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Minutes 18 Jan 2011

Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia
Conference Call
January 18, 2011

Present: Pamela Haines, Nadine Hoover, Sharon Hoover, Gay Howard, Tom Martin, Sarah Rozard,

Opened with worship at 7:45p. We closed at 8:30p as many of us joined the Friends Peace Teams Council at that time. The Skype call took awhile to set up. It seems harder when we don’t know who actually who wants to join us.


Hair Care in Alfred, NY is hosting a fundraiser tomorrow evening where people in the community bring soup (in crock pots), bread and dessert, buy it from each other and listen to stories. Donate food by 4pm; take out at 4:30; serving 5:00-7:00; stories at 5:30 and 6:30. People like to visit, eat and listen to 10-15min talks.

The Trauma Healing Manual should be out next week. A Trauma Healing Advanced AVP workshop in Wilmington DE the last weekend of January is full. Nadine is writing about community practices of discernment. Autumn Star is organizing Indonesian language instruction classes through Wisma Bahasa in Jogjakarta. Jamie Carestio is coming with Nadine Hoover to Indonesia in February-March to help Dahlan and friends in Alue Merah make organic fertilizer for saltwater fish farming and rice production. Nadine Hoover will be opening two new preschools and converting five standing preschools to a developmental approach. They will also conduct training for facilitators for AVP and an AVP basic for Friends from Indonesia Yearly Meeting! We are supporting two women from IYM and two women who have been working with Friends Peace Teams to travel with Nadine to Friends World Committee for Consultation in Manila. They are interested in translating Quaker material into Indonesian; we need funds for them to work to translate. Val Liveoak and Nadine Hoover are scheduled to offer the Trauma Healing Advanced AVP in Austin, TX in April and then Nadine Hoover will be the keynote speaker at SCYM. Nadine is scheduled to speak at Oakwood Friends School early May and then facilitate the Trauma Healing workshop at Powell House in Old Chatham, NY the weekend before the Friends Peace Teams Face-to-Face Meeting in New Jersey. Hopefully four young adults will join us there. Another team will go out in June to work specifically on the developmental picture books and toys; do AVP and visit the communities and schools. Nadine then returns for NYYM. Sarah and Nick Rozard are planning to go to Indonesia for one year to support SHEEP in developing the water filters and help the Indonesians learn how fundraising for our work happens and become more equal partners in participating in outreach and fundraising.

Is there enough time for spiritual retirement? Nadine was doing well in Philly. She reserves regular time for spiritual practice. What are the warning signals and will Nadine recognize them? Nadine welcomes feedback and definitely stops when she like she needs to.

Friends will hopefully receive packets from Autumn Star and Sarah Rozard sometime soon to do outreach, host a dinner, speak at an event, and so forth. Please give them feedback about what you’d like to have and how what they send you works or doesn’t work. We have lots we are doing and right now would love to have additional funds to support Indonesians to translate Quaker materials as well as trauma healing, AVP, developmental play and so forth.

It has been a dream of Tom Martin’s to get Nadine to come to Texas. He is grateful that she can come in April 2011 to plant a seed in SCYM. Last year SCYM gathered up their history of about 50 years looking at who they were and where they are. They wanted to talk about where to go from here, but decided they needed to think about how they moved forward. Nadine is a perfect keynote speaker to help them think about discernment and the way forward. Val Liveoak lives about 70 miles away and will be on a team with Nadine to offer the Trauma Healing Advanced AVP workshop in Texas in April. Tom believes we should charge for this workshop. So they’re asking for $75, which they might split between PLA and II. Mexicans are treated so badly in this area. There are people dealing with trauma as relates to border issues. Friends Meeting of Austin does simple meals. We take a simple meal and invite Friends to worship and take a collection. This would be a great venue for Friends Peace Teams. Tom loves talking about people on the ground working for nonviolence and peace, doing so much and making such a difference.

Sharon Hoover is registered for the Trauma Healing workshop in Wilmington DE, which asked for $30-100, with “no one is left out because of funds.” She will send the flyer to Tom. She noted that their meeting had gotten a fundraising appeal from AGLI, but not from Indonesia Initiative. Should we send an appeal to monthly meetings nationally? It would just take someone to collect and enter all the monthly meeting addresses. Autumn is taking an Indonesian language course now and Sharon will be taking it Feb-Apr. They will have a weekly Skype call for ten weeks. Sharon is just bringing her 50 years of experience in education and AVP facilitation experience to do what she can while she is there for six weeks in June and July.

Sarah really wants to send a packet of talking points, brochures, a cloth to set up on, a format that friends could give to a group to inquire if they wanted someone to come and talk as well as materials for a talk. Mostly she’s been working on the business plan for “the Courage” as the merchandising line for Conscience Studio.

We will meet face-to-face at 9:00am on the 12th of May, Thursday. The Council continues through joining worship and speaking to Friends Meetings on Sunday morning May 15th.

Our next call will be February 15, 2011. Nadine leaves for Indonesia on February 16, 2011.