conscience Studio in August and thinking about rethinking economic systems

    Tom Martin asked about Nadine’s spiritual condition. She shared that doing the work relies and therefore exercises faith on an ongoing basis. Trauma sets in when needs outstrip the resources. Doing this work requires keeping an awareness of faith first and foremost. That no matter how tragic human tragedy is to humans, that the power of Life totally outstrips anything else. Working from that perspective is empowering and refreshing, in the face of any human need. Also working with Pamela and Chuck (her husband) on Re-evaluation Counseling, the focus on having a non-anxious presence respects the capacity of each person to do their own inner work, and beyond that to see the value of each life that is no more or less valuable whether they do right or not, whether they figure things out and fix them or not. That life is valuable regardless of what we do. One of the great messages of our work, it seems to Nadine, is knowing that peace and right living is possible. She presented to Peace Studies students at Haverford College and asked, “Do you believe peace is possible?” The intake of breath in the room was stunning. She looked around. “Wow! We can stop there. How can we dedicate our lives to something we don’t believe is possible!” But, do we believe that we can live rightly on this planet as human beings? YES! We are doing it. There are not enemies.

    Nick, thanked Pamela for transitioning, from Africa to Asia so smoothly. He feels she has given them a lot of attention even though she has just come back. He also thanked Nadine for giving his life support and direction. He really appreciates that.

    Nadine hopes to leave tomorrow. Her passport has not arrived, which is a first in 30 years. Singapore Airlines was very nice and will reschedule for free if the problem is the passport.

    We closed with a moment of worship.