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Minutes 21 Dec 2010

Friends Peace Teams to INDONESIA
Skype Meeting
December 2010

Present: Pamela Haines, clerk, Gay Howard, Nick Dosch, Autumn Star, Deb Wood and Nadine Hoover.

Regrets: Sarah Rozard who was working, Karen Reixach, who had another event, and Sharon Hoover and Tom Martin, who planned to be with us but life intervened.

Skype Meeting: Please right now make sure Gay 1) has your Skype address if you have one; 2) has your phone numbers; and 3) knows if you want to be called into the call next month Tuesday, January 18, 2011 7:30p Eastern Time. Contact Gay Howard at:

Autumn Star/Developmental Play, Trauma Healing and Communication: Autumn reported that she is setting up an online, Indonesian language study beginning mid-January with Wisma Bahasa in Jogjakarta. She said she then plans to start the June Peace Team trip with a one-week intensive language study on-site at Wisma Bahasa, before she works with the preschools, children’s picture books and trauma healing workshops. She is working with Nadine to connect a preschool in Philly with the preschool in Barak Induk, Tunas Baru (“New Sprouts”). She reported that she is working on displays to make information easier to see and more accessible to people; organizing regular updates for Facebook and emails, so that people feel more connected, up-to-date and involved by getting information every other week; and sent out 473 newsletters with the help of Pamela Haines and Nadine Hoover.

Face-to-Face Meeting: Friends Peace Teams Council is meeting at New Brunswick Friends Meeting in New Jersey May 12-15. We will all be arriving the evening of the 11th, except Pamela. She agreed to drive up early Thursday morning to gather with the working group for Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia from 9:00am to noon on Wednesday, May 12, 2011. After lunch all three Friends Peace Teams initiatives meet to talk about how the work is actually going and learn from one another. Deb Wood has Oakwood Board Meeting that weekend and could only meet on Thursday or Friday; she will be driving down with Nadine after speaking at Oakwood and doing the Trauma Healing Workshop at Powell House the week before; Nick Rozard hope to attend the FPT Council meeting the whole time and leave for a year in Indonesia shortly thereafter; Gay Howard and Nadine Hoover will be there the whole time; and Autumn plans to be there the whole time feeling that it’s important to get to know the Council. Gay will let the Council planning group know of our needs. We hope that other Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia companions will join us, although we know that a mid week meeting may be hard for some. A public potluck and presentation are usually planned for mid-day or evening on Saturday. As soon as we know, we will let people know.

Nick Rozard/Water Filters: Nick talked about plans for Sarah and himself, to go to Indonesia for a full year and work on water filters. [Companions: “Yeah.”] Basically that entails building a knowledge base in Indonesia—utilizing Nick’s knowledge to address the significant challenges of initial development; working with the staff at SHEEP to develop their knowledge to the level that they can adjust to changes in raw materials, improve design elements and so forth; and develop the range of infrastructure to support the materials, firing, water testing and so forth.

The earliest for them to leave would be right after the Face-to-Face meeting in May. This is good timing, because this gives time for Mount Merapi to calm down from erupting onto Jogjakarta and gives SHEEP time to deal with and recover from that major relief effort. Sarah also has commitments before that time. Nick reported that they would like to about the same time, although it doesn’t have to be exactly the same time. Nick will begin with a few weeks of language instruction from Wisma Bahasa and then turn full-time attention to the water filters.

The work of the last two years has formed a solid foundation for SHEEP’s staff to be able to take full advantage of Nick’s offer as a ceramic engineer to work with them on the filters. SHEEP has invested thousands of dollars to secure a regular source of raw materials, a kiln to fire the filters, potters to make filters and conduct research needed, trustworthy leaders and talent ready to dedicate more time. When we first did the training two years ago, the best talent was busy with other work, but have now adjusted their schedules to make room to apply themselves more consistently. At this point what is mostly needed is people with the knowledge base and the passion to work for free to be able to dedicate consistent, persistent time.

Sarah Rozard plans to help with creating the distribution mechanism for the water filters and the auxiliary elements like education, understanding, motivation and business development. She would work with Andreas and his staff who organized the largest supply of products for 10,000 Villages prior to the tsunami. Sarah would learn a lot and have a lot to give them as well.

Nick continued to say that this is his field. If the filters are successful in Indonesia, the process might be used in lots of places in the world and the US. This path of work might open up lots of opportunities in the future.

Fundraising: Nick and Sarah raised US$1,500, mostly from selling bags. Nick has applied to the Pickett Fund for $4,500 to cover his ticket and living expenses. He has begun applying for other grants as well. He would apply for an additional US$10,000 for equipment, kiln, water testing laboratory equipment and so forth. These filters would be very useful for household drinking water that does not have to expend the energy to boil the water; disaster relief efforts to people who have lost everything; and for defending common people’s rights to water. Multinationals are claiming the rights to Indonesian rivers and water supplies to produce bottled water, primarily for the Australian market. Water filters will allow common people in Indonesia to use various sources of water rather than being forced into purchasing bottled water, that is already their birthright.

Nadine Hoover said that the writing was going really well. The Trauma Healing Advanced Manual has been sent to the printer and she is working on writing Community Discernment for People of Conscience and Faith. She is deeply grateful to Autumn, Sarah and Nick for their efforts to raise funds for the work, since she has not been able to do so much, but she is worried that she will rely on their fundraising to cover her ticket and work expenses and so drain funds for their work. It would be a great help if each of the companions made some effort toward fundraising—talked to your family, friends, neighbors, meeting, social clubs; do a bake sale; have people over for dinner to tell them about the great work and ask them for funds. Nadine raised $750 last Saturday selling bags, paper maching children’s hands and accepting items for a bake sale. She is planning a dinner where people donate soup, bread and/or dessert, buy them from each other from 5-7pm with short talks at 5:30 and 6:30.

Jav is splitting the Conscience Studio and Friends Peace Teams to Indonesia websites, which should support us and attract some of its own people. That’s a big job, but it’s looking beautiful.

Pamela Haines asked each person what they thought they could do to help.

Deb Wood could possibly arrange an event to raise money at Oakwood, but planned and done at a separate time from when Nadine is speaking. Doing an event in connection with someone speaking makes it a little more real or immediate to the community.

Nadine Hoover said that last year around the Face-to-Face Meeting Cecilia organized a local radio show before the meeting. Sarah and Autumn could be asked if they’d like to work with Sue Nowelsky, from NYYM, who’s organizing. Deb said that Margaret Lechner brought stuff back from Nicaragua and is working with someone importing. So maybe they could work together. Nadine mentioned that requests to NYYM have been important and that Deb Wood could help talking to World Ministries Committee at some point. Other companions could look into whether or not there are other small Quaker or family funds or foundations that would like to give to us. (She forgot to mention that reaching out to the FWCC committees in our respective yearly meetings might be a good idea as well.)

Nick Rozard said almost all their fundraising was from selling the Acehnese bags. They also requested funds from a surplus of funds in their regional meeting (FSRM). Nick reported that at a craft event, Women Speak Out, they sold $500 worth of bags and again that much at their Friends Meeting. Pamela organized a little craft event at Meeting the first Sunday of December. There were people there from Nicaragua, Kenya, Russia, Indonesia and other places. Pamela felt it would help the fundraising if each of us were given some stuff to sell, if that is what brings in the greatest funding.

Gay Howard is very new at this and doesn’t have a lot of ideas, but has approached her yearly meeting about supporting the work.

Pamela Haines could commit to doing another craft event at her meeting annually and she felt she could follow up with someone who had given a lot two years ago for the filter work. It would help to have a “short list” of donors to specific activities for updates on that particular work. In that light, Pamela felt she might be able to work with the early childhood community for something. She has set up an appointment for Nadine to meet her Director.

Deb Wood felt she could write to her people and ask for some funds, rather than inviting them to dinner. When Nadine is with Deb in May, we can talk with Kendal on Hudson and let them know we are looking for funds. We could look to put stories in the newspaper or do a radio show. Nadine has been doing talks at Cadbury at Lewes that have been enjoyable, especially with the great questions, which help temper and develop our work. Deb concurred that the quality of questions were intriguing at Kendal.

Nadine reminded us that whatever we did it was about being excited and alive with the work, not about getting the money. She is thrilled about water filters and their steady development. She plans to convert seven more pre-schools in February-March 2011, for a total of 21 schools. She will then be more available to getting the storybook project off the ground, working on blocks and toys and puzzles as well. The writing she’s doing will help share the work we’re doing. Getting the news out on Facebook, and a more steady e-mail presence will help a lot. Raising money needs to be in the context of stories that we’re passionate about.

Next meeting—third Tuesday in January, 1/18, 7:30 -8:30 EST.