Table of Contents

Minutes 19 Oct 2010

Spiritual Companions
Friends Peace Teams Indonesia / Conscience Studio
Skype conference call (successful!!! Yeah!!!)
October 19, 2010

Al-Falah, FPRM, Idi Rayeuk, Jepara, Philippines difficulties with friends who are carried away by bad personal choices or just constricted by routine and ease.

Indonesia YM
Picture Books/Toys
Translations Ririn—Trauma Manual, Ika—CCRC book, SHEEP—Quaker Practice
Publishing in Indonesia—Bonar at INSIST Press

Ashoka Idea—Spiritual Practice / NV and Healing / Developmental Play
Friends—Aceh; Barak Induk; Medan; Jakarta; Jogja; Pati are still strong and growing
Conscience—basic spiritual practice with Friends Church (GSI), SHEEP, friends
AVP—small in Aceh, rename and pay facilitators?, parent-preschool adaptation of AVP
Trauma—delayed but moving with Ririn in Medan; open a clinic in 2012?
Dev Play—Alue Merah, Stabat, Pati
Books/Toys—Joys, joys, joys working with Yuyun, Agus, Bonar and Petrus
Filters—Dick, Laurie, Nick, Pri, Didik and Bill are moving it forward.

FWCC in Manila April 1-7, 2011
AVP Int’l in Guatemala, Sept 2011
US-Indonesia exchange?

Charge as a Spiritual Companion Group? Anyone interested in writing?

What have you received, reactions, your intentions?

Deb: The work is exciting, truly … to hear about the work, how clear Nadine is and committed and doing this work with integrity. If I stop doing 8-10 other things, I could go to Indonesia and learn the language and work with her.

Tom: It feels good to engage with Nadine even from afar. I have this paternal attitude. I worry about her safety, health, condition and spiritual condition. I know she lets her life speak. I’m not an international traveler, so I won’t be an on the ground companion. It serves me well to listen and engage. I need to find ways to make my service better felt.

Jens: I appreciate hearing all the news and look forward to her being in this area. I hear there is a need for Nadine to bounce ideas off people and get feedback. I wonder if there is a way to have more feedback on the calls. It will be good to have her here to talk in more detail. We send greeting from QVIC to the Friends Settlement in Whanganui, Aotearoa and look forward to hearing their news.

Nadine invites individual phone calls. That may be a nice format—to hear the major themes on the call and then to follow up individually with her afterwards. She is home Oct 29, so early November is a good time. You can use this number: 607-542-9029.

Gay: I want to keep on setting up this call. Glad to talk to Nadine about spiritual community and practices and whatever else. I will initiate calling her when she gets home.

Autumn: Good to hear the news from Friends in Inodesia and plans for Aotearoa/NZ. I want to learn how to be more involved in US. I hope to be going to Indonesia next summer for language school and visiting the Indonesians afterwards. Sarah and I are planning to go to SOA the day after the QUIT conference at Powell House and we could do some fundraising there. I want to do some more fundraising from wherever I am as well. Having Nadine nearby and talking will be great.

Pamela: Pretty interested in thinking with Nadine about Quaker practice and the question about inviting Indonesians on big trips, learning about Indonesia Yearly Meeting and books and where stories and books comes from and how the writing is done, and examples of what to translate. I’m interested in thinking with Autumn about selling bags or other fundraisers especially in Philadelphia. I want to let this settle and see what rises to the top as what is most important to engage in and also supporting Nadine’s writing for a US audience.

Nadine: I encourage people to make the stories their own. The ecological footprint is too large to fly around the world twice a year for “Nadine’s stories.” Those stories are important to you, they shape you, that is why you’re on this call. I invite Friends to reflect on what is happening within you and how these stories shape you and become your stories in a way that compels you to want to share them with others. When you do you can let people know they can travel with me, they can share their gifts in AVP, healing, art, writing, singing, laughing, play, Quakerism, whatever. We’re not looking to fill programs, but if someone lights up at the idea, they can come with me. They can also come, as Autumn is planning, stay with Andreas’ family in Jogja, ride the bus to an excellent Indonesian language program and within weeks be functional in Indonesian (3-6 weeks is adequate).

Fundraising for it’s own sake is not that compelling to me or to many of us. It’s tiring. But if the story is compelling, one way to participate is to share funds. Deb Dickinson has a quilting group. She shares the stories there and once or twice a year of every couple years I get a sweet letter from them and a pass the hat collection (+/- $239 or such). This really matters. This is what it is about, what is possible. Much love!